10 Bedroom Storage Hacks

Woman reading book on bed

Moms are always right: We should've been better about picking up our rooms, but it's never too late to become organized adults. If a tight bedroom puts the squeeze on your stuff, just combine our Chicago, IL self storage with these 10 super-smart hacks.

Your Bedroom, Organized

1. Expand Your Headboard: Replace the headboard with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that matches your bed's width. This creates an airy, artistic space for storing and decorating.

2. Slide and Hide: Tell friends you borrowed this trick from Uptown's Chicago Magic Lounge. Slip roller trays under the bed, and make clutter disappear. Now you see it, now you don't.

3. Pegboard a Wall Turn this traditional garage storage system into a wall of space-saving wonder by painting it to match the room. Unleash its storage power with hooks, pegs, and shelves.

4. Hang Fruit Baskets Move these tiered metal contraptions from the kitchen to your bedroom, and repurpose their potential. Inexpensive hanging fruit baskets redefine overhead storage.

5. Fill Up Corners Create a cache for stuff by installing corner shelves from floor to ceiling. Congratulate yourself on converting wasted space into room accents with purpose.

6. Assign Double Duty Write the next Uptown blockbuster while you're sitting at the bedside table. Double the function of its limited tabletop by using it as a desk.

7. Stack for Self Storage Keep a stack of lidded plastic bins in the closet. Fill them up with things headed for storage, and make one easy trip to your unit when they're full.

8. Double-Rack Closets Arrange clothes rods as upper and lower storage. Hang your tops on the top rack and your bottoms on the lower rack.

9. Stash a Chest of Drawers Enlarge the closet by moving a clothes rod up 6 inches. Just fill in the space below with a roomy chest of drawers.

10. Roll With Cool Wheels Put a retro bar cart to work as portable storage around the bedroom. Check out local vintage flea markets for cool ideas on wheels.

[H3] We're Happy to Help

Now that you're organized, treat yourself to a stroll along Montrose Beach. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility is located less than a mile northwest on Sheridan Road, so stop by, and say hello to the Uptown Store Team. We're happy to help you finally get that room picked up with the best storage units in Chicago, IL.

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