A Storage Unit Could Be the Key to a Summer Vacation of a Lifetime

The semester is finally over, but you're not headed home yet. You're in that wonderful place between school and a well-deserved summer vacation. Still, you have to juggle moving off campus and organizing your trip. You need a little help. You need a convenient, affordable storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage in Marrero, LA.

Self Storage Unlocks Vacation Money

Leasing a unit can actually help keep money in your pocket. You don't have to rent trucks or trailers to haul belongings between home and campus. Share storage space with a friend, and split rental costs in half.

Plan ahead by stashing things in the unit for an end-of-semester sale. Cash in on textbooks, clothes, room decorations, and extra furniture. The proceeds quickly add up to jump-start funding for your trip.

You're Already Ready to Go

Imagine making one quick stop before hitting the road. Picture pulling up to your unit, loading the car, and heading out for summer vacation. A storage facility close to campus makes it easy.

Make it happen by keeping a few pieces of traveling gear packed and ready to go. Luggage and backpacks stay fresh and dry for months in a climate-controlled unit.

You Hold the Keys to Anywhere

A secure storage unit gives you summer break flexibility. Load it up with things you need for destination vacations and seasonal staycations. You can go anywhere or stay put.

  • Store camping gear for the great outdoors.
  • Keep bikes in shape for cross-country trips.
  • Stock up on favorite stay-at-home hobby supplies.
  • Cache equipment for coaching local kids' sports.

It's Easier to Come Home

When you run out of vacation time, self storage makes it easier to transition back to campus. Your family enjoys seeing you before the semester starts back up. They're also relieved you aren't moving things in and out of the house and garage at the last minute.

Vacation gear and dorm room stuff coexist well in the unit, so take advantage of that arrangement. When it's time for another break from school, storage makes it easier for you and the people you love.

Plan Your Summer Vacation With Us

Safeguard Self Storage helps students maximize semester breaks in Marrero, CA, and more than 70 other locations across six states. We offer a variety of unit sizes, great discounts, and online account management. It's your vacation, so take control. Unlock the possibilities with a storage unit that fits your needs all year-round.

Follow the Trail of Civil War History Through New Orleans

It starts 65 miles south of the city, winds through the French Quarter and quietly comes to rest not far from Lake Pontchartrain. Civil War history takes fascinating turns through New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Savvy history buffs start exploring this trail by staging their adventures out of nearby storage units in Marrero, LA. Put on your touring shoes, and join them on an amazing journey.

Forts, Battlefields and Reenactments

Fort Jackson stands as a monument to brave soldiers who held their ground in 1862. Six days after a fierce bombardment, Confederate forces surrendered, and Union troops began advancing up the Mississippi Delta. Located 65 miles south of the city, this historic fort and museum belongs on your must-see Civil War itinerary. If you thrill at being part of the action, raid self storage for your best reenactment gear. Fall into formation at the Chalmette Battlefield just seven miles downriver from New Orleans.

Museums, Houses and Mints

Head up to the city, and plot a course starting with the Confederate Memorial Hall on Camp Street. This venerable museum holds more Civil War artifacts than any other site of its kind. Swing over to Canal Street, and visit the Old U.S. Custom House where Union generals and Confederate prisoners shared space during New Orleans' occupation. Complete your trek with a tour of historic buildings along Esplanade Avenue. Be sure to stop by the Old U.S. Mint for an inspection of the quarters that served Confederate troops defending their beloved Crescent City.

Squares, Statues and Final Resting Grounds

Slow down, and stroll up Decatur Street to beautiful Jackson Square. Take it easy in the Big Easy enjoying a park that dates back to the early 18th century. At the Civil War's end, this original Plaza de Armas was renamed Jackson Square. The Battle of New Orleans hero still rides high as a magnificent equestrian statue in the park's center. Finally, pay respects to brave souls resting at Metairie Cemetery just south of Lake Pontchartrain. This serene site expresses Civil War history through uniquely artistic headstones, tombs and mausoleums.

Our part of the New Orleans metro area offers a perfect location for launching historic fun. When you want to keep your exploring and reenactment gear in a central location, count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Lapalco Boulevard facilities stand ready to serve you and fellow history buffs on all of your amazing journeys.

Become a Master Fisher in Jefferson Parish Waters

A man fishing on a lake while standing in a boat.

If you live in Marrero, LA, you’re already familiar with two things: the beautiful scenery and the great fishing. Some of the best fishing spots in the country sit within this area, such as Grand Isle and Lafitte, two places with abundant waterways and plenty of fish. Despite this, you may not yet have become that master fisher you so wish you were. Safeguard can help with this! If you have extra storage space in your tackle box, you'll need to fill it to the top before you set out on your adventure to southern Louisiana. 

Don't Forget the Essentials 

When it comes to your tackle box, you'll want to stock it with all the necessities. You should also have a tackle box that has numerous storage compartments for holding all of your tools, extra line and gear. If you fish using minnows, a small tackle box should do fine as long as it has enough storage space for:

  • Bobbers
  • Hooks
  • Sinkers
  • Fishing line

If you want to have everything on hand, from multi-tools to jigging spoons, a larger tackle box with at least 24 compartments should do. Look for a tackle box that also has an extra storage compartment for carrying bulky items like reels and stringers.

Tips for Reeling in the Prize

Crappie, redfish and speckled trout are your prized targets this time of year. However, you can't just go in hoping to cast out at the right spots. You'll need a few tips to keep in mind once you head out on the water.

  • Crappie: If you're fishing without a bobber, pay close attention to the line. Crappie hit the bait very lightly, so you might not even know you have one on the hook. You should also fish along the visible shoreline to find their beds. When setting the hook, gently flick your wrist; otherwise, the hook may tear free from its mouth.
  • Redfish: Follow the tide when looking for these fish. It's best to stay within the shallow water, but move very slowly to keep them from swimming away. You might also have better luck using spoon flies as they attract the fish without much effort.
  • Speckled Trout: Pay attention to the gulls overhead and on the water. They usually fly or sit right above the fish. Move within casting range of the birds, and throw your line in – you may get lucky on the first cast.

A Fishing Trip in Marrero, LA 

Now that you know what you’re doing, odds are you’re going to need even more room for gear. With Safeguard storage units, you have a dedicated spot to keep everything before and after each fishing trip. Safeguard storage units in Marrero, LA come with air-conditioning and heating, computer controlled access and 24-hour video recording, designed to keep your gear safe no matter the weather or the time of day.  And with drive-up units available, you can even store your boat!