A Guide to Moving Your Grad Out

A recent graduate moving her belongings from her parents' house to her car

It's December, and your favorite college student is finally picking up a diploma and moving back home. It's never too early to guide your newly graduated son or daughter towards a better fit in a place of their own. Here in Baton Rouge LA, self storage makes that transition easier for everyone.

Help Them Move On

When graduates take up residence in their old bedrooms at home, they're just part of the new normal. It's become a routine passage from school to the working world, and you can help. Even the smartest grads need a little guidance. Start with a family strategy session. Sketch out long-term goals, but set a definite move-out date. Discuss plans for getting started at the new place and funding options to cover moving expenses. This is a good time for leasing an affordable storage unit to make the change in address a little easier.

Share Budget-Friendly Ideas

Moving into an apartment means coming up with deposit money, but first-time renters often don't anticipate ongoing expenses. As you share your wallet offsetting costs, share advice on how to stretch a new household budget.

  • Teach your grad couponing, grocery shopping and home-cooking skills.
  • Scout out used furniture at second-hand stores and garage sales.
  • Introduce the new grad to bargains on clothes and more at thrift shops.
  • Streamline the move by leasing an inexpensive storage unit nearby.
  • Stress transportation savings gained by using the city's CATS transit system.

Make Self Storage Permanent

Most young adults make a local storage facility a permanent part of new living arrangements. It's ideal for holding dorm room leftovers, so it gives recent grads flexibility as they furnish new quarters. Climate-controlled storage protects course books headed for resale, and it keeps seasonal clothes from crowding apartment closets. You can enjoy the extra space too. By sharing a unit with grads headed out the door, you help them with relocation and living expenses. Most modern facilities offer online account management, so you can teach another important life-lesson: how to take care of a monthly account.

Our Storage Solutions Always Fit

As they head towards a bright future, we salute graduates at Louisiana State University, Southern University, and campuses all across Baton Rouge, LA. Safeguard Self Storage salutes parents, too, who work hard to make it happen. You can count on us to do our part with affordable storage solutions that always fit you and your graduates.

Safeguard Goes the Extra Mile for Maintenance

The front of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which includes a space for unit information, a maintenance check list, and comment section.The back of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which ensures the quality of a storage unit.

When renting a Baton Rouge or Metairie storage unit, we want you to be assured that the unit has been properly cared for and maintained. From cleaning to maintenance checks, you can be assured that your Safeguard Baton Rouge storage unit rental is in prime working order. Safeguard’s Ready to Rent tags assure all of our new renters of Metairie storage unit quality. Our Ready to Rent tags are placed on the outside of every vacant self storage unit after a cleaning and maintenance check has been performed and completed to our high standards.

 The front of the tag features a checklist of tasks that need to be performed, while the back features a list of preventative maintenance performed on the unit doors. All storage unit maintenance tasks are performed by our quality minded store teams.

 Front Checklist:

  • Hasp (Works/No Damage)
  • Door (Cleaned Front/Back)
  • Floor (Sweep/Mop)
  • Door Preventative Maintenance Completed
  • Light (Tested/Works)
  • Pull Rope
  • Pest Package in Place 
  • Security Mesh Intact & Secure
  • Unit Alarm Working Properly

Door Preventative Maintenance:

1.    Clean and spray tracks with silicone spray.

2.    Roll down door and spray springs with lithium grease.

3.    Lightly spray hasp with silicone spray.

These measures ensure that our Metairie and Baton Rouge storage units are not only clean, but also in proper condition. Door preventative maintenance is important to storage units because the parts can wear if not cared for properly. This can cause problems when trying to open or close the door, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to access or secure your belongings.

 By cleaning the vacated unit, Safeguard guarantees that every unit is like new – even if it’s been rented before. New customers don’t have to worry about any items being left behind or messes left by previous renters. If the unit isn’t ready, then there is no Ready to Rent tag.

Our Ready to Rent tags are just one more way that Safeguard Self Storage maintains excellent quality and the highest level of customer service in the self storage industry. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today to find a self storage location in your neighborhood, and rest assured knowing that your new storage unit has been properly prepared for you.

Haunted Storage Unit in Baton Rouge?

exterior view of a Baton Rouge storage facility and office building

When you think of Baton Rouge storage units, a ghost encounter may not be the first thing that pops into your head, but that may be because you haven’t heard about the Guaranty Income Life and Broadcasting Building. Located on Government Street, this building once housed the Baton Rouge General Hospital, and the bottom floor was the site of the hospital morgue. Now an office complex, the bottom floor is used for business storage. The facility is known for its chilling paranormal activities and is considered one of the most haunted places in Baton Rouge.

No Climate Control Here

When the hospital was renovated into an office building, the old morgue freezer was transformed into a file
storage facility, and the rest of the bottom floor now houses a few office spaces and a cafeteria. Even though the freezer is no longer in existence, security guards have reported nighttime temperature drops on the bottom floor only. It is widely believed among paranormal investigators that this “cold spot” phenomenon is an indication of ghostly activity. Adding fuel to the supernatural fire is the fact that bizarre sounds can often be heard coming from this area, and the elevators have been known to operate on their own after building occupants have left for the day. Because of these frightening occurrences, security guards rarely visit this floor. 

Baton Rouge Self Storage

While you may want to visit this haunted storage facility for a little spooky fun this Halloween season, when it comes to your own storage needs, you’ll likely want to keep the goose bumps to a minimum. For a decidedly less spine-tingling
Baton Rouge storage facility, consider Safeguard Self Storage. Instead of giving you chills, we offer air conditioned and heated storage units, computer controlled access, individual storage unit door alarms, digital video recording, convenient access hours, moving and packing supplies and a helpful staff dedicated to meeting all of your storage needs.  Contact us today to learn why Safeguard Self Storage is the premier Baton Rouge self storage company. Don’t Just Store It. Safeguard It!