Getting the Most Out of Pharmaceutical Storage

Your clients count on you for quality pharmaceuticals, new equipment, and the latest product information. You drive countless miles between clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. How can you stay organized covering territory in Miami Shores, FL? Let convenient self storage streamline your schedule and secure your pharmaceutical inventory.

Storage Units Safely Hold It All

A climate-controlled unit provides an ideal environment for storing pharmaceutical products. It can also serve as a staging area for organizing inventory and planning your schedule. Always be ready for the next call by assigning areas inside the unit for these essentials:

  • Sorted stock and inventory
  • Sample equipment
  • Marketing materials
  • Product literature

Keep the layout flexible by using wheeled shelf units that rotate for easy organizing. Set up a desk or work station for sorting products and processing paperwork. Add a file cabinet to hold shipping records, daily call logs, activity reports, and territory analysis.

Self Storage Maximizes Your Time

Once you organize a central location, think about branching out into other storage units along your route. Access to multiple sites can save valuable time on the road and extra miles on your car. That increase in efficiency means more productive time spent in the field with your clients.

As you expand your pharmaceutical storage, keep a digital inventory on your smartphone. If an unexpected call requires a detour, you can easily determine which one of your units has exactly what you need for the next appointment. With one stop, you're ready to load and deliver anything the client wants.

The Advantages Quickly Add Up

Easy access and convenient locations make self storage perfect for pharmaceutical inventories. It also offers important advantages uniquely suited for your products and equipment:

  • On-site security includes property-wide surveillance, keypad entry access, and individual door alarms.
  • Dollies and carts are always available for transferring inventory between car and unit.
  • Many facilities offer affordable insurance options as well as online account management tools.
  • As business grows, flexible leasing makes it simple and affordable to move operations into larger units.

You Can Depend on Us

Security, climate control, and easy access are critical to maintaining your products and equipment. We understand. You can depend on Safeguard for the best pharmaceutical storage units in Miami Shores, FL. We're here to serve with multiple locations across Miami-Dade County, so contact us today about renting a unit in your territory.