Where to Store Your E-Commerce Business' Overload of Inventory

Your online business rocks – until you realize it's taking over the house. E-commerce success depends on room to grow, but your sanity depends on a home that isn't overrun with inventory. You need space to expand. It's time to offload your inventory overload into nearby storage units here in East Rockaway, NY. 

The House Doesn't Work 

In the beginning, you stashed everything in spare closets. Now, you're running out of room in the garage. You have to ensure the quality of everything you sell and keep your inventory secure. 

Self storage gives you a blank canvas for building an organizational system. No matter how large your inventory grows, you can streamline purchasing, receiving, and shipping through your unit. 

Storage Facilities Do Work 

The best storage units offer a variety of services for e-commerce tenants. Arrange to have stock delivered directly to your unit. Buy packing and shipping supplies on-site, and turn the space into your company's fulfillment center. 

Storage facilities work because they give you 24/7 access to processing inventory. Dollies and push carts are always available for moving big loads, and you can even lease drive-up units. 

Self Storage Stays Flexible 

Space in a storage facility isn't limited to one unit. You can upsize as your business grows with additional units, and you can downsize if things slow down. If you need to adjust inventory for seasonal sales, month-to-month leasing makes it easy to change unit sizes. 

Flexible room to grow expands stocking and selling capabilities. Imagine running multiple online businesses backed with inventory organized in several units. Affordable storage facilities turn that daydream into an e-commerce reality. 

Go with Amenities 

Warehouse storage space is expensive and hard to find. Safeguard Self Storage facilities are located all across the area and offer amenities that make handling business inventory much easier:

  • Wide hallways and extra-large elevators
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Facility-wide security systems
  • Computer-controlled access
  • Individual unit door alarms
  • Online account management
  • On-site storage specialists

We're Here and Ready to Help 

We congratulate you on conquering your corner of the e-commerce universe. You can count on our support with affordable storage units sized to fit your growing business inventory. Our Safeguard teams in East Rockaway, NY and all across the state are ready to help you find the space you need to build e-commerce success.

Storage Tips for Realtors to Help with Every Stage of Selling

You work hard for your clients. They appreciate your expertise, but you have to keep up with so much. Between staging a home, holding on to records and dealing with signage, you need your own professional space. As a real estate agent, you need business storage here in Coconut Creek, FL

Self Storage Works for the Client 

It's not easy to sell a home filled with years of clutter. It's also not easy to find room in the client's house for putting it all away. Personal items mean a lot to homeowners, so offer them peace of mind. 

When they know their belongings are headed for a convenient storage unit, sellers can relax. With your help, they can declutter closets and cabinets, clear crowded hallways, and even straighten up the garage. You can start staging the house and turning it into a property that's sure to attract solid offers. 

Business Storage Works for You

Consider all of the financial documents and transaction records you have to keep for at least five years. The paperwork quickly stacks up, so box it up for storage in a climate-controlled unit. Depending on your unit's size, you can even set up file cabinets for quickly locating and retrieving important records. 

The bulkiest tools of your trade are all of the different real estate signs. With business self storage, you have room to spare for everything. On-site carts and dollies make it a snap to move heavy signage in and out. 

  • Stack bulky For Sale signs in the unit.
  • Keep riders and directional signage handy.
  • Easily store banners, brochure boxes, and lockboxes.

Storage Units Let You Expand 

When you have plenty of room to work, you have room to expand sales. Do you keep a small collection of staging decor for properties that look a little bare? Stash it in your unit for easy access. Are you interested in leasing a larger space as business grows? Share the cost of a bigger unit with other agents. You're even covered in terms of location with multiple convenient self storage sites across South Florida. 

We Make It All Easier 

We partner with area real estate agents just like you every day. It's our job to make your job easier with smart business storage solutions and a wide range of storage units. Just stop by our Coconut Creek, FL Safeguard facility or any of our other locations in greater Miami.

Storage for Your Startup: Business Equipment You Really Need

You have a solid plan, and it’s getting bigger and better every day. You're going to make a real difference in this big city. As you outline successful strategies, start tracking equipment you'll need to launch your startup. Business storage here in Jamaica, NY and throughout Queens, NY helps you keep it all organized.

You Have to Sit Down

You can't run a company standing up. Even a staff of one needs a place to work. Whether you're renting commercial space or opening a home office, you'll need the basics.

  • At least one desk with plenty of drawers
  • Comfortably designed working chairs
  • Directionally adjustable task lighting
  • File cabinets, bookcases, and side tables

You Need to Power Up

Electronics run almost every aspect of a successful business. As you acquire more equipment, keep backups in climate-controlled self storage near your new office. Start with the essentials, and upgrade when you can afford it.

  • Laptops or desktop computers and monitors
  • Printers, scanners, copiers, and a fax machine
  • Charging stations for tablets and cell phones

Consider investing in small printers for each computer and a multifunction printer that can handle the bulk of office paperwork. A wireless router setup is another smart choice for streamlining operations.

Retail Requires Extra Equipment

If you're opening the doors with on-site sales, put business storage on your must-have list. The extra space serves as affordable warehousing that lets you control inventory and organize startup equipment.

  • POS systems and cash registers
  • Shelving units, racks, and display cases
  • POP setups and materials
  • Tagging, labeling, and pricing equipment
  • Shopping bags, baskets, and carts
  • Exterior and interior promotional signage

Small Stuff Counts Too

What kind of phone system do you need? Will a coffee station and water cooler fit on a corner table? Think about how well a few potted plants and framed prints can work with your working environment. As you focus on the big picture and organize your business equipment, always keep an eye on the small stuff.

We Can Help

Wherever you plan on opening shop in Jamaica, NY or the remainder of Queens NY, business storage makes everything easier. We can help, with multiple locations and a variety of affordable storage units. Our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage look forward to helping your startup become a success.

Tricks of the Trade: Setting Up Your Business for Success

There are plenty of opportunities for the trades here in Miami, FL. Areas like Allapattah are great for starting up a new business. You've put in your time. You're ready to make your hard work and solid skills pay off. From marketing ideas to commercial storage, we'd like to share five quick tips to help make it happen.

5 Tips for Turning Your Trade Into a Business

1. Know Your Market
Are you opening an auto repair shop? Set up in a location where you can handle the competition. There are hundreds of shops across the city, but how many operate in the Allapattah neighborhood? Make sure you have plenty of room to grow in the local market.

2. Sell Your Expertise

Make experience a selling point on your website, brochures, and business cards. Come up with a company name that tells customers who you are and why you're the best in your trade. Partner with someone who handles online and print marketing, and offer them your expertise in exchange for their services.

3. Streamline with Software

Every small business runs better with trade-specific software. Look into different apps that can streamline job scheduling, invoicing, inventory, and taxes. Share digital job details with several employees. If you're commuting to the shop from another area like Miami Shores, software lets you stay connected to the office even on days off.

4. Get Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Verifiable paperwork is an important part of opening a new business. Customers enjoy a higher level of confidence in your shop when they know you have a trade license. They trust you because you can show proof of insurance and bonding. Make the information available on your website, business cards, and even field trucks.

5. Line Up Commercial Storage

Compare the cost per square foot of shop space to self storage. A storage unit offers affordable business solutions for everything from storing extra equipment to saving important records. With commercial self storage, you don't have to worry about your trade crowding closets and garage space at home. You also enjoy 24/7 online account management.

Supporting Your Business Success

As you pull all the details together, you can depend on Safeguard Self Storage. Our team of storage professionals are here to help, with 13 Safeguard locations all across metropolitan Miami, FL. From Miami Shores to Allapattah, you have easy access to the area's best commercial storage facilities. We look forward to supporting your trade and business success for years to come.

Prepare Your Business for Growth with Self Storage

two people working on a project with a computer and paper

Whether you're expanding the office, opening a new storefront, or launching an online startup, you need space to grow. Established brick and mortar giants like Walgreen’s and online innovators like Groupon thrive here in Chicago, IL. Affordable storage units help cultivate our strong commercial growth in so many smart ways. Here’s how self storage can help with your business’ growth.

You Have Room to Move Furniture

Why pass up a great deal on office furniture? With convenient self storage, you don't have to miss out on savings. When it's time to expand operations, you're ready to furnish extra office space with new desks and chairs. They’re just waiting to take their place in your rapidly developing business plans.

Bulk Supplies Hold Down Costs

Hold down the bottom line with bulk buying strategies. Everything from printing paper to cleaning supplies costs less at the big box store, and you have space to keep it all handy in your nearby storage unit. Buying bulk saves money and time that you can reinvest in growing your business.

Inventory Forecasts Stay Manageable

It's easier to increase upscale retail sales in Lincolnshire when you have plenty of available inventory at your storage facility. Quick access lets you stock according to your schedule, and you do it from a unit that costs a fraction of what you pay for showroom square footage.

Office Floor Space Stays Flexible

While building your business means adding new employees, business self storage gives you flexible floor space. Rearrange the workplace with those discounted desks and chairs stored off-site. Expand room for a growing staff without knocking down walls to expand existing office space.

You Always Have Options

With climate-controlled storage, you lease as little or as much square footage as you need. Drive-up units make heavy on- and off-loading easy, and all of our facilities in Chicago, IL handle customer package acceptance and deliveries. You can manage your account online so that it always fits your plans for growth. Whether you're staking out new territory inside the Loop or branching out in the suburbs, modern business storage expands your options for success.

We Back You All the Way

The sky doesn't have to be the limit when you're spreading your entrepreneurial wings in Chicagoland. You might not outgrow Boeing just yet, but you're perfectly positioned to make a lasting mark on Lake Michigan's shores. You can count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage to back you all the way, as we offer an array of business storage units in Chicago, IL.

The Advantages of Storing Medical Supplies in Self Storage

fully stocked pharmacy shelf

As a medical supply or pharmaceutical rep, you spend so much time on the road. In between calling on clients and setting up the next stop, you pack and unpack samples and materials. You appreciate the value of staying organized and working as efficiently as possible. Here in Massapequa, NY, medical storage solutions can streamline your schedule, protect your products, and simplify your day.

Make Your Job Easier

If you're still shifting inventory from your home to the car and back again, consider the convenience of keeping supplies at one central site. If your territory covers all of Long Island and up into New York, think about the improved logistics of operating with several storage units in strategic locations.

Some pharmaceutical product sales are seasonal, and a modern storage facility makes it easier to accommodate those changes. Your samples sometimes become outdated. Replacing them does not need to be complicated when you have quick access to new products in a self storage unit.

Maximize Storage Options

Temperature control and high-tech security features combine to make a storage unit a smart, affordable solution for pharmaceutical and medical storage. Different organizing setups easily maximize your storage options.

  • Keep products and supplies off the floor with shelving arranged to allow for plenty of walking room.
  • Consider wheeled shelf setups that let you rotate and organize inventory as needed.
  • Label boxes and equipment, and transfer the information to your smartphone for instant reference.
  • Set up a worktable in the middle of the unit that serves as both a desk and packing station.

Add Up the Benefits

The benefits of leasing storage far outweigh juggling inventory between home and the road. They quickly add up to time saved that you spend connecting with new clients and increasing sales.

  • You can arrange to have deliveries made to your storage facility.
  • Account management and payments are available online.
  • On-site security features include keypad entry access, digital video cameras and individual door alarms.
  • Multiple facility locations let you cover more territory more efficiently.

Self storage keeps you organized as you make sales calls all day, and it protects your pharmaceutical products and medical equipment year-round.

We're Your Home Base

Wherever you need to be in Nassau County or beyond, you can count on our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Massapequa, NY as home base. Our modern storage units are available all across Long Island and the mainland too. It's our job to make yours a little easier, so stop by and visit with our on-site storage consultants soon.

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Little Havana

man in black shirt demonstrating how Cuban cigars are made

It's one of Miami's most colorful and exciting neighborhoods. Little Havana offers endless opportunities to make the most of Social Media Day this June 30th. Combine the location and the date, and start thinking like an online entrepreneur. Launch a startup in Miami, FL, let nearby storage units back you up, and make your mark on the digital landscape in one of these 10 sizzling spots. 

1. Marlins Park

Shine bright on Instagram at this year's MLB All-Star Game. Knock it out of the social media park with posts from Miami's hometown field right here in Little Havana. 

2. Domino Park

Celebrate the simple pleasure of playing a treasured tradition. Locals bring extra chairs from their storage units and relax under shady pavilions. 

3. Calle Ocho

Share the neighborhood's unique vibe up and down Southwest Eighth Street. The beautiful stretch features lovely Mediterranean architecture and its own Walk of Fame. 

4. Tower Theater

Post the debut of your video career from this legendary Art Deco movie theater located in the heart of the district's cultural scene. 

5. Nuevo Siglo Supermarket

Dine on Cuban classics at the counter, and become social media certified foodie. Photos of delicious dishes like chorizo, churrasco steak, and sugar cookies with guava will have your likes skyrocketing. 

6. Azucar Ice Cream Factory

Forget filters. The desserts at this specialty shop are picture-perfect just like its colorful interiors. Tag and share dreamy ice cream treats. 

7. El Credito

Snap inspiration for your budding enterprise outside this landmark family business. Enjoy a hand-rolled cigarro while you relax in the historic site's cigar lounge. 

8. West Eighth Street Galleries

Stay motivated to finish those canvases you're keeping in self storage by posting favorite images from Little Havana's eclectic collection of art galleries. 

9. Cubaocho Performing Arts Center

Invite followers to join your rave about this performance venue that blends sizzling nightlife and live music in a tangle of artistic interiors. 

10. Viernes Culturales

Save the last Friday of every month for the neighborhood's very best street fair. It's a vibrant scene for shout-outs celebrating Cuban music, art, and cuisine. 

Snap, Share and Launch

Celebrate Social Media Day by sharing the best of your good times in Little Havana. Use your Instagram connections to let followers know you're in business too. Hashtag that niche, share with all of Miami-Dade County, and let Safeguard help you launch your future with self storage in Miami, FL.

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Source of Income

January is National Hobby Month. Now is a great time to turn your favorite hobby into extra income. Miami, FL, has plenty of potential customers. You just need passion, a few business pointers and a little help from a business storage facility. Here are a few tips to help you turn your favorite hobby into profit.

Tips for Turning a Hobby Into a Business

  • Do something you love. Your enthusiasm will get you through the less-than-perfect moments that are an inevitable part of any business endeavor.
  • Develop a good business plan. Starting out with no direction won't get you very far. Educate yourself about small business practices, and talk to other entrepreneurs for encouragement and advice.
  • Build a presence on the web. You can develop a private website, latch onto social media, or carve out your niche at eBay, Etsy or other popular sites.
  • Consider your present resources, and don't go overboard. Starting small doesn't mean you'll stay small. Invest carefully, and be sure that you have a stable backup plan.

Top Money-Making Hobbies

Not every hobby brings in tons of cash. If you're looking for one with a lot of money-making potential, consider one of the following.

  • Pet-sitting and dog-walking require virtually no overhead, and if you love animals, you'll be getting paid to have fun. Before you get started, do your research. Certain safety measures and protocols apply.
  • Home-baked treats like cookies, cakes and pies bring in thousands of dollars at charity bake sales every year. If you're a talented baker, take your love of flour and sugar to the next level. Sell your goodies at local flea markets, craft fairs and farmer's markets. If your popularity grows, you may even convince a local grocery store to carry your products.
  • Become a writer. If you love to write, brush up on your grammar skills, and make money from the privacy of your computer. Various websites offer opportunities for freelance writers. You can also offer your services to local newspaper publishers and other businesses that might need promotional materials, newsletters or brochures.
  • Monetize your crafting skills. From jewelry and scrapbooks to clothing and toys, people love handmade items. Rent a booth at your local flea market or sell online.

Find Great Business Storage in Miami, FL

When your hobby-turned-business starts to blossom, you'll need extra space to store products and promotional materials. You probably don't want your hobby to take over every room of your home, and keeping your wares in your garage or basement exposes them to insects, moisture and mold. Renting a Safeguard Self Storage unit is a more practical and professional solution. Check with your local Safeguard storage facilities, or use online resources to find the best rates in Miami, FL. If you have a great business plan and a little elbow grease to spare, your storage unit and your wallet will fill up quickly.  

Organize Your Chicago Business with Self Storage

 Get Organized Week is the first week in October, and Chicago business people should take notice! Before the winter blows in and keeps you trapped indoors, take the time to declutter your office space. Safeguard Self Storage has the tips for organizing your office, and how to use self storage effectively to get excess items out of your way.

Get Rid of Office Clutter

Take on any trash around the office; Styrofoam cups, aluminum cans, left-behind leftovers, get rid of it all! Start with your personal space first, and remove any papers that are doing more harm than good. Use a small trashcan that you can carry as you go. After you’ve gotten your personal space clutter-free, dust and wipe down the surfaces. Then, move on the public areas of your office. Tackle these spaces in teams, sorting items into categorized piles, such as trash, keep and sell. Throw out any broken items and make a shopping list for replacements.

Retire Old Equipment 

Any old equipment that’s gather dust and has been replaced by newer technology should be removed from the office space. If it needs to be replaced before it’s retired, do so. We don’t recommend throwing these items out altogether though. You never know when you’ll need an old computer in a pinch if the new one breaks. Store electronics and other equipment in a nearby Chicago storage unit. Keep in mind when storing electronics that many require climate control (heating and air conditioning) to maintain their condition.

Clean Out the Storage Spaces 

Supply closets and office cabinets can quickly become disorganized. People go in, get what they need, and leave the contents in disarray. Take the time to remove any supplies that you have an abundance of and move these to your business storage unit. You can replenish the supply when it runs out, but these items can take up valuable space and cause unnecessary clutter. Only keep a reasonable amount of supplies on hand. Fifty pens can be a realistic number for a small company to keep on hand, but hundreds of pens is a little pointless. Use bins and labels to organize like items, and keep small items in sets of plastic drawers. Hang a clipboard with a blank list in easy view, and people can write down any supplies that they need.

Backup and Archive Files 

If your company has a lot of documents filling filing cabinets, then you can utilize self storage to archive these documents without losing track of them. Whether you choose to move whole filing cabinets to your storage locker, or prefer to move files into boxes, your office space can benefit from moving these items offsite. Make electronic backups to keep in the office, and transport the physical documents to a secure unit. It’s important to keep the electronic copy and the printed versions in separate places, so you’ll always have a copy of the documents if some emergency happens at either location.

Implement Organization Tactics and Routines 

Set up personal tactics for yourself and routines to help maintain the organization. You can make a list of organization tasks to implement daily, weekly, and monthly, to keep your office space organized. One simple thing to do is to clean out the fridge at the end of every week. It’s easy for people to forget leftovers, but these items can quickly leave your office reeking of rotten food. Check the supply closet organization bi-weekly to ensure everything is stocked and staying organized. If you have different departments, each team can be assigned a different task on the list. 

With so many people in the same space, it’s easy for offices to get cluttered. Take the time to organize your office and set routines in place to ensure it stays that way. And remember, even if you need to hold onto items, but don’t have space for them in your office, you can always keep them in a secure Chicago storage unit. Contact Safeguard today to find out how we can help you declutter your space.

How to Keep Your Business Organized with Self Storage

A store business owner standing in front of a checkout lane.

For many Bronx, New York residents, starting up a business is a dream -- but with tight quarters and hefty prices, sometimes that dream becomes wishful thinking. Safeguard wants to share how self storage can be the sidekick you need to help your business run without running you out of money. Most people think of storage from a private perspective, but it works as the perfect commercial accessory.

Affordability. Money can be tight when you’re running a business. Finding a smaller location can save you money but cause problems later down the line. By having a designated place for business overflow, you’ll be able to solve your space issue. Instead of purchasing another space, it’s time to consider a storage unit to provide the extra room you need. On average, self storage can run almost 60% cheaper than renting a commercial building. You’ll be saving not just money, but also customers by welcoming them into a de-cluttered and organized space.

Functionality. Running a business means hitting inevitable speed bumps along the way. Success lies in how those speed bumps are dealt with. Let’s say you’re running a business out of a fairly small space but are able to get by because you schedule shipments to come during off hours so they can be handled accordingly. Well, it’s Wednesday and your shipment just showed up at noon. You’ve still got a full afternoon ahead of you and two more days left in the week. Your store is full of inventory, customers are turning away, and you’re stuck with no options.

If the business owner had a Safeguard Self Storage unit to take care of these kinds of situations, the problem would be handled with ease. Self storage gives you the chance to store your excess inventory, samples, supplies and paperwork. Our Bronx Boulevard location even offers climate controlled units that will keep computers and electronics in great condition as well as protect important documents from warping or yellowing. Self storage will become your indispensable back up plan that keeps your business running smoothly.

Flexibility. By utilizing a storage unit for your business, it opens the door for new endeavors. Do you want to remodel your store? You have the perfect place to temporarily hold your large furniture and other items. The holidays are coming up and instead of grabbing that box in the hallway that you always seem to trip over, you take a quick ride over to your storage unit where your festive décor has been safely stored. It could even be an option for downsizing or relocating. Regardless of the situation, storage provides you with the cushion to make those decisions happen.

Between affordability, functionality and flexibility, you almost can’t afford not to incorporate self storage into your business. If you’re running a business in Bronx, New York, it’s time to check out our Safeguard Self Storage locations and find a storage unit that will work for your business.