Getting the Most Out of Pharmaceutical Storage

Your clients count on you for quality pharmaceuticals, new equipment, and the latest product information. You drive countless miles between clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. How can you stay organized covering territory in Miami Shores, FL? Let convenient self storage streamline your schedule and secure your pharmaceutical inventory.

Storage Units Safely Hold It All

A climate-controlled unit provides an ideal environment for storing pharmaceutical products. It can also serve as a staging area for organizing inventory and planning your schedule. Always be ready for the next call by assigning areas inside the unit for these essentials:

  • Sorted stock and inventory
  • Sample equipment
  • Marketing materials
  • Product literature

Keep the layout flexible by using wheeled shelf units that rotate for easy organizing. Set up a desk or work station for sorting products and processing paperwork. Add a file cabinet to hold shipping records, daily call logs, activity reports, and territory analysis.

Self Storage Maximizes Your Time

Once you organize a central location, think about branching out into other storage units along your route. Access to multiple sites can save valuable time on the road and extra miles on your car. That increase in efficiency means more productive time spent in the field with your clients.

As you expand your pharmaceutical storage, keep a digital inventory on your smartphone. If an unexpected call requires a detour, you can easily determine which one of your units has exactly what you need for the next appointment. With one stop, you're ready to load and deliver anything the client wants.

The Advantages Quickly Add Up

Easy access and convenient locations make self storage perfect for pharmaceutical inventories. It also offers important advantages uniquely suited for your products and equipment:

  • On-site security includes property-wide surveillance, keypad entry access, and individual door alarms.
  • Dollies and carts are always available for transferring inventory between car and unit.
  • Many facilities offer affordable insurance options as well as online account management tools.
  • As business grows, flexible leasing makes it simple and affordable to move operations into larger units.

You Can Depend on Us

Security, climate control, and easy access are critical to maintaining your products and equipment. We understand. You can depend on Safeguard for the best pharmaceutical storage units in Miami Shores, FL. We're here to serve with multiple locations across Miami-Dade County, so contact us today about renting a unit in your territory.

Your Guide to Antiques: From Shopping to Storing

Antique vases, pitchers, and glasses

Are you ready to go treasure hunting at one of the country's largest indoor antique shows? The four-day celebration of everything vintage starts February 9 at the Miami Fair Expo Center. The Original Miami Beach Antique Show has enthusiastic antiquarians making extra room in their storage units in Miami, FL for collecting fun and adventure. Here are a few favorites you'll find at the show, along with shopping and storing tips for the best buys.

Jewelry in Dazzling Varieties

From art deco bracelets and moonstone rings to the finest names in bling, the Miami show has it all. Prices on Van Cleef and Arpels, Chanel, and even Bulgari are often a real steal.

Shopping Tip: Online research before the show can help you recognize maker's marks that predate the 1950s.

Fine Art for Every Taste

Are you after an affordable Picasso print? Do you favor antique paintings dating between 1800 and 1915? Well-known and famously obscure artists are all available for installation in your exclusive home gallery.

Shopping Tip: Worn back boards and frame stretchers are good indicators of older artwork.

Glassware from Every Era

Beautiful show-stoppers like Tiffany, Lalilque, and Luneville share display space with Depression glass and cameo wall art. Look for the shine of Victorian vases, English drinking glasses, and American perfume vials.

Shopping Tip: Keep a small magnifying glass handy for checking tiny maker's marks on vintage glassware.

Furniture in All Sizes

If you're in the market for furniture, add a Queen Anne table, Hepplewhite case clock, or Eames lounge chair to your collection. This show features 17th-19th century items, notably those from Federico Marino. Use self storage to stash your new purchases or make room in your home for them.

Shopping Tip: Period furniture often features dovetail construction and threaded-post secured hardware.

Take Care of Your Treasures

As you make plans for the best antique shopping experience in South Florida, plan on making room at home for your new treasures by moving a few things into self storage. Stash extra collectibles in your unit, or turn it into a clearing house for your own antique inventory.

Whether you collect for fun or profit, climate-controlled storage units are a must-have. Modern facilities offer real security features for your valuables, such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms, high-tech camera systems, and an on-site management staff. We're here to help you make room for everything, with multiple locations and top-notch storage units in Miami, FL. You can trust it all with us at Safeguard Self Storage.

Finding the Right Self Storage Facility for You

Safeguard Self Storage facility

A facility just down the road doesn’t automatically make it the best choice. A cheap leasing agreement doesn't guarantee value for your money. Location and cost are big factors when you're looking for storage units around Allapattah, Coconut Grove, or any other area in Miami, FL, but you also want something that fits your individual needs. Let us help with this guide to choosing the ideal storage facility.

Factor in Your Location

Here in the Miami metropolitan area, we take care of you with nine Safeguard Self Storage locations, and we're adding to your options with brand new facilities in Allapattah and Miami Shores. How do you choose the best storage site for you? Consider these factors:

  • Business storage works best between home and the office, making it accessible from either place.
  • If you're in sales, multiple units along regular routes save valuable time.
  • For residential storage, store for the shortest trips necessary.
  • Sharing a unit with friends or another business is easier with a central location.

Figure Out Preferred Features

The best storage facilities offer a wide range of features and unit sizes. Take into account what you want to store, when you want to store it, and what kind of access you expect.

  • Climate-controlled storage units work very well for business inventory.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to store big items like lawn equipment and furniture.
  • Many storage facilities allow extended access hours to units, backed up by advanced security systems.

Expect the Best Customer Service

You have many choices in self storage facilities, so expect the best customer service from on-site teams. When management shows a sincere interest in taking care of your storage needs, you know you're working with industry professionals.

  • The best storage pros answer your questions and don't mind explaining details.
  • Count on expert advice about specific unit types and sizes for your budget.
  • On-site teams make sure the facility stays clean from front offices to the back lot.
  • Management always answers phone calls and email with a quick response.

We recommend exploring your options online first. Narrow down your choices, visit several locations, and take a look at different units. You want a storage facility that's just right for you, and you deserve the best.

We're Always Ready to Help

We're proud of our reputation as a national storage company that seeks a local feel at all of its facilities. You're invited to drop by and meet our hardworking teams all across Miami, FL. Be sure to check out our new Allapattah and Miami Shores locations too. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always at your service, and we're always ready to help.

Set Sail During Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Hit the water with sailors from all over the world during Bacardi Miami Sailing Week. This outdoor event takes place on Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, FL from March 6th to March 12th and kicks off the season for many boaters. Whether you're ready to race or showing up for the excellent views, Safeguard Self Storage has tips for getting your boat out of storage and prepping it for this week-long celebration.  

A Preseason Checklist before Hitting the Water 

1. It's all about general maintenance.  

When you first take your boat out of storage, it's important to perform a general cleaning and dusting of everything. Clean the hull and the teak, wash the windows and hatches, check the wiper blades and spray down the canvas. You might also want to give your boat a nice coat of wax.


2. Take care of the hull.

Look for any scratches or abrasions on the hull, and repair them as necessary. Covering your boat properly during storage will prevent minor damage from happening in the future. You should also inspect the trim tabs and perform a complete check of the rudder and fittings, rub rails, zincs, and the shaft.  

3. Check the upper and lower decks.

Check and test the seacocks below deck, and inspect the stanchion, lifelines and chain plates above deck. It's also a good idea to lubricate the blocks and pad eyes as well as clear any debris from the limber holes.  

4. Inspect the electrical system.  

Give your boat's electrical system and components a once-over. Inspect the battery's water level, clean any corrosion off the terminals, test all the gauges and check every lighting fixture on your boat. You should also inspect the antennas and check the electronics for maximum operation.

5. Do a complete check of everything.


Look everything over on your boat from the head system to the sails. Flush the water tank, replace the spark plugs and inspect the fuel lines for any leaks. It's also wise to inspect your boat trailer and prep it for the season, such as lubricating the wheel bearings, cleaning the winch and checking the safety chains.

Enjoy Sailing in Miami, FL This March


If you need a place to store your items while you're in town, Safeguard Self Storage has you covered. Whether you're storing your boat or wanting extra space until you get situated, we have storage units available with as much room as you need, and our team of storage experts will make sure you get the storage space that's right for you. Find a unit in and around Miami, now!


How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Source of Income

January is National Hobby Month. Now is a great time to turn your favorite hobby into extra income. Miami, FL, has plenty of potential customers. You just need passion, a few business pointers and a little help from a business storage facility. Here are a few tips to help you turn your favorite hobby into profit.

Tips for Turning a Hobby Into a Business

  • Do something you love. Your enthusiasm will get you through the less-than-perfect moments that are an inevitable part of any business endeavor.
  • Develop a good business plan. Starting out with no direction won't get you very far. Educate yourself about small business practices, and talk to other entrepreneurs for encouragement and advice.
  • Build a presence on the web. You can develop a private website, latch onto social media, or carve out your niche at eBay, Etsy or other popular sites.
  • Consider your present resources, and don't go overboard. Starting small doesn't mean you'll stay small. Invest carefully, and be sure that you have a stable backup plan.

Top Money-Making Hobbies

Not every hobby brings in tons of cash. If you're looking for one with a lot of money-making potential, consider one of the following.

  • Pet-sitting and dog-walking require virtually no overhead, and if you love animals, you'll be getting paid to have fun. Before you get started, do your research. Certain safety measures and protocols apply.
  • Home-baked treats like cookies, cakes and pies bring in thousands of dollars at charity bake sales every year. If you're a talented baker, take your love of flour and sugar to the next level. Sell your goodies at local flea markets, craft fairs and farmer's markets. If your popularity grows, you may even convince a local grocery store to carry your products.
  • Become a writer. If you love to write, brush up on your grammar skills, and make money from the privacy of your computer. Various websites offer opportunities for freelance writers. You can also offer your services to local newspaper publishers and other businesses that might need promotional materials, newsletters or brochures.
  • Monetize your crafting skills. From jewelry and scrapbooks to clothing and toys, people love handmade items. Rent a booth at your local flea market or sell online.

Find Great Business Storage in Miami, FL

When your hobby-turned-business starts to blossom, you'll need extra space to store products and promotional materials. You probably don't want your hobby to take over every room of your home, and keeping your wares in your garage or basement exposes them to insects, moisture and mold. Renting a Safeguard Self Storage unit is a more practical and professional solution. Check with your local Safeguard storage facilities, or use online resources to find the best rates in Miami, FL. If you have a great business plan and a little elbow grease to spare, your storage unit and your wallet will fill up quickly.