Tips for Staying Clutter-Free in Your New Place

Your new home is a beautiful blank canvas. You can turn it into anything you want. This is your opportunity to break old habits and begin a new, clutter-free beginning here in Harvey, LA. Make it happen with simple move-in strategies ranging from donation boxes to nearby storage units

7 Easy Tips for a Clutter-Free Move-In 

1. Focus on One Room 

By unpacking one room at a time, you can sort through belongings and identify potential clutter. If it doesn't have a place in the new room, think about letting it go. 

2. Downsize Stuff in Drawers 

Make a pledge to make junk drawers a thing of the past. Promise to only put stuff in drawers that you really need and use. Extend this commitment from the kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom. 

3. Give Everything a Place 

Keep new home storage systems clutter-free by reserving different shelves, racks, and bins for specific items. It's easier to find keys, cell phones, and wallets when everything has a place.

4. Save Things in Self Storage

Cut down on clutter in new closets by moving seasonal clothes to self storage. Make the extra space a permanent, off-site part of home organizing. Use it to stash things like hobby supplies, holiday decorations, and sports gear.

5. Designate Donation Boxes 

If you're not sure about keeping something, imagine the difference it might make to someone else. Designate home donation boxes for things you can give to different organizations and charities in Jefferson Parish. 

6. Start Recycling Clutter

If it's not suitable as a donation, that clutter might be a candidate for recycling. It can help you help our parish environment too. Set up a recycling bin in your new home for paper, plastic, and even used moving boxes. 

7. Slow Down on Shopping

Resist rushing out and buying new things for the new house. Plan just a few shopping trips to Uptown and the Garden District, and set a budget that keeps you on track so that you only purchase what you really need.

Let Us Help You Feel at Home 

Enjoy settling in your new home for some of the easiest living south of the Big Easy. We're here to support you with air conditioned storage units on Manhattan Boulevard just off the West Bank Expressway in Harvey, LA. It's just one of six Safeguard Self Storage locations across the New Orleans Metro Area where we're always happy to help you feel right at home.

A Guide to Moving Your Grad Out

A recent graduate moving her belongings from her parents' house to her car

It's December, and your favorite college student is finally picking up a diploma and moving back home. It's never too early to guide your newly graduated son or daughter towards a better fit in a place of their own. Here in Baton Rouge LA, self storage makes that transition easier for everyone.

Help Them Move On

When graduates take up residence in their old bedrooms at home, they're just part of the new normal. It's become a routine passage from school to the working world, and you can help. Even the smartest grads need a little guidance. Start with a family strategy session. Sketch out long-term goals, but set a definite move-out date. Discuss plans for getting started at the new place and funding options to cover moving expenses. This is a good time for leasing an affordable storage unit to make the change in address a little easier.

Share Budget-Friendly Ideas

Moving into an apartment means coming up with deposit money, but first-time renters often don't anticipate ongoing expenses. As you share your wallet offsetting costs, share advice on how to stretch a new household budget.

  • Teach your grad couponing, grocery shopping and home-cooking skills.
  • Scout out used furniture at second-hand stores and garage sales.
  • Introduce the new grad to bargains on clothes and more at thrift shops.
  • Streamline the move by leasing an inexpensive storage unit nearby.
  • Stress transportation savings gained by using the city's CATS transit system.

Make Self Storage Permanent

Most young adults make a local storage facility a permanent part of new living arrangements. It's ideal for holding dorm room leftovers, so it gives recent grads flexibility as they furnish new quarters. Climate-controlled storage protects course books headed for resale, and it keeps seasonal clothes from crowding apartment closets. You can enjoy the extra space too. By sharing a unit with grads headed out the door, you help them with relocation and living expenses. Most modern facilities offer online account management, so you can teach another important life-lesson: how to take care of a monthly account.

Our Storage Solutions Always Fit

As they head towards a bright future, we salute graduates at Louisiana State University, Southern University, and campuses all across Baton Rouge, LA. Safeguard Self Storage salutes parents, too, who work hard to make it happen. You can count on us to do our part with affordable storage solutions that always fit you and your graduates.

Moving to Brooklyn? Get Expert Tips to Help You Downsize in NYC

Moving to Brooklyn, NY, is a demanding prospect, especially if you're accustomed to living in a larger space. Existing apartments are significantly smaller than average, and the lack of housing in NYC has led to the construction of many prefabricated apartments that are even smaller than most of the area's studio apartments. The new units range in size from 250 to 350 square feet. Don't worry. If you're planning a move to a Brooklyn apartment, you won't have to face the challenge alone. Safeguard Self Storage is here to serve as a helpful resource. 

Check Out Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Before your move, it pays to research Brooklyn's many neighborhoods so that you can find a space that meets your social and family needs as well as your budget. Here are a few highlights. 
  • Crown Heights is a sprawling transitional area that offers a broad range of rental prices and somewhat larger living areas. But it's a coveted location, so start your apartment-hunting early.
  • Bay Ridge has plenty of retail stores and restaurants and a range of housing options including smaller, older buildings and high rises.
  • Park Slope is considered by many to be one of the most desirable locations in Brooklyn. Apartments are pricier, but they offer perks like decks, gardening space and historic architecture.
  • Kensington and Windsor Terrace aren't as busy or as pricey as Park Slope, but they're close enough that you can easily visit upscale shops and restaurants.

Shrinking Your Stuff: Tips for Downsizing in Brooklyn

  • Measure your new space carefully before deciding what you can fit into it.
  • Buy smaller furniture, and choose multipurpose items like storage ottomans or sleeper sofas.
  • Utilize vertical space. Place shelving instead of artwork above furniture pieces. Use stacking storage boxes to fill empty space in closets.
  • Donate or store clothing that you rarely wear.
  • If you have sentimental items or collections that you can't fit into the new space, take pictures of them to put on display.

Affordable Storage Units Make Downsizing Easier

Downsizing requires some adjustment, but it doesn't mean that you have to lose your treasured collections, heirlooms or furniture that you may need at a later date. Simply store your belongings in a secure storage unit. Safeguard Self Storage offers great deals on clean, affordable storage units that can make adjusting to a compact lifestyle in Brooklyn NY, much easier. Contact us today for details.

Making a Move with Self Storage

Whether you're moving inside the Loop from the burbs or relocating to the Windy City from another state, pulling up stakes creates all kinds of challenges. If you're a university student, roommates and apartments seem to change as quickly as semesters. Regardless of your situation, it's hard to adapt to all the coming and going. But affordable Chicago, IL self storage takes the stress out of any moving scenario.

Caught Between Locations

Did your home's sale close sooner than expected? Are the residents at the new place slow about vacating? In a perfect moving world, schedules would run as smoothly as all four clocks on the Wrigley Building. When they don't, you're stuck between locations with a truck full of furniture. Take advantage of
Safeguard Chicago storage facilities that offer flexibility when you need it most. Your belongings stay secure, so you can sort out temporary living arrangements while the moving dust settles.

Setting Up a New Home

Imagine taking it easy and arranging the new house just the way you want it. Make that move-in daydream come true by leaving some of your packed belongings in a nearby rental facility. It's easier to organize a home that isn't stuffed from floor to ceiling with moving boxes.
Safeguard Self Storage lets you put the house together at your own pace and gives you room to arrange furniture without dodging the small stuff. With easy access to everything, you resist the temptation to throw it all inside and straighten it out later.

Switching Roommates and Apartments

Student life stays busy year round here in the Second City, and that includes an ever-changing apartment scene. It's hard to find a place that holds everything, and roommates can change with the semester. When a great apartment becomes available, it's easier to switch addresses with Chicago, IL self storage. Whether you need to park excess furniture, store books or stash seasonal gear, a storage unit lets you stay flexible. Many facilities offer move-in discounts and deals on rental trucks that help you balance that student budget.

A successful move depends on many things, but it all gets done, and you eventually settle into that new home. Convenient Chicago storage facilities throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods offer affordable rental options that help ease the transition. Whether you're coming, going or somewhere in between,
contact Safeguard Self Storage to make your move easier.