Breathe Life Into Your Small New Orleans Living Space With These Houseplants

A houseplants sitting on a desk and window sill of a small apartment.

It's fun to refresh your New Orleans home or apartment with a touch of green. Indoor plants make small rooms seem bigger. Transfer tabletop clutter to self storage, and make way for these easy plants to grow indoors.

Don’t have the greenest thumb? No problem! There are plenty of low maintenance houseplants that are perfect for your busy schedule. Plus, if you tend to be forgetful, many low maintenance plants only require watering a couple of times a month.
Discover how to brighten up your space with Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street! We’ve tracked down a wide variety of fun, low maintenance plants to welcome into your home or apartment.

Best Easy House Plants for Full Sun

A jasmine plant with white blossoms sitting on a window sill.


Jasmine does well in windows with southern exposures. This indoor version of the outdoor vine fills a room with sweet fragrance. Give jasmine a small trellis, and watch it grow into a beautiful climber.


This is another outdoor plant that does well inside. If you keep it on a sunny windowsill, the hibiscus produces gorgeous blossoms. Its vividly colored flowers liven up any room.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil thrives in sunny kitchens and supplies fresh flavor year-round. Move seldom-used countertop appliances to your storage unit, and replace them with a miniature herb garden.

Low Light, Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

A polka dot plant with green leaves covered in pink speckles.

Polka Dot Plant

This little hybrid is a showy standout in rooms with limited natural light. Its spotted leaves are rainbows of reds, pinks and whites. The diminutive polka dot plant fits perfectly on shallow shelving.

Lucky Bamboo

You don't need a sunny corner to get lucky with this woody favorite. It's considered by many to be a Feng Shui must-have. Lucky bamboo is one of the best indoor plants for water-filled containers.

Christmas Cactus

It's not really a cactus, but its rounded leaves resemble the spikes on prickly outdoor plants. Each fall, the Christmas cactus adds a festive touch to interiors with cascading crimson blossoms.

Safe Indoor Plants for Pets and Kids

A zebra plant with spiky tendrils covered in white, compact, horizontal stripes.

Zebra Plant

This non-toxic succulent is one of the best easy houseplants for busy lifestyles because it only needs watering every three or four weeks. The zebra plant does require plenty of sunshine to maintain its charm.

Parlor Palm

Even the smallest home has space for a coconut tree's relative. The parlor palm has been gracing shady corners in tight spaces since the Victorian era. It's completely safe around children and pets.

African Violet

If you love kid- and pet-friendly indoor plants with flowers, you'll adore colorful African violets. The elegant little plants are surprisingly low-maintenance, but they do prefer lots of sunlight.

Unique Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Air Plant

Of all the easy plants to grow indoors, the air plant holds a special place. It doesn't need soil to grow. Just set it out in a shallow bowl, or suspend it from a shelf with a fishing line.

Golden Pothos

A small, humid bathroom is ideal for the golden pothos. Yellow variegation adds a pretty pattern to its green heart-shaped leaves. Golden pothos plants only need minimum sunlight.

Spider Plant

Every indoor plant decoration idea should be this easy. Fill a hanging basket with a spider plant, and watch it mature into a cascading room accent.

Enjoy Storage Space That Grows with You at Safeguard

Indoor plants can breathe life and color into even the smallest rooms. Your only problem may be finding a spot to securely perch your plants. When you need to make room for your plants, Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street can help you expand those tight spaces.

In addition to our facility on Erato Street, we have convenient storage facilities throughout New Orleans and Louisiana. When you need room to grow, we have room to spare. Determine how much room you need with our helpful space estimator, and find a Safeguard Self Storage facility near you today!

Celebrating the Holidays in New Orleans

If you're wondering what to do in New Orleans in December, the Erato Street locals at Safeguard Self Storage are here to help. During this holiday season, the city will light up with wonderful outdoor and virtual celebrations—meaning you can enjoy the festivities, stay safe, and take care of your gift list at the same time. With these six events at the top of your holiday must-do list in New Orleans, you won’t have to search for what to do in December during these unusual times. 

What to Do in New Orleans in December: 6 Sensational Ideas

1. Take In the Holiday Lights

The French Quarter turns on its best this time of year. Take a cruise up and down famous Royal and Chartres Streets, or view the bright displays at Jackson Square from a distance. Additionally, Celebration in the Oaks is one of the most spectacular drive-thru holiday lights festivals in the country, as it features hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights and fun displays across 2.25 miles.

2. Shop Until You Drop

Local businesses on Magazine Street offer 6 miles of holiday window shopping and unique present ideas. Additionally, French Quarter Festivals, Inc. (FQFI) and New Orleans & Company have launched a new online holiday shopping guide that features loads of local retailers—including stores from the iconic French Market District. Make those perfect purchases via pick up, delivery, or online shopping and tuck your gift stash in nearby New Orleans storage units on Erato Street.

3. Cheer on a Drive-Thru Holiday Parade

Catch a seasonal Big Easy souvenir toss and cheer on some of the city's best marching bands all from the comfort of your car. Drive-thru Jingle on the Boulevard has everything you could ask for in a holiday parade, including guest celebrities, fun floats, and more.

4. Bask in City Park Lights

Visiting City Park is a relaxing way to wind down your outdoor fun in New Orleans. Take a walk through the 25-acre park and marvel at the magic of live oaks decked out in holiday lights. Socially distance as you enjoy a Big Easy tradition that's more than 30 years old.

5. Keep the Kids Entertained Online

Looking for fun, educational holiday experiences for the whole family? The NOLA ChristmasFest provides online activities like Christmas crafts, holiday baking and decorating, holiday dance classes, nightly book reading, and more—all from the comfort of your home!

6. Get Festive with Virtual Holiday Concerts

Holiday concerts in New Orleans are a family-favorite tradition. With festive concerts at places like St. Louis Cathedral and St. Augustine Church, you and your family can tune in virtually via YouTube or Facebook Live and enjoy holiday-themed music from artists like Irma Thomas, Amanda Shaw, Don Vappie, Tim Laughlin, and Rachel Van Voorhees.

New Orleans Storage Units: Hide Your Christmas Cache

All your online shopping adds up to a bountiful Christmas present cache. Keep it all under wraps with our new climate-controlled storage units in New Orleans on Erato Street. Let Safeguard Self Storage make smart storage solutions a part of your happiest holiday traditions.

Social Distancing Tips For a Fun Halloween During COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed life for everyone in the world. It has affected how we interact with each other and canceled many events this year, including Halloween in some parts of the country. With a few social distancing tips from Safeguard Self Storage in New Orleans, LA, your children will not have to miss the spooky fun on Halloween night.

3 Social Distancing Tips During Halloween

Turn your home into a haunted house.

Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins—oh my! Transform your home into a haunted house fit for zombies and other scary things. Stock up on decorations like spider webs, strobe lights, and hanging ghosts. Battery-operated sound machines can create spooky noises while eerie music on a Bluetooth player sets the mood. If you have limited space in places like your basement, garage, or spare bedrooms, our New Orleans self storage units on Erato Street can help you utilize more space for your DIY haunted house.

Go on a candy scavenger hunt.

Hunting for eggs on Easter is fun for kids of all ages. What about letting them hunt for candy on Halloween? If they are unable to go trick-or-treating, let them go on a candy scavenger hunt in their own backyard. You can hide candy in a variety of places and set a time for your kids to find it all. Take it one step further by creating a Halloween-themed piñata. Not only will they be able to search for candy, but they can also get together and break open the piñata to discover the surprises inside.

Tell ghost stories with video chat.

Trick-or-treating is all about getting together with friends and visiting every house on the block. The coronavirus is preventing friends and family from walking the sidewalks at night in search of tricks and treats. That does not mean they cannot get together online for some scary ghost stories. Install the Zoom app on your phone or computer, and let your children get together with their friends for some spooky stories on Halloween.

Use New Orleans Self Storage to Store Your Seasonal Decor

The coronavirus does not have to stop you from enjoying the holidays this year. If you take precautions and practice these social distancing tips, you and your family can participate in the Halloween fun even from home.

Once Halloween is over, it is time to put those decorations in storage and save space until the next holiday season. Thankfully, our New Orleans storage units are conveniently located on Erato Street to help you clear out your seasonal belongings with ease. Plus, you can take advantage of our contactless unit rental process to store near you with confidence. Reserve your unit at our Erato Street facility today!

7 Things You've Always Needed to Keep Your Home Organized

Home organization doesn't have to be a challenge. It shouldn't be something that stays one step ahead of your best intentions. You can conquer it. You just need smart strategies, clever organizing tricks, and convenient self storage. These seven simple tips from Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA, keep even the busiest home organized and clutter-free.

7 Items That Are Great for Organization

1. A Stop at the Door

Start decluttering the house at the front door with decorative hooks and shelves for bags and jackets. Toss keys, sunglasses, and phones into a big, bright bowl on a small entryway table.

2. A Dresser in the Closet

Move an unused dresser into the closet. Position it against an open wall or slide it under hanging clothes. Fill it up with anything that doesn't have its own place.

3. Self Storage Under the Beds

Keep home organization easy and out of sight with rolling under-bed storage. Gliding trays can hold everything from seasonal clothes and bedding to the kids' toys.

4. Drawer Baskets Under the Sinks

Stacked, mesh basket drawers are a perfect storage fit under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Their open construction keeps humidity at bay, so feel free to fill them up with countertop clutter.

5. Restaurant Kitchen Rails

Take a decluttering tip from commercial kitchens. Mount simple, space-saving rail organizers on walls or inside cabinet doors. Hang sliding hooks on the rods and fill them up with kitchen stuff.

6. Ottomans With Room to Spare

Make home organization fashionable, inviting, and comfortable with a cushy storage ottoman. The functional furniture seats extra guests while it keeps clutter tucked away. Storage ottomans are great in the kids' playroom, too.

7. An Easy-to-Use Scanner

Once a week, convert papers that pile up into digital files. Transfer invitations, receipts, insurance documents, and general paperwork to your computer or cloud storage. Be good to the planet by recycling your scanned papers.

Expand Home Space With Self Storage

Now that you're in control of general clutter, give yourself room to spare. A storage unit is perfect for expanding your organizing strategies with these simple tricks.
• Free up kitchen cabinets by storing seldom-used pots, pans, and countertop appliances in your unit.
• Seasonal decorations stay safely out of the way in climate-controlled self storage.
• Set up clutter bins in the unit to catch things you plan on selling or donating.
• A small file cabinet in one corner keeps important papers and documents safe until you need them.
• Give the car room to breathe by moving garage clutter to your unit.

Congratulations on Conquering the Challenge

It feels great to be on top of home organization. We're happy to help with affordable storage solutions that work hard for you. When you need extra space, Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA always has plenty of room.