Five Signs You Really Do Need That Storage Unit

Storage units help people manage space, either on a permanent or temporary basis. From stashing your things while you're on summer break to staying organized when downsizing, off-site storage might be the answer. At Safeguard Self Storage, we provide a place for customers' belongings in New Orleans, LA and other communities. If you're experiencing any of the following situations, a storage unit may be right for you.

You're going through a life transition.

From building families to ending relationships, life events can affect your living situation. Maybe you need to store furniture and other items after merging households. Or you might need a place for your things while studying abroad for the semester. Keep your belongings sheltered in a storage unit for convenience and peace of mind.

There's an entire room in your house that can't be used.

Clutter happens. From the kids' sports gear to several years' worth of holiday decorations, everyday and special-occasion items tend to overtake valuable household space. It can happen before we even notice, especially if the change is gradual or it's a room that's rarely used as a living space. Many of our customers use storage units to keep seasonal items and other home goods out of the way when not in use.

You're neglecting a hobby due to lack of space.

Whether you live with roommates, have a small home, or simply lack the room, you shouldn't have to miss out on your favorite hobby. From crafts to craft brewing, apartment dwellers and homeowners alike can enjoy the activities they love with help from self storage.

There's no space in the garage for your cars.

If your garage has become overrun with everything from out-of-season clothing to boxes of collectibles, your local storage facility offers the space you need. Safeguard your things from theft and the elements while freeing up room for the family's vehicles. Or put away your RV or vintage car at our site in New Orleans, LA.

Your business is losing valuable space to supply storage.

Our residential customers aren't the only ones enjoying the benefits of storage units. Make sure your office, warehouse, or retail space stays tidy by keeping seldom-used equipment, extra supplies, or surplus inventory off site. Keep prime real estate free for essential business activities while protecting your investments.

Safeguard Self Storage, Your Professional Solution

Regardless of your reason for additional space, Safeguard Self Storage is here for you to help with your storage needs. Facilities in New Orleans, LA and other cities offer convenience and a wide range of amenities. Contact us to rent a unit and start your self storage journey today!

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