Prepare Your Business for Growth with Self Storage

by Admin 19. October 2017 13:00

two people working on a project with a computer and paper

Whether you're expanding the office, opening a new storefront, or launching an online startup, you need space to grow. Established brick and mortar giants like Walgreen’s and online innovators like Groupon thrive here in Chicago, IL. Affordable storage units help cultivate our strong commercial growth in so many smart ways. Here’s how self storage can help with your business’ growth.

You Have Room to Move Furniture

Why pass up a great deal on office furniture? With convenient self storage, you don't have to miss out on savings. When it's time to expand operations, you're ready to furnish extra office space with new desks and chairs. They’re just waiting to take their place in your rapidly developing business plans.

Bulk Supplies Hold Down Costs

Hold down the bottom line with bulk buying strategies. Everything from printing paper to cleaning supplies costs less at the big box store, and you have space to keep it all handy in your nearby storage unit. Buying bulk saves money and time that you can reinvest in growing your business.

Inventory Forecasts Stay Manageable

It's easier to increase upscale retail sales in Lincolnshire when you have plenty of available inventory at your storage facility. Quick access lets you stock according to your schedule, and you do it from a unit that costs a fraction of what you pay for showroom square footage.

Office Floor Space Stays Flexible

While building your business means adding new employees, business self storage gives you flexible floor space. Rearrange the workplace with those discounted desks and chairs stored off-site. Expand room for a growing staff without knocking down walls to expand existing office space.

You Always Have Options

With climate-controlled storage, you lease as little or as much square footage as you need. Drive-up units make heavy on- and off-loading easy, and all of our facilities in Chicago, IL handle customer package acceptance and deliveries. You can manage your account online so that it always fits your plans for growth. Whether you're staking out new territory inside the Loop or branching out in the suburbs, modern business storage expands your options for success.

We Back You All the Way

The sky doesn't have to be the limit when you're spreading your entrepreneurial wings in Chicagoland. You might not outgrow Boeing just yet, but you're perfectly positioned to make a lasting mark on Lake Michigan's shores. You can count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage to back you all the way, as we offer an array of business storage units in Chicago, IL.

The Advantages of Storing Medical Supplies in Self Storage

by Admin 12. October 2017 13:00

fully stocked pharmacy shelf

As a medical supply or pharmaceutical rep, you spend so much time on the road. In between calling on clients and setting up the next stop, you pack and unpack samples and materials. You appreciate the value of staying organized and working as efficiently as possible. Here in Massapequa, NY, medical storage solutions can streamline your schedule, protect your products, and simplify your day.

Make Your Job Easier

If you're still shifting inventory from your home to the car and back again, consider the convenience of keeping supplies at one central site. If your territory covers all of Long Island and up into New York, think about the improved logistics of operating with several storage units in strategic locations.

Some pharmaceutical product sales are seasonal, and a modern storage facility makes it easier to accommodate those changes. Your samples sometimes become outdated. Replacing them does not need to be complicated when you have quick access to new products in a self storage unit.

Maximize Storage Options

Temperature control and high-tech security features combine to make a storage unit a smart, affordable solution for pharmaceutical and medical storage. Different organizing setups easily maximize your storage options.

  • Keep products and supplies off the floor with shelving arranged to allow for plenty of walking room.
  • Consider wheeled shelf setups that let you rotate and organize inventory as needed.
  • Label boxes and equipment, and transfer the information to your smartphone for instant reference.
  • Set up a worktable in the middle of the unit that serves as both a desk and packing station.

Add Up the Benefits

The benefits of leasing storage far outweigh juggling inventory between home and the road. They quickly add up to time saved that you spend connecting with new clients and increasing sales.

  • You can arrange to have deliveries made to your storage facility.
  • Account management and payments are available online.
  • On-site security features include keypad entry access, digital video cameras and individual door alarms.
  • Multiple facility locations let you cover more territory more efficiently.

Self storage keeps you organized as you make sales calls all day, and it protects your pharmaceutical products and medical equipment year-round.

We're Your Home Base

Wherever you need to be in Nassau County or beyond, you can count on our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Massapequa, NY as home base. Our modern storage units are available all across Long Island and the mainland too. It's our job to make yours a little easier, so stop by and visit with our on-site storage consultants soon.

Hurricane Recovery with Self Storage

by Admin 5. October 2017 13:00

pieces of a home scattered by a hurricane

Hurricane Irma affected everyone from the Keys up through the Panhandle and beyond. Cleanup and recovery efforts will go on for a very long time. We know how badly the storm impacted so many lives, especially here in Miami, FL. We’d like to offer these self storage tips to help you as you get back on your feet.

Saving the Important Things

Remediation after a catastrophic hurricane like Irma generally applies to rebuilding our homes. We're pulling up wet carpets, tearing out soaked sheetrock, and throwing away ruined insulation. Part of our successful recovery depends on saving our belongings too.

Unfortunately, big stuff doesn't weather a hurricane very well. It's hard to salvage furnishings and appliances. Fortunately, the little things can often be rescued. When we gather family heirlooms, important documents and some of the kids' toys into secure storage units, we know we haven't lost everything.

As you work through the process of making things right again, use these quick tips as a reference for keeping belongings safe after the storm:

  • Clean Before Storing: Wash and thoroughly dry clothes and bedding before packing up for storage. This helps prevent mold and mildew.
  • Fan Important Papers: Dry photos, books, and important paper records by spreading them out and securing them in front of fans for several days.
  • Double Check Furnishings: Pull back upholstery, and inspect padding and frames. Damp furniture will mildew even in climate-controlled storage units.
  • Make an Inventory: Synchronize an inventory list with numbered boxes in storage. Keep the information on your smartphone for quick access.
  • Don't Haul Off Everything: Document what you can't save by taking pictures. Pile it outside your home so that it can be assessed by your insurance adjuster.

Rebuilding with Extra Room

Rebuilding doesn't happen overnight, but we're all in this for the long haul. Putting everything back together takes time, and nearby self storage can be a big help with extra holding room for replacement furnishings and appliances. It gives you space to spare in uncertain times, and that gives you much-needed peace of mind.

Standing Strong and Moving Forward

We know from past experiences with destructive storms that we'll dig out and rebuild. Irma knocked us down, but we're already getting back up and moving forward. Safeguard Self Storage pledges our commitment to the community's recovery here in Miami, FL and all across our great state. We're proud to stand strong beside you.

Prepare Your Vehicles for Winter with These Storage Tips

by Admin 28. September 2017 13:00

small car parked in a parking lot with a white tarp covering

The end of summer means our Chicagoland sizzle is almost over, but it also means our seasonal snows are just a few calendar pages away. Start thinking about winterizing your favorite rides now, and you'll be ready to roll everything into self storage before Bridgeview, IL freezes over.

Move the Motorcycle Inside

The Veteran's Run from our Bridgeview Courthouse doesn't signal the end of summer, but plenty of area cycles will head for nearby storage units over the next few months. Don't put your bike at risk by leaving it outside all winter.

  • Get the bike ready for storage by removing oil, brake fluid and antifreeze.
  • Disconnect the battery, and store it on shelving in your storage unit.
  • Keep motorcycle wheels off concrete flooring with a wooden pallet.
  • Invest in a quality cover to protect engine components from dust.

Secure the Boat From Snow

When the chill off Lake Michigan chases you in for the winter, say goodbye to stalking largemouth bass. Say hello to staking out self storage that keeps your boat shipshape until spring.

  • Clean your watercraft inside and out, and make sure everything's dry to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Change out antifreeze and oil, and use fogging oil to protect engine components.
  • Remove the battery, and keep it dry and off the ground.
  • Support the hull with a cradle, jack stands or blocks.
  • Pamper your boat with a final waxing and a ventilated canvas cover.

Keep the Car Warm This Winter

If you have an extra car that needs to hibernate away from home, you can go with outdoor parking options at a fully gated storage facility. If the city turns into Chiberia (Chicago + Siberia) again this winter, you might prefer a drive-up indoor unit. In or out, give your wheels a little love and attention before long-term storage.

  • Change the oil, top off the tank, and add fuel stabilizer. (Outdoor Storage Only)
  • Flush and replace brake fluid with a silicone-based fluid.
  • Inflate tires to maximum PSI, and disconnect the battery.
  • Clean and detail the car from roof to undercarriage.
  • Protect it with a quality car cover that breathes.

Stay Ready to Roll

It doesn't take a snowpocalypse to make storage units your best choice for protecting vehicles from winter weather. Safeguard Self Storage offers harbor for boats, cycles, and wheels with drive-up units and outdoor parking in Bridgeview, IL. Store your favorite rides with us, and you'll be ready to roll come spring.

Prepare for the Fall Cool Down by Storing Summer Items

by Admin 21. September 2017 13:00

family of four wearing fall clothing throwing leaves into the air

The city is finally starting to cool down, so join your West Rogers Park neighbors in saying goodbye to summer heat. As you make plans for enjoying the fall days, make extra room around the house, too. Start shifting your summer things into self storage where Chicago, IL residents hibernate all their warm-weather stuff.

Clean Out Crowded Closets

If you aren't going to wear it or use it come fall, put it on your list of belongings that belong in winter storage. Clean out crowded closets and clear cluttered shelves with these self storage strategies.

  • Keep summer clothes wrinkle-free in storage with wheeled hanger units.
  • Lightweight bedding stays fresh in plastic bins with snug-fitting lids.
  • Shuffle sandals, flip-flops and slip-ons off to storage in summer canvas totes.

Reclaim Lost Garage Space

When it's time to break out home snow shoveling equipment, you want plenty of garage space. Don't let these summer things crowd you or the car after winter sets in.

  • Store fishing rods in your unit until the next spring trip to West Ridge Preserve.
  • Pitch your tent in with that fishing gear to free up even more room in the garage.
  • Stash seasonal lawn equipment out of the way in your unit.
  • Roll the family bike collection on over to cold-weather storage.

Save Backyard Stuff from Impending Snow

When it's too cold to shoot hoops at Warren Park, you'll be glad your outdoor toys are spending winter in storage. Look around the backyard for other stuff that needs protection from Chicago's freezing temperatures.

  • The inflatable pool will last longer if it gets to spend winter in your storage unit.
  • Make sure the grill fires up next spring by storing it away now.
  • Keep outdoor furniture safely sheltered inside a climate-controlled unit.

Stay Smart with Fall Storage

Once you get the drift of fall storage, it's a great seasonal routine for keeping everything organized. Switching out summer stuff and winter gear frees up space all around your home. It's a smart storage strategy that leaves you with more room around the house year-round.

Shift into Fall With Us

We're looking forward to cooler weather too, and we're ready to take care of your summer things with the best storage solutions in Chicago, IL. Our West Rogers Park facility is located on North California Avenue just north of Mather Park. Let Safeguard Self Storage help you shift your summer stuff into safe storage before winter blows in.

Smooth Sailing into Senior Living

by Admin 14. September 2017 13:00

young woman holding a senior lady's hands

Your parents have always been there for you. Now, it's your turn. It's time to talk with the folks about all the great senior living options here in lovely Miramar, FL. Make self storage a part of the conversation, too. When seniors know they can access cherished belongings, it's easier to store those memories and make room for new ones.

Sailing Into Assisted Living: Five Steps to Help Your Favorite Seniors

They might be hesitant at first. Or maybe you’ll be the one with second thoughts. Still, if you all know it's the right move, it’s time to plan. These five steps help keep the transition smooth for both you and your parents.

  1. Make Decisions Together

Moving into a senior facility is a life-changing transition. Make it easier by making decisions as a team. Everyone should have a say in everything from what to look for in a new home to which t items should head to nearby storage units.

  1. Ask Everyone to Pitch In

When moving day arrives, ask friends and family to help. Let your parents direct traffic as everyone pitches to divide belongings between storage and the new address. Finish up with a move-in party to celebrate fresh beginnings.

  1. Help Them Stay Comfortable

Help your favorite seniors get used to new surroundings. Visit often the first few weeks, and make sure they know their new neighbors and facility staff. You want your parents to be comfortable asking for help when you're not there.

  1. Expand Their Social Network

If your parents prefer real face time to Facebook, introduce them to different activities in the area. Most senior facilities offer transportation options that let the folks get out and get involved. The Miramar Community Garden's micro urban farm is a great place to start.

  1. Let Them Have Fun

It's hard for seniors to leave familiar things behind when they move. Ease that sense of loss by arranging to keep some belongings in self storage. If they don't have room at the new place for their birding gear or fishing poles, nearby storage gives them quick access on their way to play in Pineland Park.

Well-Deserved Time to Relax 

After all the moving is done, you and your parents deserve time to relax. You can all sleep easy knowing their favorite things are tucked away, here at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Miramar, FL facilities on Riviera Boulevard are always at your service with the very best storage units available in Broward County.

Keep Your Collections in Mint Condition with Self Storage

by Admin 7. September 2017 13:00

stack of superhero comic books

If you already know September 25 is National Comic Book Day, you're ready to celebrate with fellow pannapictagraphists, or comic book collectors. If you'd rather round up baseball cards, coins or stamps, you're still in great collecting company here in Massapequa, NY where storage units keep everybody's favorite hobbies in mint condition.

Comic Collections Love Climate Control

Every collection from Manga to Marvel deserves a safe haven from our humid Nassau County summers and frigid winters. The best survival strategies for vintage comics start with climate-controlled self storage. Protect your investment by backing each issue with acid-free cardboard and slipping it into a polypropylene or mylar bag. Use hard-shell cases for valuable first editions, and store them in lidded plastic boxes. Keep your collection off the unit floor on shelving or wood pallets.

Collectible Coins Add Up in Storage

You don't have to look far for fellow coin collectors here on Long Island's south shore. Area numismatists trade in everything from special editions to commemorative sets. Stash your buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes in coin folders or albums. This form of safe deposit lets you enjoy every die-cut detail without exposing coins to over-handling. Protect your collection's increasing value by storing it at your local Safeguard self storage facility.

Baseball Cards Are Always Big Hits

Do you daydream about adding a 1952 Mickey Mantle to your collection? If you're still stashing cards on the top closet shelf, think outside the box before investing in that mint-condition Mantle. Get your lineups in order inside protective sleeves, and organize your teams in D-ring binders. Store the binders vertically in plastic boxes safely stacked on shelves in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Stamps in Storage Stick to Their Value

From summer sea breezes to winter thunderstorms, our island climate plays rough with stamp collections. Stored at home, they risk losing their value to warping and decomposition caused by indoor humidity or family accidents. Collectible stamps weather best when they're mounted on archival paper, protected by acid-free albums and stored away from light sources. Climate-controlled self storage delivers a perfect environment for preserving your presidential series, Thomas Edison commemoratives and Inverted Jennies.

Your Treasures Feel At Home With Us

You never know when your passion for collecting might morph from hobby into online sales success. Keep your premium acquisitions in perfect condition for maximum profitability with our affordable storage units here in Massapequa, NY. Safeguard Self Storage salutes your collecting talents, and we join you in celebrating National Comic Book Day.

The Keys to Good Cajun Cooking in New Orleans

by Admin 31. August 2017 13:00

cast iron skillet full of shrimp gumbo

Everybody appreciates the roses here in Crescent City, but most of us would just as soon stop and smell the gumbo. If you know the difference between a roux and a tomato base, you own one of the keys to Cajun cooking in New Orleans, LA, where storage units and busy kitchens keep the good times rolling. 

It's All in the Trinity

Louisiana natives have always been fired up over rustic Cajun cooking, but Chef Paul Prudhomme put it on the culinary map back in the 1980s. Today, blackened, smoked, stewed, and smothered flavors whet appetites in home kitchens and five-star restaurants across the country. The entree star in a Cajun kitchen might be shrimp, alligator, turtle, or a whole hog, but the trinity never changes. Celery, onion and bell pepper form a base that brings out the best in rice, boudin and ham hocks with a little garlic, paprika and ground file.

It's Simply Delicious 

How many ways can Cajun food make your mouth water? It's hard to say. By the time you start counting appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, you're too hungry to do the math. Just savor this short list:

  • Marinated shrimp salad
  • Fried crab cakes
  • Red beans and rice
  • Cajun meatloaf
  • Blackened redfish
  • Pork jambalaya
  • Bread pudding
  • Strawberry beignets

One of the tastiest things about these dishes simmers down to their simplicity. If you can manage extra room in the kitchen, you can fire up all kinds of Cajun crowd-pleasers.

It's Really Inspiring Too

Cajun cooking needs a little more space than other culinary styles, so move old pots and pans to a shelf in your self storage unit. Set your inner chef free with some of these Cajun kitchen must-haves:

  • Sausage grinders
  • Stock pots
  • Dutch ovens
  • Cast iron skillets
  • Turkey fryers

Once you have the keys to Cajun cuisine, it's hard to resist the aroma of inspiration, so hang onto that storage unit. You may need it soon for parking extra chairs and tables from your very own hot new NOLA eatery. 

We Have Plenty of Room

Whether you're cooking up plans for a backyard bash or planning the Quarter's newest Cajun restaurant, our doors are open. Just stop by one of our six Safeguard Self Storage locations, or make arrangements online for the very best storage units in New Orleans, LA. We're always here, and we always have plenty of room for your extra stuff.

Give Your Family Space with Self Storage

by Admin 24. August 2017 13:00

family in living room with mom, dad, and daughter sitting on the couch and the son coloring on the floor

If your home could grow along with your family, it would already take up half the block. A house filled with fun and love can also fill up with too much stuff and leave everyone feeling fenced in. Here in Chicago, IL, storage units are your key to opening up extra space and reclaiming your home.

Figuring It Out

The whole family needs room to breathe. Still, you wouldn't slow down if you could. The kids keep growing and outgrowing their toys and clothes. Your hobby is an e-commerce hit, leading you to stock inventory under the kitchen table. Dresser drawers serve as file cabinets for important papers. The garage doubles as self storage for the softball team's equipment. In the middle of all this, the kids are ready for separate rooms. Oh yeah, and everyone wants to adopt a puppy. Your family needs space.

Making It Work

You're in good company here in Chicagoland. Families all across the city from North Side to Lincoln Park expand their living space with affordable neighborhood storage units. You can make it work for you too.

  • Secure important papers in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Store extra furniture, and free up floor space at home.
  • Save the kids' hand-me-down clothes and toys without cluttering closets.
  • Rescue the garage by parking sports equipment in your unit.
  • Hang seasonal decorations in storage for easy access year-round.

Enjoying the Benefits

If you haven't checked out the convenience of a storage unit lately, be prepared for pleasant surprises. Most facilities offer drive-up units, month-to-month leasing, and online account management. With extra storage, you’ll finally sort out stuff for garage sales and donations. The house will be easier to clean and the kids will have more room to play. Best of all, you have peace of mind knowing that your things are still nearby with 24/7 access.

Serving You with Room to Grow

How easy is it to reclaim space at the house? It's as easy as stopping by one of our Chicago, IL Safeguard Self Storage locations. We're at your service, with more than a dozen modern facilities across the area from Uptown to Des Plaines. When you store your things with us, your family always has room to grow. Find the facility that’s closest to you:

Extra Storage for Your Pompano Beach Home

by Admin 17. August 2017 13:00

front view of a sea green beachhouse with palm trees and pebbles lining the stone driveway

You gaze out over the Atlantic making weekend plans. Living on the beach puts you in a perfect position to hit the surf or barbecue on your backyard turf. You turn around, head inside, and trip over the kayak oars. It might be about time your castle here in Pompano Beach, FL gets self storage help.

Storage Is a Smart Investment

Have you ever thought about storage units as smart real estate investments? Your property commands a nice price on the market, so don't fill up expensive living space with things you don't use every day. Tropical storms can toss patio furniture and grills through windows, and that's hard on homeowners insurance. Water gear and beach toys track sand in the house, and that's hard on floors. Storing things in a secure unit saves money on wear, tear, and upkeep around a beach house come rain and shine.

The Returns Add Up

Imagine room in the garage for your car. Picture closets where clothes and fishing poles don't collide. A storage facility can't add square feet to your home, but it makes the place feel more spacious. That's an amenity you really appreciate when you have stay-over company.

Put your jet ski and paddle board in self storage. Stow away scuba gear and tackle boxes. Everything you haul to the beach is easier to access when it's all in a nearby unit, and that gives you more time on the water. Add up convenience, time saved, and extra space at the house. You have a solid return on your storage investment.

Just Follow a Few Guidelines

You really can capitalize on affordable storage space, but keep the venture safe by following a few guidelines. If you need supplies, check with your friendly on-site storage experts.

  • Use wood pallets to keep things off the floor.
  • Leave room between stacks for optimum air circulation.
  • Always make sure things are dry before storing.
  • Combat humidity by using fabric sheets as dust covers.
  • Discourage Broward County bugs with cedar blocks in unit corners.

Make Room in Your Castle

This weekend, make plans to start enjoying extra space in your beach house by enjoying our secure storage units. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Pompano Beach, FL are just minutes away from the shore, so stop by and meet the team. We're always ready to help you make room to spare in your beach home castle.

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