Extra Storage for Your Pompano Beach Home

by Admin 17. August 2017 13:00

front view of a sea green beachhouse with palm trees and pebbles lining the stone driveway

You gaze out over the Atlantic making weekend plans. Living on the beach puts you in a perfect position to hit the surf or barbecue on your backyard turf. You turn around, head inside, and trip over the kayak oars. It might be about time your castle here in Pompano Beach, FL gets self storage help.

Storage Is a Smart Investment

Have you ever thought about storage units as smart real estate investments? Your property commands a nice price on the market, so don't fill up expensive living space with things you don't use every day. Tropical storms can toss patio furniture and grills through windows, and that's hard on homeowners insurance. Water gear and beach toys track sand in the house, and that's hard on floors. Storing things in a secure unit saves money on wear, tear, and upkeep around a beach house come rain and shine.

The Returns Add Up

Imagine room in the garage for your car. Picture closets where clothes and fishing poles don't collide. A storage facility can't add square feet to your home, but it makes the place feel more spacious. That's an amenity you really appreciate when you have stay-over company.

Put your jet ski and paddle board in self storage. Stow away scuba gear and tackle boxes. Everything you haul to the beach is easier to access when it's all in a nearby unit, and that gives you more time on the water. Add up convenience, time saved, and extra space at the house. You have a solid return on your storage investment.

Just Follow a Few Guidelines

You really can capitalize on affordable storage space, but keep the venture safe by following a few guidelines. If you need supplies, check with your friendly on-site storage experts.

  • Use wood pallets to keep things off the floor.
  • Leave room between stacks for optimum air circulation.
  • Always make sure things are dry before storing.
  • Combat humidity by using fabric sheets as dust covers.
  • Discourage Broward County bugs with cedar blocks in unit corners.

Make Room in Your Castle

This weekend, make plans to start enjoying extra space in your beach house by enjoying our secure storage units. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Pompano Beach, FL are just minutes away from the shore, so stop by and meet the team. We're always ready to help you make room to spare in your beach home castle.

Start Your School Year Off Right with Self Storage

by Admin 11. August 2017 13:00

young woman reading on a tablet in her dorm room

In Germantown, storage units and college students are natural partners – especially with a new semester just around the corner. Whether you're relocating from across the country or just across town here in Philadelphia, PA, nearby self storage can be one of the smartest moves you make all year.

Keep Everything Close

If you haven't thought about self storage options close to campus, take another look at the list of things you’ll have with you in your new dorm or apartment:

  • Sheets, blankets, and bedspreads
  • Towels, toiletries, and a shower curtain
  • Dishes, cups, and cutlery
  • Cleaning and laundry supplies
  • Enough clothes to last the semester
  • Furniture, electronics, and stacks of books

If there isn't room for everything, you can always buy what you need later. If you lease a storage unit, you’ll be able to keep all your stuff just a few blocks away from the new address.

Know Your Space

For whichever school you're headed for here in Philadelphia, PA (we have several), storage off campus makes the move easier. Check dorm room or apartment square footage ahead of time, and find out what kind of furnishings your new place does or doesn't provide. Use your pre-move research to sketch out a floor plan and work on different layouts. If you're sharing with a roomie, think about friendly, Feng Shui privacy options like curtain dividers. Know your designated space, and keep options open for different arrangements by keeping spare furniture in a storage unit.

Get It to Work for You

A storage unit works for you on so many levels. It's a great staging ground for moves in and out of dorms and apartments. Use it to park outdoor gear, stash seasonal clothes, and file important papers. Storage units are a perfect fit for busy student lifestyles, and they’re also easy on student budgets. Month-to-month leasing holds down costs and increases your mobility. You may even consider keeping your unit indefinitely for future moves between home and campus. With online account management and 24/7 access, you make your storage unit work for you while you work your way through another semester.

We Help You Make Smart Moves

You have plenty to do setting up a new home, so let us make everything a little easier. Our Germantown Safeguard Self Storage facility is located less than two miles from both the Philadelphia University and La Salle University campuses. We're just around the corner, with storage units ready and waiting for you to make your smartest move this year.

Your Weekend Getaway Awaits in Self Storage

by Admin 27. July 2017 09:00

couple driving in convertible on highway with their hands in the air and wind blowing in their hair

Everyone appreciates the quiet beauty that makes our hamlet a relaxing getaway from big city life. We're also located within easy driving distance of some of the state's best weekend vacation spots. The easiest way to ease down the road starts with convenient self storage. Thornwood, NY is the starting point for all kinds of quick holidays.

Bike Through Graham Hills Park

Located just 2 miles east of town, this weekend retreat is ideal for getting away without going away. More than 5 miles of trails wind through 430 lush acres, so keep your bike ready to roll in one of our area's handy storage units.

Skate Across Kensico Dam

That inline skate gear that cluttered the closet is ready for liberation. Head 2 miles south to the reservoir for some real high flying. Skate across Kensico Dam with fellow rollerbladers, and enjoy a spectacular view.

Get Wet at the Rec Center

If you want to add a swim to your afternoon, stop off at the Mount Pleasant Pool and Recreation Center after you visit the dam. The facilities are always a cool place to beat the heat on a summer day. Leave your water toys in self storage for easier access and cleaner cupboards.

Go Touring Across the State

Leave the car behind, and pack up the RV. Keeping it at your storage facility frees up garage space and keeps your landscaping unblemished. Upstate, the Adirondacks are only a couple of hours away, so you can plan while you drive. Put the region's breweries, wineries and farmer's markets at the top of your must-visit list. Or, if you’d rather, head to the big apple and its boroughs, to take in a part of the city you’ve never seen before.

Camp Out on the Hudson

Stop by your storage unit, grab your camping and fishing gear, and drive 10 miles northwest of town. You're headed for more than 500 acres of outdoor fun on a peninsula off the Hudson's east shore. Croton Point Park is a natural getaway for summertime fun, and it's also the historic location of our state's oldest wine cellars.

Just Drive Over the Next Hill

When you're at home here in our peaceful village, adventure is always just a quick drive over the next hill. It's our pleasure to serve your weekend wanderlust with storage units in Thornwood, NY and all across Westchester County. From storing your bike gear to your stubborn camping supplies, Safeguard Self Storage is ready to make your traveling a little easier.

Take Advantage of Self Storage for Your Retail Business

by Admin 13. July 2017 09:00

woman in clothing retail store looking at computer screen

Retail rocks here in the state's fourth largest city. This is the home of the original ice cream soda and our country's first modern submarine, so we know how to get things going. Whether you're selling sofas from a showroom at Jersey Gardens or original art through your gallery downtown, business is good. It gets even better when you give it room to grow with self storage in Elizabeth, NJ.

Free Up Expensive Floor Space

Compare the cost of a rental unit with the price of your retail square footage. It makes sense to make the most of your store's floor space by moving extra furnishings and equipment to a nearby storage facility. This strategy saves the expense of a time-consuming build-out too.

Jump On Sales That Save

Think of affordable storage units as off-site locations for inventory control. Buy in bulk for discounts, take advantage of seasonal sales, and stash your stock within a quick drive of your loading dock. It all helps simplify balancing inventory and sales while saving valuable space at the store.

Slow Down the Paper Chase

You'll always have to hang on to paper records, so turn self storage into a retail filing cabinet. An Air-conditioned and heated space can hold everything from tax records to insurance papers in one place. Whenever you need to retrieve documentation, a short drive to the unit keeps your paper chase under control.

Stay Ready for Seasonal Changes

Christmas decorations are must-haves for any retail outlet, but what goes up has to come down. Store it all in your unit where stockings stay fresh and tinsel stays untangled. A roomy storage facility gives you space to stock up on special decor for all holidays and occasions.

Start Up an Online Store

If you're not ready to open the world's largest brick-and-mortar toy store, launch your business online, and use your storage unit as a distribution center. Save the cost of retail space on Elizabeth Avenue, and invest in digital success with inventory safely stored in a storage unit just a few miles from home.

Help Your Business Grow

We're cheering you on as you conquer new retail heights, and we applaud your entrepreneurial spirit. Safeguard Self Storage backs you all the way with the best storage units in Elizabeth, NJ and throughout Union County. We have smart solutions for all kinds of retail storage, so let us help your business grow.

Make Your Beach Experience Easy with Self Storage

by Admin 6. July 2017 09:00

woman snorkeling in torquoise water

Is it possible to make summer even more fun here in Coconut Grove? If you're dedicated to all sports on and in the water, the answer is definitely yes. Make this the season you organize your favorite outdoor toys and make it easier than ever to hit the beach. All you need are nearby storage units in Miami, FL.

Hang Up Your Casting Rod

That long pole needs space, along with the rest of your fishing gear. Keep it handy in your unit with tackle organized by trip. You're always ready for casting, jigging or trolling with just one stop by storage.

Dock Diving Equipment

That wetsuit is your second skin when you're diving, so maintain its good shape in climate-controlled storage. Make your unit your staging area for dives by keeping regulators, gauges and masks in one convenient place.

Stash That Kayak

Its unique shape becomes a unique problem when you try to store a kayak at the house. Solve the puzzle by stashing your hull in one of the storage units near the beach. Just suspend it from the ceiling with an adjustable loop system.

Pamper Your Paddle Board

This is another challenge in the garage, so move the paddle board to self storage where it's out of the way and ready to go. Be sure to give it a good wash between outings to rinse away the ocean’s salt.

Make Us Your Quick Stop

This summer promises to sizzle with fun, so give yourself plenty of room to enjoy it all. Make that run from the house to the beach a smooth sail with a quick stop at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Miami, FL facilities are located all around Coconut Grove and Dade County. Let us help you launch into another glorious season under the Florida sun.

Make Room for Family This Fourth of July

by Admin 29. June 2017 09:00

crowd of people watching fireworks show during dusk

Whether family drives up from out of state or drops in from the skies over O'Hare, their visits always fire up holiday fun. If you're expecting a full house this Fourth of July, expand your entertaining options with nearby storage units. From Addison, IL backyards to the shores of Lake Michigan, it's time for star-spangled celebrations.

Clear A Space

Get a jump on playing host with a little advanced planning. Keep everyone comfortable by giving them space with these self storage tricks.

  • Make room for guest suitcases by sending your luggage to a storage unit for the holiday.
  • Before you store those bags, free up closet space by packing them with jackets and coats.
  • Turn trips to the storage facility into opportunities to declutter guest rooms.
  • Clear the backyard for a Fourth of July cookout by moving lawn equipment to self storage.

Greet incoming family with plenty of room to stash their stuff, and then surprise your expected guests with the unexpected. Treat them to Chicagoland's favorite Fourth of July traditions.

Play at the Ballpark and the Pier

Show them how we play baseball here in Chicago with a game at Wrigley Field. This July 4th, the Cubs take on Tampa Bay for an afternoon as American as apple pie. The game should finish in time for the big Fourth of July blowout at Navy Pier. Light up the night for your out-of-towners with fantastic fireworks over Lake Michigan. It's one of the nation's biggest light shows, and it's all set to hot music by the city's coolest DJs.

Relax Back at the House

If you decide to celebrate at home, start with a walk back into our historic past. Visit the Addison Historical Museum and imagine village life in the 1800s. Take an afternoon stroll through the shade of Cricket Creek Forest Preserve while you work up an appetite for backyard cooking. Prepare your own Ribfest for a farewell feast, and don't be surprised when guests promise to come back next year for savory seconds.

Make Your Plans Easier

Count on Safeguard Self Storage to help you make summertime plans easier with the coolest storage units in Addison, IL. We join you in proudly saluting this great city and nation as we all celebrate the Fourth of July. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your family festivities.

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Little Havana

by Admin 22. June 2017 13:00

man in black shirt demonstrating how Cuban cigars are made

It's one of Miami's most colorful and exciting neighborhoods. Little Havana offers endless opportunities to make the most of Social Media Day this June 30th. Combine the location and the date, and start thinking like an online entrepreneur. Launch a startup in Miami, FL, let nearby storage units back you up, and make your mark on the digital landscape in one of these 10 sizzling spots. 

1. Marlins Park

Shine bright on Instagram at this year's MLB All-Star Game. Knock it out of the social media park with posts from Miami's hometown field right here in Little Havana. 

2. Domino Park

Celebrate the simple pleasure of playing a treasured tradition. Locals bring extra chairs from their storage units and relax under shady pavilions. 

3. Calle Ocho

Share the neighborhood's unique vibe up and down Southwest Eighth Street. The beautiful stretch features lovely Mediterranean architecture and its own Walk of Fame. 

4. Tower Theater

Post the debut of your video career from this legendary Art Deco movie theater located in the heart of the district's cultural scene. 

5. Nuevo Siglo Supermarket

Dine on Cuban classics at the counter, and become social media certified foodie. Photos of delicious dishes like chorizo, churrasco steak, and sugar cookies with guava will have your likes skyrocketing. 

6. Azucar Ice Cream Factory

Forget filters. The desserts at this specialty shop are picture-perfect just like its colorful interiors. Tag and share dreamy ice cream treats. 

7. El Credito

Snap inspiration for your budding enterprise outside this landmark family business. Enjoy a hand-rolled cigarro while you relax in the historic site's cigar lounge. 

8. West Eighth Street Galleries

Stay motivated to finish those canvases you're keeping in self storage by posting favorite images from Little Havana's eclectic collection of art galleries. 

9. Cubaocho Performing Arts Center

Invite followers to join your rave about this performance venue that blends sizzling nightlife and live music in a tangle of artistic interiors. 

10. Viernes Culturales

Save the last Friday of every month for the neighborhood's very best street fair. It's a vibrant scene for shout-outs celebrating Cuban music, art, and cuisine. 

Snap, Share and Launch

Celebrate Social Media Day by sharing the best of your good times in Little Havana. Use your Instagram connections to let followers know you're in business too. Hashtag that niche, share with all of Miami-Dade County, and let Safeguard help you launch your future with self storage in Miami, FL.

South Loop's Changing Skyline

by Admin 15. June 2017 13:00

construction workers looking up at new buildings going up

That amazing boom you hear coming from South Loop is the sound of economic growth elevating the historic neighborhood's skyline. High profile high-rise projects are transforming the cityscape with extra space for living, entertaining, and doing business. Now's the time to make your move to this influential part of Chicago, IL, where self storage and skyscrapers serve you in tandem.

Dynamic Evolution and Growth

The old and the new have always coexisted in harmony here in Chicago's commercial center. Originally built as a U.S. Army fort in 1803, the dynamic business district's past was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. As the seat of Cook County government, the Loop has evolved with its lovely architectural past intact. As the heart of our city's economy, it's growing every day with the promise of a very bright future.

Booming Residential Options

From the Marriott Marquis anchoring McCormick Square to a 22-story tower on Cermak, business in the Loop is booming and so are residential opportunities. Would you like to be a part of this exciting scene? You have these options and so many more:

  • Essex on the Park boasting 479 units on Michigan Avenue
  • A 26-story tower on Wabash Avenue opening with 320 apartments
  • One Grant Park offering 729 rental units on South Indiana

It's all wide open, whether you're looking at SoMi, the Chicago River, or Lake Michigan. South Loop is the fastest growing place to live, work, and play in Chicagoland.

Self Storage Convenience

When relocation brings you here to the Loop, keep in mind it's an apartment-living lifestyle. These are just a few of the conveniences that storage units offer before and after you make the big move:

  • Plenty of space for seasonal clothes and bedding
  • Extra room for anything anytime
  • Easy online account management 

Feeling Right at Home

Whether you set your sights across Grant Park or Monroe Harbor, this part of Chi-Town is the hottest place in Chicago, IL for planting new roots. We're in the middle of the action on Wabash Avenue ready to help you settle in with the best storage units in South Loop. It's our pleasure at Safeguard to welcome you and help you feel right at home.


Sea Life at City Island

by Admin 8. June 2017 13:00

image of dawn rising over a fishing dock

Whether you cruise along East Tremont and Pelhelm Parkway or sail a skiff across Eastchester Bay, City Island is waiting to brighten up your summer. Beat the heat with cool fun, fill your plate with fresh seafood, and get your feet wet. Retrieve your favorite water gear from self storage in Bronx, NY, and head for our borough's fishing village.

Sail Back in Time

Here at the far western end of Long Island Sound, it's easy to picture a rich history built by fishermen, sailors, and dockhands. City Island treasures its colorful past, and you can stroll right through it at the Nautical Museum. Located in the island's original public school building, this venue is a special step back in time. Carefully curated exhibits include old photos, original maps, and models of different ships that sailed the harbor more than 100 years ago. Museum staff also host wonderful walking tours around the island. 

Dine Deliciously Casual

It's easy to feel right at home when you're dining with locals who love to share the borough's freshest seafood. Set your sights and your appetite for any of these island specialties:

  • Lobster rolls
  • Sauteed scallops
  • Fresh stuffed flounder
  • Crab cakes
  • Deep fried shrimp
  • New England clam chowder

 Local fishermen keep the island's restaurants stocked with the freshest catch every day, so you can always find seasonal favorites on the menu. It's casual, delicious dining – especially when you enjoy it at a shoreside table.

Launch Summertime Fun

Do you like to sail, kayak, or ski? Or are you happier on the shore casting your luck into the bay? Folks who love it all stay prepared for everything with nearby storage units. Water sports around City Island range from high-end yacht races and competition rowing to boat rentals and pier fishing. Just keep your gear in self storage, and grab what you need before you head over the bridge. It's summertime, as well as time to become a part of the cool sea life here on City Island.

Stash Your Skiff

When you have a summer destination surrounded by a scenic shoreline, you have a great escape from busy city life. When that sweet spot is City Island just a few miles away, your gateway to warm-weather fun is always wide open. We're nearby, too, on East Tremont with top-notch storage units in Bronx NY. Whether you want to stash your skiff or park your poles, Safeguard is just around the corner.

Lilacia Park After Lilac Time

by Admin 1. June 2017 13:00

hand holding mug of coffee above table with lilac clippings

The wine tasting was wonderful, and the parade was perfect. Lilac Time came to a lovely close, but beautiful Lilacia Park always stays open. The serene setting inspires year-round fun and energizes home gardeners. Supplies emerge from storage units across Lombard, IL as we head into another season for cultivating blossoms in our backyards. 

Summertime Plans at Lilacia

There are many ways to enjoy the flowers in our park, including a stroll back through its history. Did you know the original lilacs here were cuttings brought over from France? Learn more about the park’s miniature great outdoors at the Helen Plumb Library just to the south, and then put these ideas on your list of things to do at Lilacia:

  • Tweet, pin and share pictures of your favorite blooms
  • Commemorate special events with outdoor photo shoots
  • Have a family reunion around the picnic tables
  • Plan an outdoor summer wedding right here in Lilacia 

Gardening Inspiration and Tips

As the park's lilacs give way to summertime blossoms, take inspiration from the hard-working folks who keep Lilacia's 8.5 acres looking so beautiful. Simple strategies like pinching back flowers help promote well-balanced growth. If you remove blooms before they fade, you can prevent them from setting seed and slowing down production. Give container plants plenty of water to weather our Illinois summer, and consider nurturing hardy annuals like geraniums, begonias, impatiens, and marigolds. 

Storage Strategies for Green Thumbs

Home gardeners and storage units are natural partners in this part of Illinois. Climate-controlled self storage helps you take care of equipment and supplies. It's a great way to: 

  • Protect bagged fertilizer from summer rains off Lake Michigan
  • Stack extra flower pots and containers for easy access
  • Keep gardening equipment from taking over the garage

Smart organizing strategies free up your green thumb for bringing out the best in your garden. Plant your seeds just right, and they might rival the beauties featured on next year's Lilac Heritage Tour. 

Always Here for You

We're lucky to have such a unique green space here in the heart of our village. Lilacia Park is our own little getaway, so enjoy its special tranquility all summer long. Enjoy your home garden too, and keep the tilling easy with Lombard, IL self storage, located a few miles east of the park. Just like Lilacia, our Safeguard facility on St. Charles Road is always open and here for you year-round.

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