Spring into Springtime: How to Help Make Your Community Green

It's always good when people in their communities unite. If you live around East Tremont and Bronx, NY, you can make a difference in the lives of those who live around you. Safeguard Self Storage has the scoop on green living and how it can benefit you and the community in which you live.

A Guide to Make Your Community Green

Why make your community green?

Let's face it: Nothing lasts forever. So why not make things last as long as they can by helping others in our community embrace the green initiative? By reducing paper consumption, turning off the lights when we're not in the room, and recycling materials for reuse, we can save our world's natural resources and make the Earth a better place for future generations.

How you can help make it happen.

What better way to make your area green than to create a community taskforce? Think about it—everyone working together to work on green initiatives like growing a community garden or cleaning up the litter from the streets and alleyways. Start by gathering like-minded people and creating a community organization. You can make daily, weekly, and monthly plans for recycling, decluttering, garden tending, and performing community cleanups.

What are the benefits of green living?

Green living benefits everyone in your area and the world, as it helps to conserve natural resources and prevent the damaging effects of climate change. You can help save the environment by making small changes at first, such as using less water and electricity or recycling bottles—all of which help offset your carbon footprint. If you get everyone in your community to do the same, you'll make an even greater impact.

Safeguard Self Storage Leads the Green Initiative

Safeguard Self Storage knows how important it is to live as green as possible in East Tremont and Bronx, NY. We've implemented eco-friendly storage facilities using solar panels to reduce our overall carbon footprint. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly storage facility that has you and your community's best interests in mind, check us out on East Tremont Avenue and reserve one of our storage units today!

Self Storage for Fashion Connoisseurs

A rack filled with a variety of clothing items

It's so much fun to be a fashion connoisseur here in the Bronx. Between indie boutiques and all the stores at Bay Plaza, you never run out of places to browse and things to buy. It seems so unfair that you run out of room for keeping it all. Save your crowded closet from becoming a burden on your clothing collecting hobby with smart self storage in East Tremont, NY.

Give Fabrics Fresh Air

Some of your clothes are classics that you'll keep forever. Other things are just for fun, strictly for work, or even candidates for resale. Mix it all up with seasonal favorites, and your closet becomes a small space stuffed with fabrics that need fresh air. Clothes squeezed into a closet easily develop mold and mildew. One tiny, overlooked damp spot can ruin a collection and turn your curated wardrobe into a pile of throwaways. Climate-controlled storage units give fabrics room to breathe and give you space to expand your fashion sense.

Fold, Protect, and Preserve

Before setting favorite fashions free in self storage, make sure everything is clean. Don't cover items with any type of plastic material or dry-cleaning bags. Treat your clothes with special style by following these simple tips.

  • Use acid-free tissue paper to minimize creases in folded items.
  • Loosely stack folded clothes in storage bins blanketed with protective covers.
  • Protect leather and furs on padded hangers inside ventilated garment bags.
  • Preserve shoe and boot shapes by stuffing footwear with rolled-up socks or shoe puffs.

Store Like a Fashion Pro

Your unit can operate like a runway backstage when you know how to store like a pro. These tricks keep your couture easy to access and ready to wear.

  • Use padded hangers to store leather and furs on wheeled wardrobe racks.
  • Elevate vintage fabrics in acid-free archival boxes stacked on tiered shelves.
  • Arrange shelving several feet away from walls for double-sided reach.
  • Quickly find anything by labeling garment bags, storage bins and archival boxes.
  • Leave pathways between shelves and racks for easy access and fresh air circulation.

Never Run Out of Closet Space

When friends wonder how you manage a wardrobe that's always daring and different, share your storage secrets. We have room for every fashion guru’s collection with climate-controlled storage units at our East Tremont, NY location and self storage facilities all across the Bronx. Here at Safeguard, we make sure you never run out of closet space.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Yankee's Spring Training in Bronx, NY

Yankees fans in Wakefield and throughout Bronx, NY are preparing for the coming season. Spring training is right around the corner as the Yankees prepare for their first game against the Philadelphia Phillies on February 24. If you're a die-hard fan, Safeguard Self Storage has a few tips for celebrating the Yankees' return to the grass this spring.

Celebrate Spring Training With These 5 Tips

1. Subscribe to a Major League Baseball package.

Can't make it to the Yankees spring games in Tampa? No worries. An MLB cable package will keep you up to date on all of the action. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly to MLB. com and watch spring games on your computer, phone, tablet, or any other compatible device.

2. Throw a spring training party.

Watching the spring games is more fun with some friends around. Plan a spring training party for when the Yankees meet the Phillies. You can supply a few snacks like bags of peanuts, pretzels with dip, hot dogs and other treats to satisfy everyone's hunger for food and a winning season in 2017.

3. Coach a Little League baseball team.

Coaching makes you part of a team and gives you a chance to teach kids how to play the game with sportsmanship. When the Yankees aren't playing on TV, you can stay immersed in baseball by coaching a Little League team in your area. If you have kids, get them involved, and help them develop their skills and an appreciation for the game.

4. Get out and toss the ball around.

If it's been a while since you visited a baseball diamond, why not take a trip back in time and re-live your childhood? Put on your glove, grab a bat and a few baseballs, and head to the nearest ballpark in Bronx, NY. You can play a pickup game with friends or share your love for America's pastime with your kids.

5. Convert a room into a sports den.

Need your own personal space for watching the games? Turn an unused room into a sports den. Make room for sports memorabilia, cushy chairs, and more with a self storage unit.  

Happy Spring Training, From Safeguard Self Storage

Celebrate Yankees spring training with Safeguard. If you need a place to store your gear, check out our local storage units. We have units available in all sizes for storing your baseball gear or any other belongings taking up space in your home.



College Apartment Checklist: 10 Essential Items You Need

young man opening door to apartment

With spring semester right around the corner, it's time to move back into your college apartment. Consider living in an off-campus apartment for more room to yourself, but it also means having to fill up your space with the essentials. Before you head back to college in Bronx, NY, use our checklist to help keep track of what you'll need for the semester ahead, and what can stay in storage.

10 Must-Have Items for Your College Apartment

1. Desk Organization

Though you could study on your bed, it's better to have everything organized at a desk. Furnish your desk with a lamp, an ergonomic chair, a dry-erase board and a couple of desk-side storage spaces for an ideal study nook.

2. Dining Room Essentials

If you want to eat, you'll need utensils. An affordable 8- or 16-piece dinner set with matching flatware will keep you and your guests fed. Some glassware, salt and pepper shakers and placemats will complete the look.

3. Living Room Entertainment

Futons are inexpensive and make great furniture for college apartments. You'll also need a TV, a DVD or Blu-ray player, speakers and maybe a video game console to complete your entertainment setup.

4. Closet Storage

Make the most of your closet space by organizing things on hooks. You can also get some stacking drawers, dividers and organizers to help take advantage of every inch of your closet space. Self-storage is also an affordable option to alleviate your closet restraints.

5. Bedroom Comforts

You'll need more than a bed and a few pillows. Make sure to pick up an alarm clock, a nightstand and a lamp. A wastebasket, fan and a full-length mirror are also must-have items to ensure your comfort.

6. Bathroom Necessities

Don't forget the hand and body towels, a soap dish and a wastebasket. Having a plunger on hand will help in case of emergencies.

7. Kitchen Supplies

Unfortunately, you can't order out every night; so fill your kitchen with small, affordable appliances. Invest in a microwave, blender, toaster oven and a coffeemaker, and don't forget the odds and ends like dish towels, utensil trays and a trash can.

8. Laundry Items

It's nice to have a laundry basket or a tote to transport your clothes to the laundry facility. You should also consider buying an iron or a steamer to remove the wrinkles from your clothes before class.

9. Cleaning Products

A clean apartment is a happy apartment, so don't skip out on the cleaning products. All-purpose cleaner, a vacuum and a mop are all important items.

10. Home Safety

Apartments come equipped with smoke detectors, but you should also keep a fire extinguisher within reach. Keeping a first-aid kit on hand is also a good idea.

Safeguard Self Storage Welcomes You Back to College

If your college apartment is short on space, store your belongings with us. We have storage units in Bronx, NY that are perfect for seasonal items, giving you enough room to store extra school supplies, home decor and clothing for the coming spring semester.

Forget Times Square, Throw Your Own New Year's Party in The Bronx

If you've been in Manhattan on New Year's Eve, you know how chaotic things can get. Thousands of people come together to watch the ball drop at Times Square and to commemorate the event with a kiss. It might seem fun and exciting, but it can be quite overwhelming for those who don't like crowds. This year, your local self storage experts at Safeguard Self Storage suggest hosting your own New Year's Eve party, where you can stay comfy at home in Concourse Village and bring the festivities to you.

5 Tips for Hosting a New Year's Eve Party in the Bronx, NY

Keep the invites to a minimum.

One of the reasons to host a party at home is to avoid a huge crowd. Keep the party cozy by only inviting a handful of your closest friends. You'll connect with everyone more easily and enjoy the night yourself.

It all starts with the snacks.

You can't have a party without snacks. Although you could get by with chips and salsa, you'd make a better impression by having a variety of hearty bites for your guests, such as pizza-stuffed mushrooms and bacon skewers. Having some brownie bites, cupcakes or chocolates available will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

Pick a worthy soundtrack.

The right music will get the party started and keep it going until the ball drops. Let your friends pick out some songs to make them feel included in the selection. You can also ring in the New Year by singing "Auld Lang Syne."

In the words of John Lennon & Paul McCartney - Get by with a little help from your friends.

You don't have to foot the bill for everything. Ask your guest to bring their favorite drinks or foods that they enjoy. You'll drastically reduce the cost of your party if everyone pitches in and helps. It's also a good way to try new things by having your friends share their favorite cocktails or appetizers with everyone who attends.

Nothing beats some fun party favors. 

You'll make a great impression if you give party favors to everyone when they arrive or before they leave. These small gifts could be anything from shot glasses to funny "Happy New Year" hats. Handing out party favors is a great way to give thanks to everyone for coming and to make people remember your party long after it ends.

Plan Ahead for Your New Year's Eve Bash

It's important to plan ahead if you want everything to go smoothly. Write down a list of all the supplies that you'll need for the party, including who you'll want to invite. If you're planning a huge New Year's Eve party, you may want to use self storage as a way to keep all of your supplies in one place and to reduce clutter in your home before the event. 

Safeguard Self Storage has convenient storage units located in Concourse Village, Wakefield, and throughout the Bronx, NY, giving you a convenient place to store your party supplies. You can rent storage units as small or as large as you need and have everything ready to go on New Year's Eve.