Give Your Car Its Garage Back With These Decluttering Tips

If your car had a Twitter account, would it be posting sad emojis? How many tweets would you have to read describing the mess in your garage? That trusty vehicle needs room out there, and you can help. It's time to get organized with Metairie, LA self storage.

Declutter That Garage

Storing your car in your garage preserves it from the elements and makes it easier to navigate your driveway or street. And without stuff cluttering everywhere, you can navigate your garage easier, too. Start decluttering your garage with these five tips:

  1. Don't try to do it all on the first pass. Start with one corner of the garage or one type of clutter.
  2. Clean out cobwebs, shop vac the floor, and haul off trash. If it's old or broken, toss it.
  3. Sort through what you want to keep, donate, or turn into cash with a garage sale. Box it all up and label it.
  4. Locate affordable storage units near your home. Pay the site a visit, lease a unit, and move your boxes.
  5. Finish by establishing zones in the garage. Designate areas for things you really want to keep around.

Put Spare Space to Work

You can use your garage as a home for your car and as storage for you at the same time as long as you use what space you have efficiently. Try one of these smart DIY storage system installations.

  • Sliding Box Systems: Parallel tracking racks support bins that slide in and out like drawers.
  • Pulley Racks: A fixed pulley system lowers and raises storage racks for easy access.
  • Ceiling Racks: These clever storage units hang from the garage ceiling like upside down tables.

Keep Your Car Happy

Reclaiming your garage is only the first step; it can be easy to let clutter creep slowly take back your garage and banish your car outside again. Keep it that way by ensuring the area is permanently organized. Make a promise to stash things like extra lawn equipment and seasonal gear in self storage.

Make another promise to clean out and reorganize the garage twice a year. You always have extra floor space in your storage unit, and that gives you and the car plenty of room to enjoy each other's company.

Keep Loving That Garage, Too

If you finish up with enough space for a new boat, let us take care of it at our Metairie, LA facility. Show that garage some love and park your boat, kayak, or RV at any of our six locations across the area. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're proud to always earn your thumbs-up. Start to reclaim your garage for your car by reserving a unit today!

5 Benefits of Storage for Past and Present Military Members

If you're an active member of the military, you know how quickly relocations turn things upside down. Deployment brings its own set of challenges. If you're looking at retirement, downsizing might be an option. Storage units in Coconut Creek, FL and across the state offer solid benefits for those times when your military life is in transition.

More Room Living On-Base

Whether you're living in barracks or family housing, tight quarters are a fact of on-base life. Nearby self storage lets you expand with extra room for holding everything from additional gear to personal items, and affordable units mean your hard-earned cash goes far. Climate controlled storage units are also a big plus especially here in Florida.

Secure Relocation Readiness

When you receive Permanent Change of Station orders, you don't have time to waste. A storage facility close to the base gives you the security of always being ready for relocation. You have quick access to belongings, packing supplies are available on site, and carts and dollies make shipping out easier.

You can also scout ahead for storage close to your new base. Most facilities feature online location maps, pricing and availability details, and tools for estimating unit space.

Reliable Deployment Strategies

Deployment is never easy, but keeping core belongings in storage can help. You know everything remains within our gates 24/7 with site-wide security systems. Share access codes with a trusted friend or family member who can keep an eye on things while you're away. And online account management means you can keep your account running whenever, wherever.

Flexible Storage for Vehicles

When you leave a vehicle behind, you want to know it's going to stay sheltered. Trusting it to self storage includes these benefits for military personnel.

  • Multiple layers of facility security
  • Easy access to on-site parking
  • Indoor vehicle storage at many locations
  • Flexible month-to-month leasing

Dependable Downsizing Options

Retirement from military life comes with many downsizing options. Affordable storage units give you room to make long-term decisions without leaving anything behind. You can lease a drive-up unit and access belongings seven days a week. It's an ideal strategy for keeping your new home organized and clutter-free.

Our Sincere Thanks

Our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage stand behind you at our Coconut Creek, FL facility and multiple locations around the state. We're proud to do all we can to support you and your family wherever you're stationed. If you need extra storage, reserve a unit with us today, and we’d be delighted to help.

Prepare Your Vehicles for Winter with These Storage Tips

small car parked in a parking lot with a white tarp covering

The end of summer means our Chicagoland sizzle is almost over, but it also means our seasonal snows are just a few calendar pages away. Start thinking about winterizing your favorite rides now, and you'll be ready to roll everything into self storage before Bridgeview, IL freezes over.

Move the Motorcycle Inside

The Veteran's Run from our Bridgeview Courthouse doesn't signal the end of summer, but plenty of area cycles will head for nearby storage units over the next few months. Don't put your bike at risk by leaving it outside all winter.

  • Get the bike ready for storage by removing oil, brake fluid and antifreeze.
  • Disconnect the battery, and store it on shelving in your storage unit.
  • Keep motorcycle wheels off concrete flooring with a wooden pallet.
  • Invest in a quality cover to protect engine components from dust.

Secure the Boat From Snow

When the chill off Lake Michigan chases you in for the winter, say goodbye to stalking largemouth bass. Say hello to staking out self storage that keeps your boat shipshape until spring.

  • Clean your watercraft inside and out, and make sure everything's dry to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Change out antifreeze and oil, and use fogging oil to protect engine components.
  • Remove the battery, and keep it dry and off the ground.
  • Support the hull with a cradle, jack stands or blocks.
  • Pamper your boat with a final waxing and a ventilated canvas cover.

Keep the Car Warm This Winter

If you have an extra car that needs to hibernate away from home, you can go with outdoor parking options at a fully gated storage facility. If the city turns into Chiberia (Chicago + Siberia) again this winter, you might prefer a drive-up indoor unit. In or out, give your wheels a little love and attention before long-term storage.

  • Change the oil, top off the tank, and add fuel stabilizer. (Outdoor Storage Only)
  • Flush and replace brake fluid with a silicone-based fluid.
  • Inflate tires to maximum PSI, and disconnect the battery.
  • Clean and detail the car from roof to undercarriage.
  • Protect it with a quality car cover that breathes.

Stay Ready to Roll

It doesn't take a snowpocalypse to make storage units your best choice for protecting vehicles from winter weather. Safeguard Self Storage offers harbor for boats, cycles, and wheels with drive-up units and outdoor parking in Bridgeview, IL. Store your favorite rides with us, and you'll be ready to roll come spring.