Prepare Your Vehicles for Winter with These Storage Tips

by Admin 28. September 2017 13:00
With fall officially here, it may be time to put that boat, convertible, or RV in storage to hibernate. See these tips from Safeguard Self Storage. [More]

Lilacia Park After Lilac Time

by Admin 1. June 2017 13:00
Wake up and smell the lilacs at Lombard, IL’s Lilacia Park. Whether a visitor or gardener, Safeguard tells how you can make the most of your experience. [More]

Don't Hold Your Horses, It's Opening Day

by Admin 4. May 2017 16:33
It’s officially horse race season in Arlington Heights. Use self storage to keep your own tack and gear neatly tucked away. [More]

Enjoy Warmer Weather at Deer Grove Forest Preserve

by Admin 20. April 2017 15:55
Deer Grove Forest Preserve is a great place for enjoying the warmer weather. Keep your gear in self storage for easy, grab-and-go adventuring. [More]

Get Charged Up About Science at the Argonne National Laboratory

by Safeguard 10. November 2016 10:00
Safeguard Self Storage and Argonne National Lab in Darien, IL have a lot in common – we’re both in the business of storage! Read on to see what we mean. [More]

There's So Much Happening in Chicago This Halloween It's Spooky

by Safeguard 20. October 2016 10:00
Halloween fans in Chicago, IL are spoiled for choice this time of year. Safeguard Self Storage is highlighting just a few of the festivities you can find. [More]

Dog Days: Don't Miss the Chicago Hot Dog Festival This Month

by Safeguard 4. August 2016 10:00
Summer in Chicago, IL means enjoying hot dogs in the park! Safeguard Self Storage serves up some tasty info on this delicious cultural staple. [More]

Sharpen Your Hunting Skills This Summer

by Safeguard 14. July 2016 10:00
Summer offers plenty of hunting opportunities around the Addison, IL area. Safeguard Self Storage has the information you need to stay sharp this season. [More]

Celebrate This Festive Food Month in Chicago Right at Home

by Safeguard 7. April 2016 10:00
There’s a lot to taste in Chicago, but why not test out your chef skills at home? Safeguard Self Storage is sharing ways to host a food festival right at home. [More]

5 Ways to get Spring Back Into Your Step

by Safeguard 24. March 2016 10:00
It’s beginning to look a lot like spring in Lyons, IL, so Safeguard Self Storage is sharing some ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! [More]
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