The Sports Family's Guide to Self Storage

From baseball games to soccer practice, getting the kids to the field on time keeps you on the run. Make it easier to organize your home team here in Palatine, IL by putting nearby storage units into play. This guide offers tips for streamlining your busy schedule as you keep the kids on track.

Get In and Out In a Hurry

As a soccer mom or dad, you know how hard it is to round up kids and equipment. With the clock ticking down, everybody combs through crowded closets and digs around in the garage.

Self storage cuts down on clutter at the house, and it makes grabbing the right gear for the right game much easier. These simple storage hacks quickly convert your unit into the ultimate in-and-out sports storage solution.

  • Load Up Laundry Baskets – These mini storage units are lightweight and easy to load in the car. Their latticed sides give you a clear view of balls and gloves.
  • Stuff Duffel Bags – Stash heavy gear in canvas duffel bags. Luggage tags make great labels, and the bags' sturdy handles let you keep a firm grip on equipment coming and going.
  • Wheel In Shelving – Wheeled shelving units let you rearrange floor plans according to the season. The portable storage also gives you front, back, and side access to stacked baskets and bags.
  • Repurpose Old Bookshelves – You may already have several of these storage solutions in your unit. Turn them into cubbies for small sports gear.

Divide, Conquer, and Suspend Space

Save time by dividing the unit into designated game zones. This strategy lets you and the kids quickly sort and retrieve gear. You can also assign a specific area to each child so that everyone has their own equipment stash.

Increase your efficiency score by keeping things off the floor with hanging shoe racks and sporty backpacks. Personalize these storage solutions with colors and name tags and suspend them on your wheeled shelving. Be sure to hang things within easy reach for your littlest athletes.

You Always Win With Self Storage

Keeping the kids' sporting equipment organized and ready to go is so much easier when you keep self storage in the game. We make it a slam dunk with climate-controlled storage here in Palatine, IL and all across Cook County. Rent a unit today and let Safeguard put your home team on the winning track.

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