Your Guide to Boat Safety

It's summertime, and storage units in Miami Shores, FL, are busier than ever. Folks are all smiles as they retrieve vacation gear and hot-weather tackle. If you're getting ready to pull your favorite watercraft out of boat storage, take a few minutes to refresh your boat safety IQ with these six tips.

Check Weather and Plans

A beautiful sky in the morning doesn't guarantee sunshine all day. Pay attention to area weather reports. Check water condition forecasts including wind and currents. Once you're sure of smooth sailing, share your plans with someone on land. Let them know where you're headed, who you're traveling with, and when you expect to return.

Check Safety Equipment

Before towing your trusted craft out of boat storage, make sure the basics are on board. USCG-approved life jackets are a must, especially for kids under 16. Most boat storage units have plenty of room for stocking these essentials:

  • Navigation lights and day-shapes
  • First-aid kits, emergency air horns and distress flares
  • Required number of fire extinguishers according to boat size

Stress Safe Behavior

Make certain everyone understands to stay away from boat propellers when they're in the water. This is especially true for first-time tubers or skiers. Don't allow anyone to board or exit the boat while engines are running.

Play by the Rules

Whether you're on the lake, cruising a river, or crossing the bay, always respect established rules of the water. Stay away from larger vessels. Stay on the lookout for swimmers and small craft like jet skis and kayaks. Playing by the rules helps everyone play safer on the water.

Always Have a Backup Skipper

Don't be the only one on board who knows how to handle the boat. Bring along someone who can fill in for you in case you're injured or become sick. Otherwise, you risk stranding craft and passengers out on open water.

Don't Drink and Navigate

It's illegal to drink and operate a boat in all 50 states. The legal limit that applies to drivers on the road applies to the skipper navigating a boat. Don't risk your safety or endanger the lives of others out on a beautiful summer day.

Enjoy the Water

When you head for boat storage, keep our tips in mind. When you want the best storage units available in Miami Shores, FL, keep us at the top of your go-to list. Everyone here at Safeguard wishes you a wonderful summer.

Storage Tips for Realtors to Help with Every Stage of Selling

You work hard for your clients. They appreciate your expertise, but you have to keep up with so much. Between staging a home, holding on to records and dealing with signage, you need your own professional space. As a real estate agent, you need business storage here in Coconut Creek, FL

Self Storage Works for the Client 

It's not easy to sell a home filled with years of clutter. It's also not easy to find room in the client's house for putting it all away. Personal items mean a lot to homeowners, so offer them peace of mind. 

When they know their belongings are headed for a convenient storage unit, sellers can relax. With your help, they can declutter closets and cabinets, clear crowded hallways, and even straighten up the garage. You can start staging the house and turning it into a property that's sure to attract solid offers. 

Business Storage Works for You

Consider all of the financial documents and transaction records you have to keep for at least five years. The paperwork quickly stacks up, so box it up for storage in a climate-controlled unit. Depending on your unit's size, you can even set up file cabinets for quickly locating and retrieving important records. 

The bulkiest tools of your trade are all of the different real estate signs. With business self storage, you have room to spare for everything. On-site carts and dollies make it a snap to move heavy signage in and out. 

  • Stack bulky For Sale signs in the unit.
  • Keep riders and directional signage handy.
  • Easily store banners, brochure boxes, and lockboxes.

Storage Units Let You Expand 

When you have plenty of room to work, you have room to expand sales. Do you keep a small collection of staging decor for properties that look a little bare? Stash it in your unit for easy access. Are you interested in leasing a larger space as business grows? Share the cost of a bigger unit with other agents. You're even covered in terms of location with multiple convenient self storage sites across South Florida. 

We Make It All Easier 

We partner with area real estate agents just like you every day. It's our job to make your job easier with smart business storage solutions and a wide range of storage units. Just stop by our Coconut Creek, FL Safeguard facility or any of our other locations in greater Miami.

Miami Mini-Vacation Spots That Aren't Just for Tourists

beach boardwalk scene with palmtrees and ocean in the background, during sunset

Why spend vacation dollars visiting faraway places when you live in the Cruise Capital of the World? From the small islands off our west Miami shoreline to the city's cultural centers, explore these five wonderful spots most out-of-towners miss. Let out that boating, biking and beach gear from your Miami, FL self storage, and launch an unforgettable getaway right here at home. 

1. Set Your Sights North

Let the tourists trip over each other down at South Beach. Head up north, and hit the sand between 67th and 87th streets. This culturally rich stretch charms with a '50s atmosphere you won't find anywhere else in the city. North Beach is also a great destination for discovering delicious new mom-and-pop cafes. 

2. Get Your Kayak Wet

Just 3 miles farther up from North Beach puts you in Oleta River State Park with access to more than 1,000 acres of natural beauty on Biscayne Bay. These parts of north Miami are filled with canoes and kayaks, so bring your favorite watercraft, and join the local fun. 

3. Sip a Glass of Cortado

Head back into the city for a traditional sip of Cuban espresso while you relax in the heart of Little Havana. Raise your cortado glass as a toast to the area's monthly Viernes Festival. Dance to live music, visit neighborhood galleries, and feast on Latin cuisine. Don't miss free walking tours that give new life to Little Havana's history. 

4. Climb a Two-Story Sand Castle

Kids love helping grownups storm sand castle walls at the Miami Children's Museum. The unique, hands-on fortress is one of dozens of interactive learning experiences waiting to liven up your local family vacation. Just drive over to Watson Island for museum exhibits that even include a kid-size TV studio. 

5. Go Fat-Biking on the Beach

One of our most scenic bike routes becomes a boardwalk south of 21st Street, but Florida State Road A1A doesn't have to slow you down when you hit the sand. Just get your fat-bike with its oversized tires out of storage, and Miami, FL beaches are wide open to two-wheel cruises up and down the shoreline. 

Local, Easy, and Fun

Our Florida sunshine always sets up the perfect scene for enjoying a mini-retreat, so keep your favorite getaway gear ready to go in one of our west Miami storage units. Our Safeguard teams know how to help you make all your vacation adventures local, easy, and fun.

Start a Poetry Night in Your Garage

Miami celebrates Poetry Month in April as numerous venues host live poetry readings throughout the city. Poetry Month started as a way to introduce poets and poetry to as many kids, students and adults as possible. Today, it's an annual celebration and a great time to read or recite poetry from your favorite poet. Even better, you could host your own poetry night at home. Safeguard Self Storage is showing you four easy ways to get started today!

How to Host Your Own Poetry Night

1. Pick a spot.

Your garage, den or living room make great spots for hosting a poetry reading. By having it in the garage, you can open up the door and invite the night air inside. If you have a furnished attic, it could also serve as an ideal location for hosting the event. 

2. Create some invitations.

Get those invitations out well before the event. You can write a small poem in an email blast and send it to your friends or simply text everyone using your smartphone. Create a poetic invitation to send on social media, and make sure to include the date, time, location and a required RSVP.

3. Gather your supplies. 

You'll need a microphone and speakers if you want everyone to hear you loud and clear. You can rent a microphone and speaker from a local rental company or purchase a cheaper on-the-go system from a retail store. In addition, make sure to provide enough seating, beverages and food for your guests.

4. Host the party.

With the date set, the seating ready, the microphone hooked up and the food on hand, it's time to host your party. Test the microphone ahead of time, and get the volumes sorted out. Start with a cheerful introduction, and give people time to get acquainted with one another before the poetry reading begins. 

Celebrate Poetry Month This April

While you wait for the next Poetry Month to come around, store all of your supplies at Safeguard Self Storage. Our climate-controlled storage units will protect your speaker system and provide enough room for your chairs and other supplies. When it's time to host another event, your items will be right where you stored them and ready to go. Get started by contacting us today! 

Keep Santa's Secret Safe with Self Storage

Santa Claus holding a bag of toys and putting his index finger to his lips in a shushing motion.

One of the trickiest things about preparing for the holidays is secretly wrapping and storing Christmas gifts. That's especially true when there are little ones underfoot, and particularly difficult when large, bulky gifts are involved. Instead of chasing everyone away to wrap in peace and hoping no one stumbles upon the bounty, why not opt for a Metairie, LA storage rental? A storage unit will give you the privacy and peace you need to get every last detail just right before Christmas morning rolls around. With our Miami, FL storage units, there's no need to spend a fortune, either.

Shop and Drop with a Metairie LA Storage Rental

Arriving home with a car full of gifts that still need to be wrapped can be a stressful situation. At any step along the way, a family member could cross your path and discover what will be waiting beneath the tree in a few weeks' time. Imagine how much easier it would be to do your shopping and then drop everything off at a nearby self storage unit instead. Your gifts will be safe in a Miami, FL storage unit, so you can completely eliminate the risk of being caught red-handed.

Move Santa's Workshop to a Storage Unit

Nothing is better than seeing everyone's surprised faces as they open their presents on Christmas morning. By storing your gifts in a Safeguard Metairie, LA storage rental, you can rest assured that the beans will remain un-spilled until the big day. This is an affordable, easy way to eliminate the stress of sneaking around in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays. Storage units are available in the local area, so there's no need to drive far to keep everything you've purchased under wraps and away from prying eyes.


Contact Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA, Miami, FL, or any of our locations across Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania for holiday storage or year-round self storage needs.  

New Safeguard Self Storage Now Open in Miami

Exterior of the Safeguard Self Storage Flagler facility in Miami, FL.

We are excited to announce the opening or our new Safeguard Miami, FL storage facility, located at 800 West Flagler Street. This new storage facility will be equipped with our top-of-the-line features such as air conditioned units, extra wide hallways and cargo elevators. Our brand new facility also features state of the art security technology such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms, digital video recording and facility wide communication system. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings will be well maintained while in storage with Safeguard. A convenient covered loading area allows customers goods to be protected from the elements while being loaded or unload from a storage unit. We also supply carts and dollies so moving day is always easy! Do you need boxes and packing supplies? We have those available at our new facility too! Purchase 10 or more items and receive a 10% discount off our total.


We are located near several highways, making it easy to access your stored belongings. When looking for reliable Miami, FL self storage, consider the new storage units at Safeguard’s Flagler Store. Call 305-722-7614 to reserve your space in our brand new storage building today!

Safeguard Self Storage Announces the Opening of 22,275 square feet of new “Drive-up” storage units at its Palmetto Expressway store in Miami, Florida

The yellow exterior of Safeguard Self Storage's Palmetto Expressway facility in Miami, FL

Safeguard Self Storage announced the opening, on August 19, 2014, of 195 additional units at its Palmetto Expressway store in Miami, Florida.  The units were built as part of a non-climate-controlled storage area with drive-up units built on land the company already owned adjacent to the Palmetto Expressway store.

“South Florida is a terrific market for Safeguard and provides the company with the opportunity to add value to the Safeguard portfolio,” says Allan Sweet, Safeguard Chief Executive Officer. “This property is in a region where the company already owns and operates nine other stores and where two others are in the final stages of construction.”

Safeguard Self Storage's wide aisles and drive-up storage units on Palmetto Expressway.

 “This expansion is designed to meet a need in the market that we were not providing to date,” said Ken Finlay, Safeguard Senior Vice-President of Operations. “The new units will complement our product offerings in Miami and enables customers who needed drive-up capability to get it at a very high quality.”

“The expansion opened this morning, August 19th, and is available to rent.” said Jim Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development.

Safeguard Self Storage's eletronic gate to the Palmetto Expressway facility.