Your Guide to Boat Safety

It's summertime, and storage units in Miami Shores, FL, are busier than ever. Folks are all smiles as they retrieve vacation gear and hot-weather tackle. If you're getting ready to pull your favorite watercraft out of boat storage, take a few minutes to refresh your boat safety IQ with these six tips.

Check Weather and Plans

A beautiful sky in the morning doesn't guarantee sunshine all day. Pay attention to area weather reports. Check water condition forecasts including wind and currents. Once you're sure of smooth sailing, share your plans with someone on land. Let them know where you're headed, who you're traveling with, and when you expect to return.

Check Safety Equipment

Before towing your trusted craft out of boat storage, make sure the basics are on board. USCG-approved life jackets are a must, especially for kids under 16. Most boat storage units have plenty of room for stocking these essentials:

  • Navigation lights and day-shapes
  • First-aid kits, emergency air horns and distress flares
  • Required number of fire extinguishers according to boat size

Stress Safe Behavior

Make certain everyone understands to stay away from boat propellers when they're in the water. This is especially true for first-time tubers or skiers. Don't allow anyone to board or exit the boat while engines are running.

Play by the Rules

Whether you're on the lake, cruising a river, or crossing the bay, always respect established rules of the water. Stay away from larger vessels. Stay on the lookout for swimmers and small craft like jet skis and kayaks. Playing by the rules helps everyone play safer on the water.

Always Have a Backup Skipper

Don't be the only one on board who knows how to handle the boat. Bring along someone who can fill in for you in case you're injured or become sick. Otherwise, you risk stranding craft and passengers out on open water.

Don't Drink and Navigate

It's illegal to drink and operate a boat in all 50 states. The legal limit that applies to drivers on the road applies to the skipper navigating a boat. Don't risk your safety or endanger the lives of others out on a beautiful summer day.

Enjoy the Water

When you head for boat storage, keep our tips in mind. When you want the best storage units available in Miami Shores, FL, keep us at the top of your go-to list. Everyone here at Safeguard wishes you a wonderful summer.