Adding to Philadelphia's Vibrant Arts Scene with Self Storage

The City of Brotherly Love is a city that loves its art scene. Museum, stage, and club doors are wide open in Philadelphia, PA. Whether you paint, perform, or play, this is the place to be. Stay ready for anything, and keep the tools of your craft ready to go in self storage.

Historic Art Collections 

Imagine an exhibition of your latest work in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The world-renowned institution has shown the best in the city since 1876. Picture your canvas next to a Cezanne or Matisse at the Barnes Foundation. You'll be in good company with collections established in 1912. Until you're ready to hang your first show, protect the tools of your budding art career.

  • Climate-controlled storage units keep canvases, stretchers, and easels in good shape year-round.
  • Paper, sponges, and brushes last longer in air-tight containers stored in your unit.

Performing Arts Venues 

Perhaps you plan on auditioning for the Kimmel Center's next production. You might be the city's top tailor or seamstress ready to dress performers in small venues along Broad Street. This stretch became Philly's Avenue of the Arts through a miraculous revitalization during the early ‘90s. When the curtain goes up, be ready to hit the stage. 

  • Wardrobe boxes are ideal for protecting costumes in your storage unit.
  • Use wheeled shelving for organizing stored wigs, makeup kits, and small props.
  • Keep sound and lighting equipment in storage until the next production.

Philly's Best Music Scenes 

If you sat in the Philadelphia Orchestra's original violin section, you were playing in 1900. Today, its musicians share the city's love with a different set of sounds. You might be one of those new talents lighting up the DJ scene along Vinyl Row on Fourth Street. Whether you're into tradition or electronics, take care of your equipment. 

  • Climate-Controlled storage units are perfect for instruments like violins, guitars, drum sets and pianos.
  • On-site security features such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recordings add layers of protection for expensive turntable setups.
  • Make it easy to make the next gig with extended access hours to instruments and equipment.

Your Personal Staging Space 

Wherever your talent shines in Philly, we're here to back you up with seven locations across the city. You can always count on Safeguard Self Storage as your personal staging space, with the best storage units available Philadelphia, PA.

Self Storage: The Next Stop on Your Band's Tour

Guitarist jams with band on stage during a gig

Along the road to top billing, you pick up extra guitars, drums, and brass. No one in the band has room for it all back home, but you need a place to park everything between gigs. It's time to set up a permanent staging area in Tamarac, FL with convenient, affordable storage units.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you strum an acoustic guitar or blow an alto sax, you want to give that investment as much protection as possible. Climate-controlled self storage insulates band equipment and expensive electronics from Florida's heat and humidity. Modern facilities offer high-tech, on-site security, and you can lease a drive-up unit for quick access between shows. If you'd rather stay inside, available push carts make it easy to haul heavy gear back and forth.

Preserve Equipment Long-Term

The best storage units in Florida can't take care of your equipment if you don't take care of it first. Always clean each piece before putting it away, and use these long-term storage tips for your valuable musical instruments.

  • Guitars: Relax neck tension by tuning strings down a few notes.
  • Brass: Protect casings, bearings, and valves with a coat of heavy oil.
  • Drums: Reduce head tension top and bottom by half.
  • Pianos: Wrap legs and pedals in heavy padding.

Use Smart Storage Strategies

Prep instrument cases for extended self storage by lining them with acid-free paper. Hit high notes of extra safety by adding silica pouches. Set up wood pallet stages that keep equipment elevated a few inches off the floor. If you're doubling down on the unit with furniture storage, cushion cases between soft surfaces like mattresses and sofas.

Keep It Ready to Rock

Get everyone in the band on board with a regular sound check in the unit. You don't need to turn anything on. Just take a minute to open cases and look for any cracks, discoloration, or mold. Change out sheets draped over equipment to ward off dust, and enjoy knowing it's all ready to rock when you need to roll. 

Stash It with Us

Wherever the next gig takes the band, you always have a home here in Tamarac, FL with Safeguard Self Storage. Fill up your schedule, expand the playlist, and stash the tools of your musical trade with us. With locations all across South Florida, we're just around the corner from your next stop on the tour.

Celebrate National Jazz Appreciation Month in Queens

man playing saxophone

Just thinking about it puts an easy rhythm in your step. National Jazz Appreciation Month feels right at home here in Queens, NY where storage units and musicians are old friends and professional partners. Let's take a quick look back, celebrate a little history and sing the praises of some of our most famous musical artists. 

Golden Queens

We all smile when folks from out of town think a visit to Queens is all about catching a Mets game at Citi Field. Our neighborhoods have a proud musical history filled with some of the most talented names in jazz. The 1940s marked a golden age for this innovative style, and Queens was one of the hottest scenes in the city. If you wanted to hear Ella Fitzgerald or Charlie Parker, you came to our borough. And Louis Armstrong made his home right here in Flushing. 

The History Lives On

It's hard to say if the Ramones ever walked by Armstrong's house on 107th, but it's easy to imagine Queens' original punk rockers paying homage to one of jazz's biggest legends. Armstrong and his wife, Lucille, lived in Flushing until his death in 1971. She gave their home to the city, and today it's filled with original letters, memorabilia and archived recordings. The Louis Armstrong House is a vibrant, living museum that carries on his musical and cultural legacy with concerts and educational programs. 

Keep It Creative

The line between jazz in Queens and hip-hop in Hollis might not seem very straight, but our neighborhoods are still cradles of creativity. From Run-D.M.C. to LL Cool J, the music continues to evolve. If you're a player on the local scene, treat your equipment with care. Climate-controlled storage units keep strings, skins and brass in top shape and always ready to play. Local legends even hint that some of the greats here got their acts off the ground with staging sessions in self storage. It's an idea worth sounding out. 

We Appreciate Jazz Too

Whether you're playing with a hot combo or staying happily solo, it's very cool to be a part of the musical legacy in Queens, NY. Our Safeguard self storage facility in Hollis handles big line-ups and one-man bands with all types and sizes of storage units. Stop by soon, and let us show you how much we really appreciate jazz too.