4 Reasons You Should Start Shopping for the Holidays Now

A woman holding gifts while holiday shopping.

The holidays will not sneak up on you this year like they have in years past. Being prepared makes the entire season so much more enjoyable. But how soon is too soon to start your holiday shopping? This year, we’re challenging you to ignore the calendar and take advantage of the benefits of starting the holiday season early.


Find out why shopping for holiday gifts sooner will support your budget and your plans of where to buy the gifts. We’ll help you discover how to save your sanity by shopping early and why it’s crucial to have plenty of space to wrap your gifts.


1. Budgets and Early Holiday Shopping Go Hand in Hand


The start of the holiday season used to kick off with Black Friday. Today, retailers online and in stores are offering price rollbacks earlier than ever. It's a budget-friendly trend that stretches your family’s hard-earned dollars.


By starting your holiday shopping now, you’ll probably find a little cushion in your gift budget. A few dollars saved here and there quickly adds up to extras in Christmas stockings or the ability to spoil one of your family members or friends.


Taking advantage of pre-holiday sales also heads off last-minute shopping snafus. Price hikes, long lines, and overnight sell-outs won’t ruin your best-laid gift-giving plans. Your wallet will love the savings, and you’ll have the satisfaction of checking things off that gift list.


2. Finding and Shipping Holiday Presents is Easier


The perfect gift might be out there, but a lot of retailers and shoppers this year will experience shipping and availability delays due to supply chain issues. Avoid the disappointment of being unable to deliver the gift your niece or nephew have been talking about for months by choosing to shop sooner. You’ll have plenty of time to have the gift shipped to you or decide on an alternative, and you don't have to wear out the sidewalks or your keyboard looking.


Early shopping online offers the luxury of generous shipping availability and delivery dates, too. The days of tracking your FedEx or UPS shipment on Christmas Eve will be no more. Not happy with that perfect gift? You'll still have time to arrange an exchange or refund. Pre-holiday purchases streamline the present-buying process better than Santa's elves.


3. Early Christmas Shopping Saves Your Sanity


Early holiday shopping liberates you from the traditional mad December dash. Before you sprint through a shopping mall, imagine relaxing the last few weeks before Christmas and saving your sanity with these cheerful ideas:


  • Spend more time with your family on Black Friday instead of fighting for deals and steals.
  • Hang holly, stuff stockings, and decorate the tree at your own pace.
  • Fine-tune holiday party plans for friends and family.
  • Binge-watch all your favorite Christmas shows and movies.
  • Turn some of that pre-holiday spare time into volunteer work with a favorite charity.
  • Bake some festive treats and pass them out to your neighbors.
  • Perfect your gift-wrapping skills.


4. You Have Space to Set Up Your Own Santa’s Workshop


Buying presents before the holidays lets you set up a very secret Santa workshop. We recommend utilizing a storage unit during this time of year to help keep gifts secret and to give you plenty of room to wrap those gifts. 


To get started, move a small table and chair into your self storage unit. Folding tables and chairs are inexpensive options that can fit easily into most cars for easy transportation. When you move your table and chair, don’t forget to bring a stash of tape, ribbon, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, name tags, and more. Now that you have plenty of space, you can wrap up the holidays at your leisure.


Utilizing secure self storage also keeps the Christmas gift stash out of sight. This means your home closets will remain uncluttered and ready for holiday guests. Plus, your curious kids will never be able to take an early peek at their gifts if you keep them stored in a storage unit.


If you don't already have a storage unit, it's a wise strategy for getting organized now and staying that way into the New Year. Plus, after the holidays, you’ll already have space rented to pack all your festive decor. 


Let Safeguard Help with the Extras


Save your sanity, your budget, and your gift-giving plans this season and start to shop for the holidays now! And when you need that additional space for storing gifts or decor, Safeguard has multiple locations just around the corner. We always have room for all the extras that come with celebrating the holidays. Find a storage unit near you in three easy steps and rent your unit today!

How to Store Your Summer Clothes for Winter in Chicago

A couple packing their clothes for winter.

Chicago is amazing in the fall. From Oktoberfest and haunted tours to seasonal events at Brookfield Zoo, there's no better place to enjoy the gorgeousness of autumn than the Windy City. You'll need to make room for those cozy sweaters and warm jackets, though. Learn how to store clothes properly as we transition from steamy summer weather to the cooler months.

You'll learn how to prepare your clothes for winter storage. We'll walk you through the dos and don'ts of packing your clothes for storage to keep pests away, to avoid mold, and preserve your clothes’ original condition. We've also outlined tips for proper summer clothing storage.

Why Knowing How to Store Clothes for Each Season Matters


Knowing how to pack clothes for storage helps preserve your wardrobe and make seasonal transitions easier. Packing your garments with care also helps prevent pests and ensures your clothes retain their original shape. Incorrectly placing them in storage, however, can result in sagging, stretching, and holes. You've spent hard-earned cash on those clothes, so knowing how to store them properly will only increase your return on investment in your wardrobe.

Preparing Your Clothes for Winter Storage


The condition of your clothes before you store them makes a difference, too. Putting your apparel away without washing or dry-cleaning can spell disaster. Even if you wore an item briefly without cleaning it, you could end up with a smelly piece of clothing when you go to retrieve it in the spring. 

Before packing any boxes, wash and dry your clothes thoroughly (or have them dry-cleaned if necessary). If you're worried about clothes-eating moths making a meal out of your spring and summer knits, put dried lavender in a breathable pouch with your clothes. You can also try cedar wood blocks, but don’t let the blocks actually touch your clothes. The oil in cedar wood can transfer to the fabric and become an everlasting part of that garment.

Mild scents you didn't even notice could become permanent after fermenting in storage over winter. The same goes for spots. You may be tempted to overlook a minor spill, but putting your garment away unwashed can turn a tiny discoloration into a nasty stain. Additionally, pests find sweat and other gross odors alluring, making a pre-storage wash vital.

How to Pack Clothes for Storage


Knowing how to store clothes may seem simple, but certain techniques can protect your wardrobe. Before we tell you how to store seasonal clothes, we'll start with what not to do:

  • Don't use wire hangers
  • Avoid the mold risk that comes with plastic dry-cleaning bags
  • Don't let cedar wood blocks or mothballs touch your clothing

Hanging delicate clothes is risky. Lessen the risk of dimples, creases, tears, or misshaping by using padded hangers. Consider investing in a garment rack for hanging delicate clothes that shouldn’t be folded. You can get a stylish one for your home to act as a piece of decor or an inexpensive, space-saving one if you plan to stash it away in your basement or a storage unit.

Carefully folding clean clothes and placing them in plastic containers away from sunlight and dampness is optimal. To save even more space, roll up your clothes after you've folded them. You'll be surprised at how many more pairs of shorts and T-shirts you can pack into a container!

Speaking of containers, choose to spend a little more cash on plastic bins. Many nearby retailers offer a variety of sizes, and these plastic bins slide easily under beds and into closets and stack neatly to help save space. If you have the choice between a plastic bin or a cardboard box, go the plastic route; not only will those plastic bins last for years to come, but cardboard boxes can make your clothing more susceptible to damage from moisture, mold, and bugs.

Where to Store Your Summer Clothes


Basements, garages, and attics can seem like good options. They're out of the way yet within easy reach. But basements and garages can be damp, making them breeding grounds for mildew and mold. 

Sunlight exposure and moisture are common hazards in attics. If you can, use a guest room closet or reserve a storage unit near your home. Alternatively, climate-controlled units offer the ultimate protection with temperature and moisture control. 

Once you've found the right option for you, follow these tips for proper storage:

  • Choose same-sized containers
  • Place heavier containers on the bottom
  • Put off-season and seldom-used items in the back, leaving room for an aisle

Label each container to make retrieving your swimsuits, tees, tanks, and shorts easier next spring.

Free Up Space for Your Fall Wardrobe with Safeguard

The return of fall means a new opportunity to streamline organizing your belongings. As you prepare to clean and pack your things, set aside anything you don't love or haven't worn for a year; some minimalists even toss anything they haven't worn for six months. While we recommend the tearing-off-the-bandage method, giving yourself a one-day decision deadline may make parting with those once-loved items easier.

Now that you know how to store seasonal clothes the way experts do, you’ll need the perfect place to protect your off-season clothes and other belongings and free up space in your home. 

Safeguard Self Storage offers secure, conveniently located units in several Chicagoland locations. Contact us for assistance, or reserve a unit online today.

Moving Away to College 101: Packing Tips for New Jersey Students

A smiling young woman labeling packed boxes for college.

Heading off to college is exciting, but you have a lot of items on your to-do list. From buying textbooks to registering for classes, you're going to be pretty busy between now and the first day of school. Since no one is born knowing how to pack for college, you'll be glad to learn it isn't that difficult—as long as you don't procrastinate.

Be Transparent

We can't say enough good things about clear plastic bags. From the zippered variety to the vacuum-sealed type, these bags make it easy to keep track of toiletries and bulky hoodies alike. And in a tiny space like your dorm room, you can skip the dresser and fill floating shelves or the area under your bed to save valuable square footage. They also simplify the process of loading your things into your dorm or storage unit.

How to Pack for College Dorm Closets

You may think you'll need your entire wardrobe, but you'll be surprised at how few items you actually wear. Consider packing only these basics:

  • Two or three pairs of jeans
  • A few t-shirts or casual knit tops
  • A couple of hoodies and warm sweaters
  • A convertible jacket
  • An outfit for interviews
  • Something formal if you think you'll need it

Save closet or shoe rack space by investing in a pair of dark sneakers that can double as business-casual shoes. Bring only two weeks' worth of socks and underwear or buy a whole new batch when you get to school. Roll your clothes and pack them in tightly to maximize space both before and after moving in. Be sure to carve out space for rain gear and your backpack. Hooks are your best friend!

Downsize, Downsize, Downsize

Limited space makes downsizing your belongings a must. When considering how to pack for college, remember that you'll probably have even less space than you anticipate. Skip anything that isn't a necessity; you can always bring more of your things from home on your first break. Check with your school's housing and residential life department to see what items come with your dorm room.

Sometimes a desk or mini refrigerator is included so you don't have to lug these bulky items onto campus. Consider buying organizers for your desk, toiletries and snacks or cooking supplies. If it can't fit in the organizer, it doesn't come with you.

Move-In Day

Pick up several uniformly sized cardboard boxes for your move. Cardboard boxes are sturdy and roomy and can be broken down and stored for re-use later. Only re-use boxes that are in good condition. Clearly mark the front of each box with its contents. After all, it’s best to list every single item so you're not left scrambling to find your toothbrush or electric kettle for late-night ramen. 

If you'd rather just buy new moving supplies later, many storage facilities sell everything you need. Clear storage bins make great alternatives to boxes! Plus, you can buy stick-on labels to organize them. As a bonus, you can re-use them for storage in your dorm. Keep it all under control by creating an inventory list. Just jot everything down, or search for a Word or Excel template you can print out.

Reserve a Self-Storage Unit

Keeping some of your things off-site in a storage unit gives you more space in your dorm room or apartment. Here are some items you can place in storage to give you a little breathing room:

  • Sports equipment
  • Old textbooks or reference books
  • Other things you need—but not right now

Keep seasonal items at home if you can make it back for breaks. If not, put off-season clothes, decor, and equipment in storage until you need it. Safeguard Self Storage offers convenient, secure storage at several locations in New Jersey. Reserve a unit online to take advantage of our web-only specials!

Ideas for Empty Nesters’ Extra Bedrooms in New Orleans

An older couple high-fiving each other as they celebrate becoming empty nesters.

Now that your kids aren't kids anymore, you have some extra space available in your home. While you miss them, having an empty bedroom or two at your disposal gives you the chance to indulge in a hobby, entertain out-of-town guests more often, or just enjoy a space that's all yours. Here are some of our ideas for what to do with your extra bedroom.

Craft a Hobby Room

Whether you're into crafting, painting, collecting stamps, or restoring old clocks, you'll appreciate having a place dedicated to your hobby. Most hobbies require only a modest investment to turn an empty bedroom into a studio. However, if you have the budget, by all means, enlist the aid of a professional team to install cabinets or equipment. The only caveat is to avoid going crazy with the custom installations if you plan to sell your home anytime soon.

Beat a Retreat

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that a little breathing room can be a good thing. That's why a "cave" is one of our favorite extra bedroom ideas. Whether it's a man cave or a mom cave—or, if you're lucky, one of each—having your very own oasis is a dream for many of us. Customize your space with the following options:

  • Reading nook
  • TV or gaming area
  • Coffee, wine, or traditional bar

Half the fun of a cave room is decorating, and plenty of retailers cater to customers with man caves and she-sheds. Even online resellers target this market with funny signs, themed decor, and the coolest accessories imaginable.

Surrender to Pure Relaxation

Remember the hygge craze from a few years ago? Hygge, a Danish word, roughly translates to “coziness.” The trend was so popular because we all crave that feeling of contentment that comes with being in soft surroundings, preferably in our own homes.

While you don't have to buy hot chocolate in bulk or knit an insanely chunky throw, it's never a bad idea to design a refuge that's drenched in softness. These tips will help you transform an empty bedroom into a “soft zone”:

  • Install a dimmer switch
  • Fill the room with candles
  • Invest in a cashmere throw blanket
  • Stick with soft, easy-on-the-eyes colors
  • Top a daybed or window seat with dozens of cushy throw pillows

The possibilities are endless! Just think soft and comfy. So, grab a drink from the hot beverage bar, slide into your fluffiest robe and slippers, and sink into a cozy chair in front of the faux fireplace with your favorite book.

Create a Multipurpose Guest Room

Maybe you invite the occasional guest for the weekend but still crave a little space to call your own. Good news! You can have your guest bedroom and use it, too.

Whether you have a Murphy Bed installed or put a daybed in a corner, the only consideration is ensuring that you have the space and resources to render the room guest-friendly. That might simply mean stashing supplies and equipment to convert your new gift-wrapping or exercise room back to a bedroom, if only temporarily.

Hold onto Your Extra Room’s Contents with Safeguard Self Storage 


We hope these extra bedroom ideas inspire you to optimize your home now that your kids have left the nest. Sometimes, however, giving their old bedrooms a makeover leaves you with the dilemma of finding a place for keepsakes. Our Erato Street facility in New Orleans has all the amenities you need to safely store old toys, furniture, and clothing so you can make the most of being an empty-nester.

If clutter is preventing you from building the room of your dreams, reserve a unit online with Safeguard Self Storage today.

Your Essential Guide to Living in Largo, FL

An illustration of the Largo, FL, welcome sign.

For many people, the option of working remotely has opened the door to moving farther from their jobs (either seasonally or for good). Whether you’re ready to hang up your snow shovel permanently or you simply want a change of scenery, choose Largo, FL, as your new home or seasonal hideaway. 

Located in Pinellas County, Largo offers the best of both urban and suburban lifestyles. From a wide variety of local restaurants and spacious parks to its proximity to the larger city of St. Petersburg, this town of approximately 84,000 residents is perfect for retirees and young professionals alike. Discover more about this Floridian gem with Safeguard Self Storage! 

The History of Largo, FL

Originally inhabited by the Tocobaga tribe, the Largo area was settled and claimed by multiple countries throughout the course of several centuries before being incorporated as a town in 1905. Five years later, the community experienced a population boom of 500% between 1910 and 1930. 

The town’s agricultural economy depended on citrus groves, hog farms, and cattle ranches. In fact, its time as a center for citrus packing, canning, and shipping earned Largo the nickname “Citrus City.” 

The Largo of Today 

Following World War II, Largo experienced an even larger population increase, transforming the agricultural community into a bustling suburban area with extensive neighborhoods and shopping centers. Now, more than a century after its incorporation, Largo has become a well-established bedroom community. 

While many of its residents are retired, working members of the Largo community can enjoy an easy commute to the larger cities of Clearwater and St. Petersburg. The industries with the most job growth in Largo include healthcare, law enforcement, and retail. Learn more about Largo’s cost of living, neighborhoods, and more below. 

Largo Cost of Living 

With an overall cost of living index of 96 (with the highest score being 100, it’s no surprise Largo has been rated as one of the best places to retire in the United States. While Largo’s older population has contributed to a slightly higher cost of living index for healthcare, its low costs for housing and transportation make it a more affordable option than larger nearby cities.  The median value of a Largo home is $263,992, and the average monthly cost of rent falls around $1,400.

Largo’s Neighborhoods 

An illustration of a mid-century modern home in one of Largo, FL's neighborhoods.

As a community with more than a century of history, Largo features a wide variety of dwelling styles, from modest mid-century modern homes to coastal contemporary condominiums. Some of the area’s most prominent neighborhoods include:

  • Belle Oak Villas
  • Fairway Village
  • Palm Hill
  • Paradise
  • Walsingham Heights
  • Water View Estates
  • Town & Country

When choosing a future area in Largo to call home, you should take community amenities into consideration. Belle Oak Villas, for example, features two private pools for residents to enjoy. Additionally, the neighborhood is just down the road from several shops and services, including The Haus Coffee Shop, Bro’s Pizzeria & Bar, and more.

Alternatively, Fairway Village offers a private golf course for its residents. Even if golf isn’t your cup of tea, the community is a short drive to Belcher Soccer Complex. 

Prefer being near the great outdoors? When you move to Walsingham Heights, you’ll enjoy being around the corner from the Florida Botanical Gardens and Walsingham Park. Unplug, unwind, and relax with a nature walk or picnic!

Depending on which community you live in, your home may fall under one of five Largo ZIP codes:

  • 33770
  • 33771
  • 33773
  • 33774
  • 33778


The Pinellas County Schools (PCS) district’s administrative headquarters is located in Largo. PCS serves more than 104,000 students in the Pinellas County area through 140 schools and centers. Largo is home to several of these schools, including:

  • Fuguitt Elementary School
  • Mildred Helms Elementary School
  • Largo High School
  • Pinellas Park High School
  • Pinellas Preparatory Academy
  • Plato Academy Largo
  • Plato Academy Seminole
  • Ridgecrest Elementary School
  • Walsingham Elementary School

In addition to primary and secondary schools, Schiller International University’s campus is also located in Largo. The private, for-profit university was established in 1964 as a program designed for American students studying abroad in West Germany.


While walking to convenience shops or nature trails is fairly easy in Largo, the town is still relatively car-dependent. You can also take advantage of Largo’s public transportation system, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA). Feel like getting a workout while you explore the community? There are extensive bike trails throughout the area you can enjoy.

Things to Do Around Largo

 An illustration of the Largo, FL, Public Library.

 There’s never a shortage of things to do in or nearby Largo. Have some little ones who need to burn off energy? Take them out for a day of fun and sun at the Splash Harbour Water Park in neighboring Indian Rocks Beach, or bounce down to Clearwater’s Sky Zone trampoline park.

For some slower-paced activities, you can always stroll the paths around McGough Nature Park or comb through Largo Public Library’s endless treasure trove of books. You can also take a look at the library’s calendar for fun activities, classes, and more.

Want to connect with your neighbors? The Largo Community Center is brimming with opportunities to meet new friends through special events, programs, and chances to volunteer. Older residents can also enjoy social clubs, trips, and afternoon games of bingo.

Other things to enjoy in Largo, FL, include:

After burning off energy exploring the town, reward yourself with some local Largo fare. Grab a bite at Roosterfish Grill, go outside your comfort zone with some tastes of Thailand at Veggie Thai Cafe, or beat the heat with an ice cream cone from Twistee Treat Largo.

Make Space for Your New Life in Largo, FL, with Safeguard Self Storage

Storage professionals helping an older couple move boxes into their storage unit.

Whether you’re a longtime Largo resident downsizing for retirement or you need a secure place to store all your belongings while you finalize the sale of your old house, convenient storage can be hard to come by during any transition.

With Safeguard Self Storage on Walsingham Road in Largo, you can make your move easier with an affordable, accessible storage unit. Our state-of-the-art storage facility provides a wide variety of unit sizes for all kinds of needs, from a 5x5 unit to keep your golf gear tucked away to a 12x45 outdoor parking space for your car, boat, or RV.

Additionally, while you may enjoy Largo’s balmy weather, your wooden furniture, vinyl records, and other temperature- and humidity-sensitive items don’t. Minimize the chance of your belongings warping, cracking, or melting in the Florida heat with one of Safeguard’s climate-controlled units! Other convenient features we offer include:

Chat with our storage experts on Walsingham Road in person, or rent or reserve your unit online today to take advantage of web-only discounts and special offers!

7 Tips for a Successful Summer Garage Sale

ases, mirrors, picture frames, and other items labeled for a garage sale.
In the midst of summer, everyone is out and about. Whether that’s just to get a nice walk in, or because they’re bored and looking for something to do. This makes it the best time of the year to hold that garage sale you’ve wanted to do for a while, and clear up the excess space in your home.

Discover with Safeguard Self Storage seven ways you can host an effective summer garage sale, and how storage might be helpful to you both before and after it’s complete.

Garage Sale Tip

In an information market over-saturated with advice, here are seven key garage sale tips that we believe stand out among the rest.

Don’t Immediately Discard Older or Broken Items

Don’t get caught up in the idea that because you no longer want a certain item, no one else will, either. Some collectors or tinkerers don’t mind mending, fixing, or cleaning items like old clocks, clothing, or furniture. You never know what will appeal to people, so just make sure it’s all available and let your customers decide.

Advertise Your Sale

Probably one of our best garage sale tips is that you should always try to advertise your sale. This doesn’t mean just signs at the end of the street; make posts on your neighborhood or town’s social media pages, or buy a spot in the local newspaper. Just make sure you don’t break the bank over it­­­. You’re doing this to clean up space and make money, not lose it.

Borrow Tables and Shelves

If you don’t properly present the items you’re selling, your potential customers may be less inclined to explore your sale. Either organize your items with your own tables or shelves or borrow some friends to make your for-sale belongings look more appealing. The more options you have to organize your products for sale, the better.

Have Plenty of Change Ready

Nothing can kill the momentum of a sale if the buyer has a $20 bill for a $5 item, and you can’t return the difference. Make sure you start with plenty of change ready for potential purchases, especially smaller bills like $1 and $5. If things go well, you may have even more cash to work with after a few hours.

Don’t Underestimate Value

There are some people who hunt garage sales specifically looking for items that have been mispriced because their owner didn’t understand their value. Make sure before you put something out for sale, that you can’t get more for it by selling through an online market. This is especially true for technology, vintage toys, and some rarer items, like certain comic books.

Make Things Look Pretty with Lights

Lights, streamers, colorful tablecloths. Tying into an earlier point, if your belongings have an alluring presentation, you’re likely to get more sales. Giving things this charm creates the impression that you care about your belongings, something that was probably true while you owned them. The more memorable your belongings are the more customers that may take a look at your sale.

Keep Yourself Safe

This garage sale tip is different from the others on our list, but always prioritize the safety of yourself and your home. Don’t let anyone into your home for any reason. This is a garage sale, not a convenience store. Also, don’t leave your money out where someone could easily steal it, like a cash box. Carry your cash around on your person, and regularly check your pockets to make sure it’s still there. At the end of the day, your safety is more important than selling some old things.

Safeguard Your Belongings

Whether you’re preparing for a garage sale or you still have some stuff leftover after one, chances are you have more stuff than you want or need at the moment. Self storage is a simple, convenient solution for storing any of your belongings while you decide what to do with them. Safeguard has been dedicated to the highest standard of service in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, and beyond, for more than 30 years.

For more useful information like our garage sale tips, take a look at our blog. It's brimming with articles to make your life a little easier through the convenience of self storage.

School Supply Storage Ideas for Plainview Teachers

Binders, pencils, rulers, and other school supplies piled on a teacher's desk.

Like many educators, teachers in Plainview, NY, are often responsible for figuring out the organization and arrangement of their classrooms. With so many different materials and

supplies to consider, it’s easy to become stressed out. That’s why Safeguard’s storage experts have put together a few school supply storage ideas for teachers.

Plainview’s students deserve an opportunity to thrive, and teachers shouldn’t have to struggle to meet that end. Discover how to create a well-organized classroom with Safeguard.

School Supply Storage

Here’s a few solutions for Plainview teachers who want more storage space out of their classrooms.

Rolling Carts

Take advantage of vertical space in your classroom with solutions such as standing storage. Some forms of standing storage include rolling carts with multiple drawers. In addition to their mobility, rolling carts often include drawers, which you can color-code to create even more organization.

Ziplock Bags

Easily labeled and even easier to organize, Ziplock bags are especially valuable for things like puzzle pieces, erasers, certain types of toys, and other small school supplies.

When you use Ziplock bags, it’s harder to lose or mix up things that would otherwise just be loose and unorganized.

Color Everything!

You should use colors as much as possible to improve your school supply storage options. Whether that’s as simple as alternating blue-green-blue buckets for different supplies or assigning different types of supplies to different colors (red for schoolbooks, blue for writing utensils), or even subjects to different colors (red for math books, blue for history books), as long as there’s consistency in your assignment of colors, this can prove incredibly helpful.

If you lack containers of different colors, you could also try labeling things in different colors to achieve the same effect.

Portable Cases or Bags

Fortunately, toolkits and other teacher storage that are designed to carry all of the worksheets and lessons for a subject or lesson are easy to find in Plainview, NY. If you designate one of these to each thing you plan to teach, it’s easy to organize them into convenient, portable resources that are intuitive for both you and the students. Label the case/bag with the subject to make it easier for younger students to organize as well and help minimize clutter.

Self Storage

As any teacher knows, sometimes even the most organized classrooms still need additional storage space. Before you cram your classroom closet or your home’s basement with homework assignments, craft supplies, and other materials for your students, visit Safeguard Self Storage.

We offer a wide selection of unit sizes to fit all your teacher storage needs, from a 5x5 unit for documents to a larger unit perfect for storing major student projects. Plus, our climate controlled units shield paper and other sensitive items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Discover Plainview Teacher Storage Solutions with Safeguard

Expand the potential of your classroom’s space with these helpful school supply storage options. Safeguard in Plainview also offers self-storage units for when you have excess supplies that you don’t want to keep in the classroom, or which can be rented in the months between school years to hold your belongings.

Visit Safeguard Self Storage on Old Country Road today and prepare for your next successful school year!

Backyard Design Ideas for the Best Summer Yet

A backyard patio dining set at night, surrounded by string lights, lanterns, and potted flowers.


You're tired of Zoom meetings. You're ready for real face time with family and friends. Backyard organization and upgrades can help make it happen. Say goodbye to being cooped up and hello to a personal summer oasis with these great backyard design ideas from Safeguard Self Storage.

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Let new walkways inspire your makeover plans. New pathways help organize and define outdoor space. Give outdoor space a sense of direction by laying down roll-out pathways. Hardwood plank walkways are portable, affordable, and keep feet dry on rainy days.


Fresh colors and fragrances also work magic on large and small backyards. Plant a garden bed dedicated to perennials. Choose beautiful flowers with dramatic good looks, like lilies of the valley and bleeding hearts. Graceful lavender is a fragrant choice for completing the floral atmosphere.


Building a trellis is another simple small backyard idea. Get crafty with an old headboard or fishing net stashed in your storage unit. Set a vertical backyard stage for sweet honeysuckle, Boston ivy, or purple passionflower.

Decorate a Perfect Summer Patio

Backyard organization turns tired, cluttered spaces into lively gathering spots. Make room for these easy summer patio decoration ideas by moving old patio stuff to self storage.


Use an inviting porch swing to expand patio seating options. Hammocks make comfy guest accommodations too. Give the kids fun chair options with single-seat swings suspended around patio edges.


Finally, for some added privacy and a bit of flare, hang up sheer curtains. Lightweight materials make this project a breeze, and even simple tiebacks give you control over soft translucent walls. Patio sheers hold back hot summer sun, too.


Keep Your Patio Bright and Cozy


Enjoy spending time outdoors after the sun sets? Illuminate backyard entertainment by stringing globe lights over the patio. Mini lanterns and fairy string lights are also sparkling choices. Don't forget extra Christmas lights in your storage unit.


In addition to keeping your patio bright, make things comfortable with decorative outdoor rugs underfoot. The fade-resistant throws combine style and function with beautiful patterns and weather-resistant materials in patio-friendly shapes and sizes.

Design an Entertainment Destination

Turn your outdoors into a backyard entertainment destination with fun backyard ideas. In addition to being a grill master, become known for your outdoor oasis by creating a venue that keeps everyone happy even after the burgers are gone.


For after-hour hangouts, keep summer nights bright with a fire table. The evening glow of these modern campfires always warms up conversations. They're also perfect for roasting hot dogs and toasting s'mores.

Additionally, you can turn your backyard into a movie theater. Mount a white sheet on wooden dowels, or drape it down an exterior wall. Connect your favorite streaming device to a projector and speakers.

Achieve Your Backyard Design Goals with Safeguard


It's fun to upgrade your great outdoors, but it takes some organizing skills, too. When you want to make room for your best backyard design ideas, let us help. Safeguard Self Storage has room to spare in a wide range of storage unit sizes, and we're always open year-round.


Whether you’re sprucing up your sprawling yard in Larchmont, NY, or making the most of your square foot garden in Chicago’s South Loop, you can find the space you need at Safeguard Self Storage. Visit one of our facilities in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, or Illinois today!

Organize Your Junk Drawers Once and for All

The best intentions don't work on junk drawers. You try, but they always fill back up. Figuring out how to organize junk drawers shouldn't be that hard. That’s why the storage experts at Safeguard Self Storage have put together a selection of helpful junk drawer organization ideas. Discover more below!

Using the KonMari Method to Tackle Clutter

The KonMari Method is a great source of inspiration for organizing your junk drawers and keeping them tidy. Combine that discipline with determination, and add nearby self storage. You're ready to reclaim valuable drawer space with the following six steps:

1. Get Everything Out

You can't start organizing junk drawers until each one is completely empty. As you clear everything out, use a little KonMari visualization. Imagine the beauty of rescued drawer space.

Toss obvious trash. If it's broken, expired or just beyond practical use, pitch it. Don't try to sort through the rest. Instead, step back for an overview of what you're dealing with.

2. Dust, Clean, and Measure

Clean junk drawer interiors with a microfiber cloth. Dust outside edges, glides, and hardware. Lightly spray interiors with vinegar and water, wipe clean, and let the drawers dry.

Your tape measure is probably somewhere in that pile you emptied out earlier. Grab it, measure each drawer's dimensions, and make notes. They'll come in handy when it's time to compartmentalize your project.

3. Sort With Purpose

When you know how to organize junk drawers with purpose, you're following the KonMari path to decluttering. You're ready to let go of stuff you don't really need, and that's liberating.

Items that get to stay are things you use on a regular basis. They might be scissors, tape, spare keys, or extra chargers. Now, visualize it all in simple drawer compartments.


4. Organize Your Storage Options

Make the most of recovered space with junk drawer organizers. Reference your earlier measurements, and stock up on mini boxes, stackable organizers and drawer divider systems. Try a mix of these DIY junk drawer organization ideas with a number of items, such as:

  • Small muffin tins
  • Flatware or makeup trays
  • Zip-top plastic bags
  • Ice cube trays


5. Keep It Simply Sensible


Simplicity is a basic tenet of KonMari. Focus on that with simple drawer layouts that make sense. You don't need staplers in the kitchen drawer or grocery coupons in office drawers.

The best storage ideas for junk drawers turn them into easy-to-access storage units. Streamline grouping strategies so that newly reclaimed drawers work for you and your entire household.

6. Stay in Control

You've conquered junk drawer clutter, so make it a permanent change. Regularly check drawers to be sure they're staying organized. It's a simple routine that pays off with space where things never get lost.

When items that don't belong start to sneak in, set them aside for your next trip to self storage. You're in control of those former junk drawers, and that's a positive change for the better.

Enjoy Expandable Space

Whether it's drawers, closets or the garage, all your space is valuable. The determination you put into keeping it organized deserves to be rewarded. Once you’ve reorganized your junk drawers, you can create even more deserved space with a storage unit from Safeguard Self Storage.

From Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, NY, to West Rogers Park in Chicago, IL, our storage facilities feature a wide selection of storage unit sizes and features to help you make the space you need when you need it.

Visit one of our locations in New York, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey and let us make it easier for you to stay organized.

Breathe Life Into Your Small New Orleans Living Space With These Houseplants

A houseplants sitting on a desk and window sill of a small apartment.

It's fun to refresh your New Orleans home or apartment with a touch of green. Indoor plants make small rooms seem bigger. Transfer tabletop clutter to self storage, and make way for these easy plants to grow indoors.

Don’t have the greenest thumb? No problem! There are plenty of low maintenance houseplants that are perfect for your busy schedule. Plus, if you tend to be forgetful, many low maintenance plants only require watering a couple of times a month.
Discover how to brighten up your space with Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street! We’ve tracked down a wide variety of fun, low maintenance plants to welcome into your home or apartment.

Best Easy House Plants for Full Sun

A jasmine plant with white blossoms sitting on a window sill.


Jasmine does well in windows with southern exposures. This indoor version of the outdoor vine fills a room with sweet fragrance. Give jasmine a small trellis, and watch it grow into a beautiful climber.


This is another outdoor plant that does well inside. If you keep it on a sunny windowsill, the hibiscus produces gorgeous blossoms. Its vividly colored flowers liven up any room.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil thrives in sunny kitchens and supplies fresh flavor year-round. Move seldom-used countertop appliances to your storage unit, and replace them with a miniature herb garden.

Low Light, Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

A polka dot plant with green leaves covered in pink speckles.

Polka Dot Plant

This little hybrid is a showy standout in rooms with limited natural light. Its spotted leaves are rainbows of reds, pinks and whites. The diminutive polka dot plant fits perfectly on shallow shelving.

Lucky Bamboo

You don't need a sunny corner to get lucky with this woody favorite. It's considered by many to be a Feng Shui must-have. Lucky bamboo is one of the best indoor plants for water-filled containers.

Christmas Cactus

It's not really a cactus, but its rounded leaves resemble the spikes on prickly outdoor plants. Each fall, the Christmas cactus adds a festive touch to interiors with cascading crimson blossoms.

Safe Indoor Plants for Pets and Kids

A zebra plant with spiky tendrils covered in white, compact, horizontal stripes.

Zebra Plant

This non-toxic succulent is one of the best easy houseplants for busy lifestyles because it only needs watering every three or four weeks. The zebra plant does require plenty of sunshine to maintain its charm.

Parlor Palm

Even the smallest home has space for a coconut tree's relative. The parlor palm has been gracing shady corners in tight spaces since the Victorian era. It's completely safe around children and pets.

African Violet

If you love kid- and pet-friendly indoor plants with flowers, you'll adore colorful African violets. The elegant little plants are surprisingly low-maintenance, but they do prefer lots of sunlight.

Unique Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Air Plant

Of all the easy plants to grow indoors, the air plant holds a special place. It doesn't need soil to grow. Just set it out in a shallow bowl, or suspend it from a shelf with a fishing line.

Golden Pothos

A small, humid bathroom is ideal for the golden pothos. Yellow variegation adds a pretty pattern to its green heart-shaped leaves. Golden pothos plants only need minimum sunlight.

Spider Plant

Every indoor plant decoration idea should be this easy. Fill a hanging basket with a spider plant, and watch it mature into a cascading room accent.

Enjoy Storage Space That Grows with You at Safeguard

Indoor plants can breathe life and color into even the smallest rooms. Your only problem may be finding a spot to securely perch your plants. When you need to make room for your plants, Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street can help you expand those tight spaces.

In addition to our facility on Erato Street, we have convenient storage facilities throughout New Orleans and Louisiana. When you need room to grow, we have room to spare. Determine how much room you need with our helpful space estimator, and find a Safeguard Self Storage facility near you today!