Reclaim Your Garage With Self Storage Help

Having a home garage enables you to store so much more than cars. When clutter starts piling up, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to tidying up your garage. Our storage experts at Safeguard are here to help with garage organization tips. We’ll share our advice for ways to declutter so you can reclaim the much-needed space in your garage.

Garage Organization Tips

Schedule a Garage Cleanup

One of the hardest steps toward tidying up your garage is simply getting started. Break the loop of procrastination and schedule a garage cleanup. Put it on your calendar and set aside a few hours or an entire day and enlist the help of your family or good friends. Make it fun by putting on music and preparing snacks and drinks.


Sort Items Into Keep, Toss, Store, and Donate Piles

As you gaze at a giant pile of clutter in your garage, take some time to sort through it and divide it into keep, toss, and donate piles. Create boxes or storage containers with these labels for easy sorting.


If you’re having trouble deciding if you should keep an item, ask yourself if you’ve used it within the past year. If not, toss it or donate it. Remember to only donate undamaged items others could reuse, like gently used bicycles, unstained clothing, and decorations in good condition. For sentimental items you can’t get rid of but don’t have space for, rent a personal self storage unit.

Consider a Garage Sale


You may come across items that are in great condition and worth a good amount of money. If so, consider planning a garage sale that offers the advantages of a clean garage and some extra cash. Some items you can sell in a garage sale include clothing, toys, tools, furniture, and home goods. Don’t forget to set up lots of signs around the neighborhood advertising your sale! 

If setting up a garage sale sounds like too much hassle, you could consider listing valuable items on an online sales platform, like Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, Poshmark, or OfferUp.


Invest in Shelving and Organizational Tools


In order to keep your garage clean and organized, you have to set up an organizational system that makes it easy to keep things in order. Organizational systems can widely vary from person to person, as different things work for different people, but a great way to start is by investing in containers, shelves, and other garage organization tools.

A few garage organization ideas to try out include:

  • A peg board with hooks for hanging tools
  • Wall shelves for boxes, shoes, luggage, seasonal items, and more
  • Heavy-duty stick-on wall hooks for hanging jackets and tools
  • Plastic totes for stowing clothing, seasonal decor, and other smaller items
  • A shoe and coat rack for outdoor apparel like rain boots

Creative Ways To Use Your Garage



After you’ve cleaned out your garage and donated, sold, or stored all your items, you can turn your garage into a space you’ll want to be in. The next step after you reclaim garage space could be to transform your garage into a whole new room with a garage makeover.


Create a Garage Gym


Want to start a fitness routine but don’t want to have to find a gym? Consider setting up a garage gym where you can get a great workout without even leaving your house. Invest in free weights, medicine balls, floor mats, or even cardio equipment.


Set Up a Craft Studio in Your Garage

Whether you prefer sewing, painting, or furniture making, your garage can offer that extra space you need to craft. Start with a good workbench and add all the tools you need, such as a sewing machine, tool wall, or easel.

Design a Den or Man Cave

When you need a relaxing place to watch sports games or enjoy a movie, a garage den could be the perfect solution. Along with a comfy chair, don’t forget to grab a television, fridge or cooler for snacks, and sports paraphernalia for your favorite teams.

Arrange a Playroom

If you have little ones at home, the garage can be a great spot for a playroom. Invest in a play set, sand table, and more fun toys. Be sure to take proper steps to ensure safety. Securely stow or remove tools, childproof any sharp corners or edges, and put in foam tiles to cushion falls. Make sure young children are still supervised by a responsible adult while using the playroom.


Rent Self Storage for Garage Organization With Safeguard


For those important items you just don’t have room for, Safeguard’s residential storage options can be a huge help. From storage units to vehicle storage options, our storage facilities have everything you need to complete the perfect garage makeover.


To get started, search for a storage location near you. Then select the storage you need and follow the prompts to rent storage online. If you need more assistance, feel free to call us or fill out a contact form. For more information on Safeguard’s self storage solutions, check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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