Protecting Your Valuables from Inclement Weather

The weather isn't always predictable in Metairie, LA. One minute it's sunny; the next it's raining. The seasons change and bring cold temperatures deep into the South. If you keep your valuables outdoors, it's important to protect them from the elements. Safeguard Self Storage has a few tips on how to prevent unnecessary damage during the colder months.

3 Ways to Protect Your Things in Bad Weather

Invest in a portable shed.

Portable sheds are the ideal option for those who have enough space in their backyards and need to keep their items protected from the elements. They come in many different sizes to shield everything from a lawnmower to a truck. You can select from easy-up sheds with plastic coverings or invest in a metal or resin shed if you have the budget. A shed will keep everything protected from heavy winds, rain and other inclement weather situations.

Use weatherproof tarps.

If you don't have the budget for a shed, nothing beats a tarp for protecting your valuables outdoors. Weatherproof tarps keep the rain off your mower, gardening equipment, and vehicles while allowing the air to flow beneath, preventing mold and mildew from growing on your items. They come in different colors and sizes and sometimes include eyeholes to keep them tied down when the wind picks up speed.

Make temporary space in the garage.

Sometimes you have to bring your items indoors when bad weather strikes. Maybe a hurricane has targeted the area or a cold front has dipped and brought frigid temperatures. You'll want to move things aside in the garage to make room for your outdoor items. You don't want hurricane-force winds to blow away your things or the cold to damage temperature-sensitive equipment. Bring them all inside until the weather gets back to normal in your area.

No Space? Try Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you don't have the space or your budget doesn't allow it, consider keeping your stuff nice and dry in our climate-controlled storage units. Safeguard Self Storage has indoor units that are air conditioned and heated to keep your items at a consistent temperature and protect them year-round no matter what Mother Nature has in store for Metairie, LA.

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