Breathe Life Into Your Small New Orleans Living Space With These Houseplants

A houseplants sitting on a desk and window sill of a small apartment.

It's fun to refresh your New Orleans home or apartment with a touch of green. Indoor plants make small rooms seem bigger. Transfer tabletop clutter to self storage, and make way for these easy plants to grow indoors.

Don’t have the greenest thumb? No problem! There are plenty of low maintenance houseplants that are perfect for your busy schedule. Plus, if you tend to be forgetful, many low maintenance plants only require watering a couple of times a month.
Discover how to brighten up your space with Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street! We’ve tracked down a wide variety of fun, low maintenance plants to welcome into your home or apartment.

Best Easy House Plants for Full Sun

A jasmine plant with white blossoms sitting on a window sill.


Jasmine does well in windows with southern exposures. This indoor version of the outdoor vine fills a room with sweet fragrance. Give jasmine a small trellis, and watch it grow into a beautiful climber.


This is another outdoor plant that does well inside. If you keep it on a sunny windowsill, the hibiscus produces gorgeous blossoms. Its vividly colored flowers liven up any room.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil thrives in sunny kitchens and supplies fresh flavor year-round. Move seldom-used countertop appliances to your storage unit, and replace them with a miniature herb garden.

Low Light, Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

A polka dot plant with green leaves covered in pink speckles.

Polka Dot Plant

This little hybrid is a showy standout in rooms with limited natural light. Its spotted leaves are rainbows of reds, pinks and whites. The diminutive polka dot plant fits perfectly on shallow shelving.

Lucky Bamboo

You don't need a sunny corner to get lucky with this woody favorite. It's considered by many to be a Feng Shui must-have. Lucky bamboo is one of the best indoor plants for water-filled containers.

Christmas Cactus

It's not really a cactus, but its rounded leaves resemble the spikes on prickly outdoor plants. Each fall, the Christmas cactus adds a festive touch to interiors with cascading crimson blossoms.

Safe Indoor Plants for Pets and Kids

A zebra plant with spiky tendrils covered in white, compact, horizontal stripes.

Zebra Plant

This non-toxic succulent is one of the best easy houseplants for busy lifestyles because it only needs watering every three or four weeks. The zebra plant does require plenty of sunshine to maintain its charm.

Parlor Palm

Even the smallest home has space for a coconut tree's relative. The parlor palm has been gracing shady corners in tight spaces since the Victorian era. It's completely safe around children and pets.

African Violet

If you love kid- and pet-friendly indoor plants with flowers, you'll adore colorful African violets. The elegant little plants are surprisingly low-maintenance, but they do prefer lots of sunlight.

Unique Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Air Plant

Of all the easy plants to grow indoors, the air plant holds a special place. It doesn't need soil to grow. Just set it out in a shallow bowl, or suspend it from a shelf with a fishing line.

Golden Pothos

A small, humid bathroom is ideal for the golden pothos. Yellow variegation adds a pretty pattern to its green heart-shaped leaves. Golden pothos plants only need minimum sunlight.

Spider Plant

Every indoor plant decoration idea should be this easy. Fill a hanging basket with a spider plant, and watch it mature into a cascading room accent.

Enjoy Storage Space That Grows with You at Safeguard

Indoor plants can breathe life and color into even the smallest rooms. Your only problem may be finding a spot to securely perch your plants. When you need to make room for your plants, Safeguard Self Storage on Erato Street can help you expand those tight spaces.

In addition to our facility on Erato Street, we have convenient storage facilities throughout New Orleans and Louisiana. When you need room to grow, we have room to spare. Determine how much room you need with our helpful space estimator, and find a Safeguard Self Storage facility near you today!

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