What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit

You trust your common sense. Even if you needed to store explosives, you wouldn't stash them in your Arlington Heights, IL storage unit. Self storage can handle just about anything, but safety and liability issues establish clear guidelines. It's good to know the limits before filling up that extra space.

10 Things You Don't Want in Your Storage Unit

Any Type of Hazardous Material

This category covers the obvious. You can't store chemicals, gasoline, fireworks or propane tanks. If it can explode, corrode or catch fire, keep it out of the unit.

Firearms and Munitions

Most facilities prohibit storing guns and ammunition. In many cases, it violates local and state regulations. Gun shops and shooting ranges are better storage choices.

Too Many Tires

Self storage sites often set a limit of four spares per unit. The reasoning is simple. If they're abandoned, management has to pay for tire disposal.

Undrained Yard Equipment

When it's time to park your lawn mower in the unit, don't let it turn into a storage hazard. Drain gasoline before putting away seasonal yard equipment.

Packaged and Perishable Food

Even boxed cereal eventually goes bad. Canned goods hold up to long-term storage, but everything else invites spoilage problems including rotten smells, bugs and rodents.

Plugged-In Appliances

It's OK to store refrigerators, freezers, and space heaters in your unit. It's not OK to plug them into outlets or run a generator in the unit.

Anything Smelly or Wet

If it smells bad, it's an invitation for a pest invasion. If it's wet, it's a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Keep stored belongings clean and dry.

Your Hard-Earned Cash

A storage unit might seem like the perfect vault for stashing extra bills. However, insurance won't cover your cash loss in case of a fire, break-in, or natural disaster.

Pets of Any Species

They need your love and attention. Don't keep any type of pet in a storage unit. Even an overnight stay can be disastrous for your animal buddies.

You as a Tenant

Yes, leasing storage costs less than renting an apartment or making a mortgage payment. Yes, there are laws against living in a unit even for a few days.

Everything You Want in Storage Solutions

We have faith in your common sense. Our Arlington Heights, IL teams are happy to help with smart storage solutions. You're always welcome here at Safeguard Self Storage.

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