New Renters' Guide to Self Storage

A woman peeking out of a box inside a storage unit.

New renters often find that the available space in their new home or apartment does not allow enough room for everything that they have acquired over the years. While downsizing is one solution to this problem, you might be wary of getting rid of personal belongings that hold deep sentimental value. Fortunately, a Safeguard Self Storage unit can help you keep everything close at hand without having to clutter up your rental space.

Tips For Efficiently Using Storage Units

Holmdel, NJ self storage offers you the opportunity to keep your prized possessions without pushing the storage limits of your new rental home or apartment; getting everything to fit without piling it all in is another matter. These
storage tips will help you keep everything easy to access while optimizing the space.

• Place your smaller items in boxes to protect the items during transit and to keep the storage unit organized. You can also stack the boxes to help maximize the cubic footage inside of the storage unit. Click here to find a full list of moving and packing supplies available at your neighborhood
Safeguard Self Storage Location.

• Label everything. When you are sorting through your belongings that will be stored away, make an inventory list for each box. Keep like items together, and create a short label that reflects the type of items that are contained in the applicable box. An itemized list can be kept in a spreadsheet to make it easy to find exactly which box to pull out when you head to your unit.

• Take furniture items apart before storing them to make sure that you can fit more into the space.

• Store your items an inch or two away from walls to allow for better air circulation, and avoid the temptation to stack your items right to the ceiling.

• When everything is put away, map out your unit so that you can navigate it easier.

Take Control of Your Space with Holmdel NJ Storage Units

If you need storage space after moving into a new place,
Holmdel, NJ self storage gives you the space you need to get some breathing room in your home. Safeguard’s Holmdel, NJ storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and your personal belongings are always close at hand. There are even climate controlled options to protect your belongings from temperature and humidity changes. Safeguard Self Storage has locations in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Find a location near you and start creating the household space you need! 

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