10 Items That Are Vulnerable to Cold Weather Damage

A cup of cocoa and gloves sitting in front of a snowfall

As the chilly breeze blows in off South Oyster Bay, your thoughts turn to getting ready for winter. It's time to look around the garage, shed, and backyard. Have you stashed away your summer gear? Not all of those warm-weather items can handle a hard freeze here in Massapequa, NY. Self storage is the safest cold-weather home for so many things around the house. Here's a list of ten items that handle winter better in your storage unit.

Caring for the Most At-Risk Items

1. Musical Instruments: If they migrated from the house to the storage shed, protect strings, skins, and wood winds from winter blasts with a warm unit.

2. Leather Items: Leather quickly discolors and develops mildew in moist environments. Climate-controlled storage units save expensive leather items, such as baseball gloves, from the cold.

3. Summer Clothes: Even in the winter, clothing stored in the garage invites mold. Keep your summer wardrobe ready for next year's boardwalk sun and fun by storing it in your unit.

4. Sporting Gear: Plummeting temperatures affect bicycles, hiking gear, and even fishing poles stashed in the garage. Keep sporting equipment ready for spring in the warmth of your storage facility.

5. Wooden Furniture: Cold weather dries out wood furniture stashed in garages or storage sheds. Clean it, wax it, and move it to self storage.

6. Outdoor Furniture: Winter storms rust metal frames and ruin fabric on outdoor furniture. Save the cost of replacements by storing outdoor tables and chairs in your unit.

7. Barbecue Grills: Covering the backyard grill with a tarp doesn't keep out freezing rain. Baby your barbecue by letting it spend the winter in the safety of nearby storage.

8. Lawn Equipment: A hard freeze can ruin lawn mowers and garden tractors. Park them in storage now, and they'll be ready to roll come warm weather.

9. Tools: The cold makes tools brittle, and drastic swings in temperature make metal tools likely to rust. Keeping them in storage prevents damage and breakage.

10. The Boat: When it's too cold to fish, it's time to winterize the boat. Park your watercraft in a drive-up unit until the bass start biting again next spring.

Relax with Safeguard

When chilly sea breezes give way to freezing northern winds, relax knowing you've tucked things away for another Nassau County winter. Safeguard Self Storage keeps your belongings warm with eight Long Island facilities and the best storage units in Massapequa, NY. Regardless of the weather, you can always count on us.

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