How to Transform Your Gray Basement Into a Fun-Filled Rec Room

You're not necessarily wasting the space – but it can be so much more than in-house self storage. Your Palmetto Bay, FL home's basement is full of potential as a downstairs rec room. It's an easy DIY project that pays off with endless fun and relaxation, as well as a smart way to increase the market value of your house.

From Basement to Rec Room: Six Simple Steps 

Take a good look around. Picture a layout that includes space for entertainment, downtime, and hobbies. Elevate your basement from a plain utility room to a cool rec room with the following steps. 

1. Liberate the Space 

Set basement space free with help from nearby storage units. Sort through everything downstairs, toss stuff that needs to go, and pack up belongings you want to keep in your unit. Be sure to label boxes before moving them to storage. 

2. Upgrade Its Looks 

Give finished basement walls a fresh look by painting them with light colors. Create a comfy feel underfoot by covering the floor with carpet squares. Finish off the upgrade with bright throw rugs. 

3. Develop a Zoning Plan 

Even small basements have room for several play areas. Decide how many fun zones you want, and start dividing floor space. Use a combination of furnishings, bookshelves, and standing screens to establish different sectors. 

4. Set Up Flat Screen Fun 

Dedicate an area of your basement rec room to flat screen fun. Set up a home entertainment center with access to favorite streaming services and a variety of game systems. Let it all rock with surround sound. 

5. Make Space Personal 

Save yourself a corner for what you like to do alone. A small desk that's been in self storage makes an ideal island for a craft station. Move in a table for solving jigsaw puzzles, or give your treadmill a new home. 

6. Leave Room to Relax 

Designate one more space for pure relaxation. Set it apart from the entertainment center with bookcases, and set it up with comfy seating. Let it be a shared library or just a quiet place to get away. 

Enjoy Your New Space

Enjoy the basement rec room, and don't worry about clutter reclaiming your new space. Keep it out of the way at our Palmetto Bay, FL storage units or any of our 11 Safeguard locations across Miami-Dade County. We make sure you always have plenty of room to spread out.

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