In and Out in a Pinch: Self Storage Trips Made Shorter

Between work and the house, you always stay busy here in Valley Stream, NY. Nearby storage units cater to your schedule with everyday access, multiple locations, and online account management. You can actually upgrade that storage experience by making it even more convenient. Try these time-saving ideas for getting in and out of your unit. 

Optimize as You Organize 

Retrieving something from self storage doesn't have to turn into a scavenger hunt. Save valuable time by setting up a system that keeps you organized coming and going. 

  • Don't overstuff boxes. When they're filled to the brim, they slow down sorting and searching.
  • Detail box contents with big, color-coded labels applied to tops and all four sides.
  • Keep boxes the same size so that they're easier to rearrange when you're in a hurry.
  • Make a master list of stored items, print out a hard copy, and post it inside the unit.

Maximize Unit Space 

Affordable storage units come in all sizes, but you can always maximize floor space. By making the most of a unit's layout, you ensure you can get in and out in record time. 

  • Leave pathways between stacks. Wide aisles let you safely move things with room to turn around.
  • Store boxes you access often in the front of the unit. Stack them so that you can see labels with a quick glance.
  • Group similar things together. Keep a grid map of your storage zones in the unit for easy reference.

Do More With Power Tips 

Whether you use the unit for business inventory or hobby supplies, you want every stop to be time-efficient. Take organizing and layout strategies over the top with these storage power tips:

  • Lease a unit located along your regular route. This works especially well for business storage.
  • Make repacking boxes a priority. Accurate box labels and a unit map help quickly locate things.
  • Upgrade your unit size. Extra space gives you room to easily move items in and out.
  • Take advantage of smartphone apps that allow storage facility access.

Save Time With Us

It's our job to make sure you have a great storage experience, and we're proud to serve you with the best storage units in Valley Stream, NY. You can always count on Safeguard Self Storage to help you save time with multiple locations across Long Island and the surrounding boroughs.

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