A Guide to All the Packing Supplies You Need for Your Move

Nothing can put a damper on moving day quite like not being equipped with all the packing supplies you need. Whether you're relocating out of state or just across Pompano Beach, FL, our self storage experts recommend getting ready for the move with these essential packing supplies.

Make Moving Easy: 10 Must-Have Packing Supplies

Fresh Cardboard Boxes

Moving boxes should be like storage units: clean and secure. Old cardboard boxes hide problems like mold, mildew, and bugs, so buy fresh containers at your nearest storage facility.

Plenty of Bubble Wrap

This packing essential comes in a variety of configurations. Stock up on perforated sheets, pocket-shaped pouches, and bags with self-sealing tops.

Tissue and Wrapping Paper

Tissue paper is ideal for fragile treasures while wrapping paper works best with non-breakables. Avoid newspaper because its print can stain belongings.

Cardboard Dividers

Cardboard separators turn moving cartons into portable self storage units for small items. The dividers add strength to boxes while they keep breakables protected.

Packing Tape, Dispensers and Box Cutters

When you buy packing tape, invest in tape guns and box cutters. These simple tools let you securely seal and quickly open packed moving cartons.

Labels and Markers

Apply large, clearly marked labels to all your boxes. Use bright felt-tip pens to color-code packed cartons by room.

  1. Wardrobe Boxes: Take care of clothes during the move with these sturdy cardboard closets. Each unit features a hanging rack and front access panel. Many models include attached carrying handles.
  2. Mover's Stretch Wrap: Wrap this plastic around furniture to secure drawers and seat cushions. Use it to bundle, fasten, and bind boxes and belongings. The versatile wrap sticks to itself without leaving any residue.
  3. Furniture Pads and Blankets: Moving can be rough on oversized items, so protect fabric and trim with furniture pads and blankets. Use your mover's stretch wrap to secure pads around couches, chairs, and even appliances.
  4. Cotton Mattress Bags: When you finally get to the new address, you want a good night's sleep. A cotton mattress bag keeps your bed fresh and dust-free even through a long-distance move.

Make Us Your Moving Supply Source

You don't have to travel far to get ready for a move. We carry everything you need at our Pompano Beach, FL facility and multiple locations across the state. When you need the best moving supplies and storage units in Florida, you can count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage. Rent a unit today, and make your move an easier one.

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