Why Storage Auctions Are a Great Way to Furnish Your Home

Can it be as simple as it seems on TV? You love saving money, but how do you make the bidding process work for you? If you're sizing up storage auctions around Edison Park, IL, welcome to the affordable world of furnishing your home.

Auction Rules Are Easy to Follow

Most auctions follow the same format. An auctioneer starts the bidding on the contents of an abandoned self storage unit. The action is usually live, but some sales allow on-site sealed bids and online bidding.

You're not allowed inside the unit before bidding begins. You do get to look at its contents through an open doorway. Winning bids are paid in cash, and you're given a set time frame for hauling everything home.

It Works to Your Advantage

Storage facility auctions owe their popularity to one thing: a chance to save money. Resale listing sites and thrift stores mark up inventory to make a profit. Each item comes with a set price.

Storage auctions let you buy multiple items for one low price. You don't have to worry about evaluating the cost of a new couch. Your winning bid gives you resale options that cover your original investment.

You Can Find Almost Anything

Are you looking for office equipment? Check out self storage auctions near business districts. Fill every room at the house with just one residential sale. If you need dorm room furniture, head for an auction near campus. Location counts, so count on finding just about anything including:

  • Stoves, washing machines and refrigerators.
  • Clothes, shoes and personal accessories.
  • Couches, beds and dining room sets.
  • Gaming stations, sound systems and televisions.

You Can Master the Power Tips

It doesn't take long to figure out how a self storage auction works. You don't have to be a resale pro to make the most of every bid. Just keep these easy, power tips in play.

  • Budget your day and stick with it.
  • Bid on clean, well-organized units.
  • Size up unit contents for resale.
  • Be ready to haul heavy items.

We Help You Store It All

Once you get that gently used new furniture home, you may not have room for everything. Don't worry. Safeguard can help with self storage in Edison Park, IL and all across Chicagoland. Stop by one of our locations soon, and size up our affordable world of storage solutions.

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