7 Reasons Why Clearwater, FL, is a Good Place to Retire

A smiling retiree driving his golf cart in Clearwater, FL.

Teeming with beauty and class, Clearwater, FL, boasts one of the best reputations for upcoming retirees, on the merits of its enchanting sand beaches, water-bound attractions, and impressive cost of living (especially regarding living arrangements) compared to the national average.

From the inquiring snowbird looking for their winter getaway to the dedicated retiree that wants to spend their golden years in a mild climate, there are many reasons Clearwater, FL, is a good place to live.

That’s why Safeguard Self Storage’s Clearwater, FL, team has done the work for you, compiling a quick list of all the things we like about Clearwater. Discover why we think you’ll like them, too! 

1. The Climate

 Never swinging too hot, nor too cold, the temperature in Clearwater, FL, sees relatively mild seasonal changes throughout the year, making it a great place to escape to during the golden years when extreme weather feels like too much of a hassle. At an average high of 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the summer and an average low of 53 degrees in the winter, an escape to Clearwater means an escape from more-northern states’ brutal weather.

2. A Wide Range of Things to Do

 True to its name, one of Clearwater’s most pronounced features is its proximity to the coast. From dolphin tours and day cruises to sea sailing and sunset vistas, the majesty of the ocean is readily available for the residents of Clearwater to enjoy.

Other things to do in Clearwater, FL, include a robust restaurant scene, breweries and pubs, theaters, and catching a game at Spectrum Field, among other interests! Things to do in Clearwater, FL, include:

3. Ideal Real Estate Scene for Retirees

 As any inquiring person is likely to notice, the most popular housing design option in Clearwater is that of the single-story home. It’s not the only option, however, as the city is host to a variety of housing types to suit your needs, with the style and amenities liable to change depending on where you want to be located (for example, you’re less likely to have a yard if you choose to live downtown, rather than in the suburbs).

4. Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Clearwater, FL, sits at 5.4% less than the national average. More specific items within the cost of living include a $10.00/hr minimum wage, an impressive housing market (couching at 18.8% lower than average), and exceptional healthcare coverage at 20.4% lower than average.

5. Perfect for Day Trips to Miami

By car, Clearwater, FL, is 286 miles from Miami. If you’re ever looking for an escape from home, or a more robust Florida city experience, the beaches of Miami are only a few hours away. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

6. Manageable Community Size

Clearwater, FL, had just over 117,000 residents in 2020, with 22.5% documented as being 65 years or older. From these two details, we can draw a lot of positive information about why Clearwater is ideal for retirement. At 117,000, it manages to be large enough that it possesses a lot of the positive qualities of a city, without feeling like it’s ever-bustling or packed the way that larger, more explosive urban populations do.

So, you can be just as busy or involved in the city as you want to be without feeling like it’s ever too much. Plus, with a strong demographic of retiree-age individuals, there are plenty of opportunities to meet others with similar life circumstances.

7. A Wide Range of Retirement Community Options

 The sky's the limit in Clearwater, FL, when it comes to retirement community options! Pick the neighborhood you enjoy the most, or the place with your favorite view of the sunset, and start searching. Additionally, the features that matter to you will dictate the Clearwater retirement community that’s right for you. Some common retirement home features and amenities to consider in Clearwater, FL, include:

  • Surgical recovery
  • Physical therapy
  • Transportation options
  • Medication
  • Laundry
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces

Is Clearwater, FL, a Good Place to Live?

 It’s up to each individual to decide if Clearwater, FL, is a good place for them to live, but there’s no doubt the city makes a compelling argument for those who want a beautiful, affordable frontier for their golden years. If you decide Clearwater checks all the marks, the next step is to start planning your move.

Rent Your Clearwater, FL, Self Storage Unit Today

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