Hillsborough - Seminole Heights Storage Units

1115 East Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604


Office Hours:
M-F 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sat 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sun 10:00am - 5:00pm

Access Hours:
M-Sun 6:00am - 10:00pm
*24 hours access is available.
Please see manager for details.

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More About This Facility

Premium Hillsborough - Seminole Heights Storage Units on East Hillsborough Ave.

Creating the storage space you need in your Tampa, FL, home or business shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you’re decluttering your basement or you’re renovating a store, self storage gives you the additional elbow room you need in the Hillsborough County area.

At Safeguard Self Storage, our friendly, professional staff is dedicated to making your self storage experience as easy as possible. Our Seminole Heights facility, located on East Hillsborough Ave., is ideal for residents, business owners, retirees, and everyone in between looking for affordable, convenient storage solutions.

From our flexible month-to-month rates to our wide selection of unit sizes, you can count on Safeguard Self Storage, when you’ve got more belongings than places to keep them. Rent or reserve a unit online, or come visit our brand new facility.

Seminole Heights Self Storage Features and Amenities

Every step of your Seminole Heights self storage experience should be a breeze. That’s why Safeguard Self Storage provides a variety of convenient, innovative features and amenities. To accommodate storage needs of all sizes, our units range from 5x5 to 10x20.

Not looking forward to hefting heavy boxes to and from your car? Not a problem at Safeguard’s East Hillsborough Ave. facility! We provide free use of dollies and carts to take the unnecessary strain off your back.

Additionally, if you can’t stop by in-person to pay for your unit, we offer online and automatic payments! Just use any major credit card and take care of rent from the comfort of your home or office. When you need to send a delivery to your unit, you can also count on our team to accept and hold it for you! Just swing by during our office hours to pick up your delivery.

Accessible, Climate Controlled Units in Hillsborough County, FL

When you choose a storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage, you can make stopping by the easiest part of your day. Our convenient location on East Hillsborough Ave. makes us accessible from several neighborhoods and areas of interest, including Valencia of Hillsborough, Hickory Hill, Grove Park, and more. We also provide convenient facility access hours to ensure you can get to your unit when you need it!

Plus, if you plan to store temperature- or humidity-sensitive items, we have you covered with our climate controlled units. Unlike a standard drive-up unit, a climate controlled unit provides a cool, stable environment all year long for wooden furniture, documents, electronics, and other personal or professional items.

Advanced Security Measures

Peace of mind is a vital aspect of your storage experience. Your Seminole Heights storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage features several security measures to ensure you receive that peace of mind. In addition to our electric, keypad-operated entrance, our facility features digital video recording, well-lit aisles, and intercom stations throughout the property. Want to learn more about how we safeguard our facility? Give our team a call or visit us in person today.

Reserve Your Seminole Heights, FL, Storage Unit On East Hillsborough Ave. Today

Don’t let a lack of space dictate what items you can and cannot keep in your Tampa home or business. Safeguard what matters to you with a unit at Safeguard Self Storage on East Hillsborough Ave. We make self storage easier from move-in to move-out. Find just the right amount of space you need with our wide variety of unit sizes and types, or grab extra boxes and packing supplies at our office.

Not sure how much elbow room you’ll need? Explore our space estimator today to find the right unit. Whether you’re moving inventory for your small business or your family has just moved to Hillsborough County, you can find the self storage solution you need at Safeguard Self Storage. Reserve your unit online, in person, or over the phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size storage do I need in Seminole Heights, FL?

There are several factors that to consider when deciding what size storage space you will need. First, what is it that you will be storing? Is it just boxes, or will you need to store the entire contents of your home or apartment? If it is just a few boxes, you may only need a locker-sized storage unit.

Second, you need to consider how you will use the unit. Will you need to visit the storage unit often to retrieve things or will you place the items in storage and not go back again until you are ready to remove your things? If you will be visiting often, you’ll want to leave an aisle so you can get to the items you need to get to. If you don’t plan on going into the unit very often, then you can pack your items tighter and maximize your space.

Finally, will you be storing furniture and clothing, or will it be the tools you need for your job? Furniture, clothing, antiques, paper items, and household goods should always be stored in a temperature-controlled environment, while tools or garage items can be stored in a drive-up access, exterior, non-climate controlled storage space. Head to the space estimator to calculate the amount of space required for your specific storage situation.

What features does your East Hillsborough Ave. storage facility offer?

This facility offers the following features:

  • Air-conditioned units
  • Computer-controlled access
  • Digital video recording
  • Highly qualified and trained solutions staff
  • Carts and dollies
  • Boxes and packing supplies
  • ACH and credit card payment plans
  • Pay online functionality

What is climate control?

Climate control is a feature that provides a stable environment for your stored belongings. Our indoor storage units are air-conditioned throughout the year to shield climate-sensitive household items, such as documents, leather goods, electronics, and more from the weather.

What is the minimum number of months I can rent storage in Seminole Heights?

Generally, there is no minimum length of stay. Rental agreements are month-to-month, so there’s no commitment to stay longer than you need to.

Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in and rent a space?

Yes, customers can just walk in and rent a storage space at our East Hillsborough Ave. facility, although it is always good to call ahead to make sure the storage unit you need is available. While we have a wide variety of storage unit sizes in our facility, there are times when our most popular sizes fill up. Even if that is the case, we will do our best to find the ideal solution to your storage needs.

What is 24-hour access?

24-hour access is a service we provide to our business customers that need to access their storage unit(s) at any time. Please contact our Seffner store team for more information.

What security features does your East Hillsborough Ave. facility offer?

Our Tampa storage facility is equipped with computer-controlled access to the building and storage area and motion-sensitive digitally recorded video cameras throughout the facility.

How wide are your storage unit doors?

This facility is equipped with all roll-up doors to allow maximum space in our hallways. Most of the smaller units, such as 5x5 and 5x10, will have a roll-up door which is about a 3-foot wide. For the large units, such as 10x7.5, 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20, they will have roll-up doors that have about an 8-foot opening, so they look like storage garages.

Do your storage units on East Hillsborough Ave. have electrical outlets?

Storage units are not built with electrical outlets, but that doesn’t mean one can’t be added based on your needs. After you pay for installing the outlet, electricity can be provided to your storage space for a small monthly fee. Just remember, storage spaces are for storing items, not for conducting work or business out of. Please contact our store team for more information.

How tall are your Seminole Heights storage units?

Our walk-in storage spaces are about 8 feet tall. If available, locker storage units are approximately 4 feet tall.

Why is a climate controlled storage unit in Seminole Heights important?

All our storage spaces inside the building are air-conditioned. They are designed to store your temperature-sensitive household items, such as documents, leather goods (like furniture or clothing), antique wooden objects, family photos, and sensitive electronics. The weather outside will not affect your items, because the temperature inside the building is controlled.

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