Q: Do you offer climate controlled storage?

Many of our facilities offer temperature controlled storage units which are designed to maintain a set temperature range. This includes heated units, too.

Q: What type of security features do you offer?

Our facilities are equipped with computer-controlled access, individual unit door alarms, digital\video recording, store-wide intercom system and high quality, maximum security unit locks for sale.

Q: Do you provide locks?

As far as locking your unit is concerned, we’d like you to be in control. You can use one you already have or you can purchase a high quality lock that is specifically designed for the latch on the storage unit door from the Safeguard Store. And you keep the key.
We recommend a high-quality, maximum-security lock, which are available for purchase in each store.

Q: What is a disc lock for a storage unit?

At Safeguard Self Storage, we take security very seriously. We do our part by providing high-tech security features, such as:

• Security cameras at all entry and exit points of the facility.
• Digital recording 24 hours a day.
• Computer controlled and recorded access to allow only our customers into the facility, to restrict customer access to ONLY the area where there storage unit is located, and to identify who has been inside the facility.
• Individually alarmed storage unit doors (at most locations).

While all of these features are designed to deter wrongdoers, the best protection for your storage unit is the lock you place on the door. In our offices, we only sell the highest-security locks, and depending on the facility, that would be either the disc lock or the cylinder lock. For more information about protecting your belongings, please check out this

Q: How will I know if someone other than me tries to enter my storage space?

If someone tries to enter your storage unit without permission we have three ways of monitoring such activity: an alarm will sound, the alarm appears on the manager’s facility map display and activity is logged in our computer system to record time and date.

Q: How do you keep track of who enters and exits your property?

The way we keep track of people going in and out of our property is by giving every customer a unique access PIN to manually enter into the access keypad or by selling them an express access fob or speed pass card. We then record the use of those PINs and also utilize digital\video recording. The rest of the property has a big fence around it, limiting access from anywhere else but the gate.

Q: What size storage unit do I need?

The answer to this is not as simple as you may think, because it is dependent on what you will be placing in the storage space. Every person’s storage situation is different, which is why we have a variety of sizes and types of units available at each of our storage facilities. To see what our most common sized units can typically hold, please visit Unit Sizes page.

Q: Where can I store my motorcycle for the winter?

Safeguard Self Storage provides solutions for all sorts of storage needs. Because of our month-to-month rental agreement, you can store your motorcycle for just the winter, or you can keep it stored year round. For more information on storing your motorcycle, please read our article “Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage”. Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storag.

Q: What size storage unit do I need for a motorcycle?

Storage for a motorcycle would need to an exterior, or drive-up, storage unit, and would need to be at least a 5x10 (5 feet wide by 10 feet long). To see unit sizes, please visit our unit sizing guide.

Q: What is a storage locker?

At many of our self storage locations, we offer storage lockers. Generally, these storage lockers are 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep, but the height of the ceiling is 4 feet. These locker units are ideal for storing seasonal items, such as decorations or clothing. Or maybe you just have a couple of small boxes that need a resting place. A storage locker would be an excellent solution to this situation.

Q: What size storage unit is needed for a car?

When looking for a storage unit to store your vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind.

• The storage space must be accessible from the outside of the building.
• Do you want a parking space where the vehicle would be exposed to the elements, or do you want a “garage” type vehicle storage unit that would be enclosed.
• For a “garage” type storage space, the size of the storage unit must be at least 10 feet wide by 20 feet deep (10x20).
• The door opening is approximately 7 feet high (varies by location), so make sure the vehicle you are planning to store can meet that clearance.

Q: How do I contact the manager from the storage area?

If for any reason you need to get in touch with the manager while in the storage area, you may use our store-wide intercom system.

Q: Do you provide dollies or carts to help me move my things?

To make your move in and out of your storage unit as easy and convenient as possible, we offer the free use of dollies and handcarts at every facility.

Q: Do I need insurance for the things I store with you?

Insurance is required to cover the value of all stored items. Affordable insurance options are available at our stores or our customers can provide the declaration page from their existing coverage at the time of rental. Items stored in excess of $5,000 total value require notification and written approval of Safeguard Self Storage.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term storage contact?

At Safeguard Self Storage, you do not need to sign a long-term contract as all storage units are rented on a month-to-month basis.

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