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Packing Tips


Get a move on. Now's the time to get your packing supplies. Now's the time to get your boxes. And not from the supermarket. Now's the time to purge, throw out and toss anything you really don't want. And now's the time to sort through, separate and organize everything you want to keep and store. Now's the time to pack the stuff you won't need until after you move. And for now, time is on your side. So use it wisely.

Packing Supplies


Now, we’re getting somewhere. Now, we’re into the double-walled construction boxes, the stacks of newspaper and the rolls of packing tape. Now, we’re fitting furniture with covers, pouring Styrofoam peanuts and using the bubble wrap that we know you can’t help but pop. Now, we’re taking things apart, putting like items together and labeling everything. Yup. Now, we’re moving.

• Put smaller boxes in larger boxes to make less trips.
• Remove wheels from everything with wheels.
• Disassemble anything you can.
• Tape nuts and bolts to the piece of furniture they go with.
• Label every box with its contents and it's room.
• Mark boxes with breakables as "fragile". Then, don't drop them.
• Put Styrofoam peanuts in boxes before you put in your breakables.
• Spread the weight of heavy items over several boxes.
• Mark boxes with their weight to avoid injury.
• Make sure boxes are completely sealed.
• Use bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap fragile items.
• Disconnect appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.
• Defrost freezers so they are clear of ice on the day of the move.
• Pack a separate "emergency" box with things you'll need on the day before the move.


Now, you can relax. Now, you can take a deep breath, look around and make sure everything is in its place ready to be moved to another place. Now, you can kick back, put your feet up and wait for the movers. Unless you’re the mover. Then now is the time to get some sleep. You have a long day ahead of you.

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