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Storage Tips

It all comes down to this

You’ve done all the packing. You’ve done all the moving. And now, in addition to facing a big empty space, you’re facing an even bigger question: how do you fill it? Well, that’s really up to you. But having been in the self-storage business as long as we have, we’ve seen it all. And we have some thoughts that might help you answer that big question:

• If shelves held stuff out there, they can store stuff in here
• Drawers: they're not just for socks anymore
• While you're not sitting on couch cushions, something breakable should
• Store long things vertically
• Store glass and mirrors between mattresses
• Place smaller and lighter things on top
• Remove wheels from everything
• Start at the back of the unit, using the front area for odd shaped objects
• Chairs make the perfect chairs for other chairs
• Group like items as much as possible
• Use hand carts and save your back
• Avoid using plastic garbage bags for storage, as they can promote mildew

If you need help moving your stuff, we can help. And at our store locations, you'll find everything you need to get all your stuff safely into storage, including the locks to keep it there. We only ask that you refrain from storing food, flammable liquids and pets. Trust us, on this one - we've seen it all. And we look forward to seeing you.

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