The Keys to Good Cajun Cooking in New Orleans

cast iron skillet full of shrimp gumbo

Everybody appreciates the roses here in Crescent City, but most of us would just as soon stop and smell the gumbo. If you know the difference between a roux and a tomato base, you own one of the keys to Cajun cooking in New Orleans, LA, where storage units and busy kitchens keep the good times rolling. 

It's All in the Trinity

Louisiana natives have always been fired up over rustic Cajun cooking, but Chef Paul Prudhomme put it on the culinary map back in the 1980s. Today, blackened, smoked, stewed, and smothered flavors whet appetites in home kitchens and five-star restaurants across the country. The entree star in a Cajun kitchen might be shrimp, alligator, turtle, or a whole hog, but the trinity never changes. Celery, onion and bell pepper form a base that brings out the best in rice, boudin and ham hocks with a little garlic, paprika and ground file.

It's Simply Delicious 

How many ways can Cajun food make your mouth water? It's hard to say. By the time you start counting appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, you're too hungry to do the math. Just savor this short list:

  • Marinated shrimp salad
  • Fried crab cakes
  • Red beans and rice
  • Cajun meatloaf
  • Blackened redfish
  • Pork jambalaya
  • Bread pudding
  • Strawberry beignets

One of the tastiest things about these dishes simmers down to their simplicity. If you can manage extra room in the kitchen, you can fire up all kinds of Cajun crowd-pleasers.

It's Really Inspiring Too

Cajun cooking needs a little more space than other culinary styles, so move old pots and pans to a shelf in your self storage unit. Set your inner chef free with some of these Cajun kitchen must-haves:

  • Sausage grinders
  • Stock pots
  • Dutch ovens
  • Cast iron skillets
  • Turkey fryers

Once you have the keys to Cajun cuisine, it's hard to resist the aroma of inspiration, so hang onto that storage unit. You may need it soon for parking extra chairs and tables from your very own hot new NOLA eatery. 

We Have Plenty of Room

Whether you're cooking up plans for a backyard bash or planning the Quarter's newest Cajun restaurant, our doors are open. Just stop by one of our six Safeguard Self Storage locations, or make arrangements online for the very best storage units in New Orleans, LA. We're always here, and we always have plenty of room for your extra stuff.

Chow Down on the Latest Food Trends in Brooklyn, NY

concrete slab with various purple- and red-colored fruits and vegetables on it

Food is like fashion – there's always a new trend making its way around Instagram. The foodie scene in Brooklyn, NY leads the country with the new food trends finding their way onto menus. Whether it's a new kind of cake or a different way to serve fish, get ready to see some of the newest trendy foods popping up in Brooklyn, from the Flatlands to other nearby New York areas, in 2017. 

5 Food Trends in 2017

  1. Poke

This isn’t the Facebook function you use to annoy your friends. Poke is a Hawaiian dish that made its way onto the scene in 2016. Don't expect it to go away in 2017, as this dish offers good eats for everyone. It comes with marinated ahi tuna over rice with avocado, onions, cucumber, seaweed, and sesame seeds.

  1. Gravity-Defying Cake

A gravity-defying cake is made just like any other cake, but it's the presentation that makes it different. These cakes give the illusion of candy being poured from above and spilled onto the surface and down the sides. Here's a sweet cake recipe to try at home and to impress at parties.

  1. Chocolate Banana Pudding

What could make banana pudding even better? The answer is chocolate, lots of chocolate. Thanks to Magnolia Bakery, expect its popular banana pudding made with chocolate wafers, chocolate pudding and bananas to be replicated in mass.

  1. Filipino Dishes

Filipino food is making a comeback, starting with dishes like lumpia egg rolls and pork belly. If you like Filipino food, you might see fish-sauce rice porridge with chicken and ginger becoming a food trend this year.

  1. Savory Yogurt

Yogurt has had the sweet treatment for years. In 2017, it gets the savory treatment. With new flavor profiles, including carrot, ginger, and pistachios, veggie-based yogurts might be a real hit in 2017. 

Start the Next Trend With Safeguard Self Storage

If you have or plan to open a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, now's the time to start your own food trends. Keep in mind that crazy flavor combos and an Instagram-worthy visual appeal are the top factors in creating new food trends. With a storage unit from Safeguard Self Storage, you can have extra space to store your kitchen equipment, business documents, and other supplies to continue experimenting on the latest and greatest in the food industry. Our storage units in the Flatlands have climate control, so you can keep your items stored in good condition, regardless of the weather, and nearby when you need them.