Turn Your Dream Game Room Into a Reality

Pool table in a game room

Every home needs one room dedicated to the fun of gaming. The space should accommodate your favorite playing table, video setup, or arcade cabinet with enough range for serious action. How can you make this gamer's fantasy real? Take a few measurements, move some things to nearby Chicago, IL storage units, and score the game room of your dreams.

Make Room for Fun and Games

There's nothing like playing your favorite game. It's even better when you compete in the comfort of your very own game cave carved out of the basement, den, or spare bedroom. The most important rule of game room conversion applies to space. You need plenty of it, and that means moving extra furniture into a nearby self storage facility. These guidelines can help you stake out gaming ground for your personal playing field.

1. Traditional Table Setups

Tables take up space, and you do too. As you measure a room for one of these traditional table setups, give yourself generous clearance for competition.

  • Air Hockey: Standard air hockey tables need a minimum 7 feet by 8 feet of open space.
  • Pool Tables: These classics work best in rooms measuring at least 18 feet by 14 feet.
  • Foosball: Shoot for a playing space of 7 feet by 8 feet to accommodate the table, as well as the rods.

2. Classic Arcade Games

Too many pinball machines and arcade cabinets wind up in storage units because they're so heavy. Save yourself the heartbreak of parking a vintage game. Be sure you're setting up Tron Legacy and Pac-Man on solid flooring that can support 250 to 300 pounds of arcade fun.

3. Big Screen Video Gaming

Indulge in your love for this type of action with at least 32 inches of quality flat screen. Beyond finding an affordable TV, this game room setup is one of the easiest. Get comfortable with an old couch, upgrade the sound system, put in a mini-fridge, and you're ready for massively multiplayer first-person anything.

Glad to Do Our Part

We admire your drive to play hard and have fun. It's that kind of spirit that turns plain rooms into dream game rooms, and we're glad to do our part. With more than a dozen Safeguard locations across Chicago, IL, our self storage facilities always score high. When you need easy access, climate-control, and high-tech security, our modern units make sure you're a winner. Find your nearest Chicagoland facility:

Downsize and Declutter Your Chicago Home Before Selling It

Finding the right time to sell your Chicago, IL house can be overwhelming. But, there are tons of potential benefits to downsizing and finding a new place to call home. All that equity is tempting, and the right move could save miles off your commute. Make this next transition the smoothest one yet with the right plan and the right self storage unit to help you get from showing to closing.

Declutter With Purpose 

Don't look at surplus stuff as something that you have to haul off. Declutter with purpose by giving to one of Chicago's charitable organizations. Your gently used items will be appreciated, and you can often use the donation as a tax write-off. If you need a little help funding downsizing plans, turn high-end clutter into cash at a consignment shop. Weekend garage sales and online auctions are also great venues for converting extra stuff into extra pocket change.

Stage to Sell

Imagine looking at a South Loop condo with an eye to making it your new home. You picture favorite color schemes at play and start arranging every room. The prospective space appeals to you because it's been staged. Apply this simple, effective sales strategy to your home by packing away personal items like photos and keepsakes. Clean the house from top to bottom, flood each room with natural light, and create an environment that lets prospective buyers paint their own interiors inside your beautifully staged home.

Downsize and Store

Downsizing and self storage are perfect partners. Use the extra space for things that you don't want to donate or sell. When you start staging, stash sentimental items in your storage unit. Organize belongings that you don’t need now for easy retrieval when you’re ready to move into your new Chicago home. Climate-controlled units keep everything from personal records to electronics in good shape while you finalize relocation plans. It’s easy to take advantage of self-storage benefits with online tools that let you choose the perfect space, manage lease options and take care of payments with 24/7 convenience.

From Northside Lincoln Park to historic Bridgeport, homeowners are enjoying the upsides of downsizing. When you want to back your plans with space that fits, we have just what you need.
Safeguard Self Storage stands ready to help you make the move of a lifetime with convenient storage units all across Chicago and its suburbs.