How to Keep Your Business Organized with Self Storage

A store business owner standing in front of a checkout lane.

For many Bronx, New York residents, starting up a business is a dream -- but with tight quarters and hefty prices, sometimes that dream becomes wishful thinking. Safeguard wants to share how self storage can be the sidekick you need to help your business run without running you out of money. Most people think of storage from a private perspective, but it works as the perfect commercial accessory.

Affordability. Money can be tight when you’re running a business. Finding a smaller location can save you money but cause problems later down the line. By having a designated place for business overflow, you’ll be able to solve your space issue. Instead of purchasing another space, it’s time to consider a storage unit to provide the extra room you need. On average, self storage can run almost 60% cheaper than renting a commercial building. You’ll be saving not just money, but also customers by welcoming them into a de-cluttered and organized space.

Functionality. Running a business means hitting inevitable speed bumps along the way. Success lies in how those speed bumps are dealt with. Let’s say you’re running a business out of a fairly small space but are able to get by because you schedule shipments to come during off hours so they can be handled accordingly. Well, it’s Wednesday and your shipment just showed up at noon. You’ve still got a full afternoon ahead of you and two more days left in the week. Your store is full of inventory, customers are turning away, and you’re stuck with no options.

If the business owner had a Safeguard Self Storage unit to take care of these kinds of situations, the problem would be handled with ease. Self storage gives you the chance to store your excess inventory, samples, supplies and paperwork. Our Bronx Boulevard location even offers climate controlled units that will keep computers and electronics in great condition as well as protect important documents from warping or yellowing. Self storage will become your indispensable back up plan that keeps your business running smoothly.

Flexibility. By utilizing a storage unit for your business, it opens the door for new endeavors. Do you want to remodel your store? You have the perfect place to temporarily hold your large furniture and other items. The holidays are coming up and instead of grabbing that box in the hallway that you always seem to trip over, you take a quick ride over to your storage unit where your festive décor has been safely stored. It could even be an option for downsizing or relocating. Regardless of the situation, storage provides you with the cushion to make those decisions happen.

Between affordability, functionality and flexibility, you almost can’t afford not to incorporate self storage into your business. If you’re running a business in Bronx, New York, it’s time to check out our Safeguard Self Storage locations and find a storage unit that will work for your business.


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