Starter Tips on Getting Your Home Staged & Sold

Miami, Florida's nickname is Magic City, due to its seemingly overnight growth. That kind of growth seems to be reflected in the housing market right now, too. Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this housing market boom. With these starter tips, Safeguard Self Storage will help you get your house staged to sell.

Find Yourself a Storage Unit. No, we promise we aren't just saying this because it's what we do. Finding a storage unit rental to appropriately suit your needs is vital in the home staging process. Let this be the first task on your list, and the rest will come much easier.

Become a minimalist. This is probably one of the most difficult tasks, but it will reap the most benefits when buyers visit. De-cluttering allows potential residents to see themselves living in your home. This means getting rid of almost half of your furniture, including all of those family pictures hanging on the wall. By lessening your personal style, visitors can visualize what their style will look like when they're moved in. Remember – this is what your storage unit is for! You can think of it as your home staging business storage unit.

Find your safe place in neutrals. It can be hard to let go of that room you painted bright pink for your sweet baby girl, or aqua and orange because you're a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan – but sometimes it has to be done. Neutral is a safe place to go and can include colors like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and white. By adding neutral accessories your house will speak for itself, letting architecture and details become more prominent.

Battle of the sexes. There's a good chance that you'll have some families and couples coming in to check out your humble abode. Be sure that you are able to appeal to every audience. This means getting rid of the frilly things and throwing the bear hide in the storage unit. Decorations that are too girly or manly can be just too much in general.

Bake some cookies. Well that's one way to do it. The goal is to get rid of any strange odors or scents that may be greeting your visitors as they walk in the door. Baking cookies is a great option and gives home viewers a yummy party favor as they walk through the house. Some stagers prefer boiling some cinnamon sticks in the kitchen, or doing laundry to create a fresh clean scent. With odors such as pet stains, it may take some deep scrubbing and carpet cleaning before they can be hidden. Whatever method you choose, be sure not to overdo it; you don't want to gas out your potential buyers.

There's no second chance on a first impression. Yes, we know you've heard it before, but it's worth repeating. Many times with so much work being done on the inside of a home, it's easy to neglect the outside. However, it can be just the draw that raises passerby curiosity. All it takes is choosing some blooming flowers to bring color to your home's outside aesthetic. Mulch is another option that can add color and a clean touch to your flower or tree beds.

Sometimes the hardest part about staging a home is letting go of your personality, style and memories. However, with the help of a Miami storage unit rental, you'll be able to preserve those. Take steps today to get your house staged and sold in this hot market, and let Safeguard Self Storage get you there.

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