A Guide to Moving Your Grad Out

A recent graduate moving her belongings from her parents' house to her car

It's December, and your favorite college student is finally picking up a diploma and moving back home. It's never too early to guide your newly graduated son or daughter towards a better fit in a place of their own. Here in Baton Rouge LA, self storage makes that transition easier for everyone.

Help Them Move On

When graduates take up residence in their old bedrooms at home, they're just part of the new normal. It's become a routine passage from school to the working world, and you can help. Even the smartest grads need a little guidance. Start with a family strategy session. Sketch out long-term goals, but set a definite move-out date. Discuss plans for getting started at the new place and funding options to cover moving expenses. This is a good time for leasing an affordable storage unit to make the change in address a little easier.

Share Budget-Friendly Ideas

Moving into an apartment means coming up with deposit money, but first-time renters often don't anticipate ongoing expenses. As you share your wallet offsetting costs, share advice on how to stretch a new household budget.

  • Teach your grad couponing, grocery shopping and home-cooking skills.
  • Scout out used furniture at second-hand stores and garage sales.
  • Introduce the new grad to bargains on clothes and more at thrift shops.
  • Streamline the move by leasing an inexpensive storage unit nearby.
  • Stress transportation savings gained by using the city's CATS transit system.

Make Self Storage Permanent

Most young adults make a local storage facility a permanent part of new living arrangements. It's ideal for holding dorm room leftovers, so it gives recent grads flexibility as they furnish new quarters. Climate-controlled storage protects course books headed for resale, and it keeps seasonal clothes from crowding apartment closets. You can enjoy the extra space too. By sharing a unit with grads headed out the door, you help them with relocation and living expenses. Most modern facilities offer online account management, so you can teach another important life-lesson: how to take care of a monthly account.

Our Storage Solutions Always Fit

As they head towards a bright future, we salute graduates at Louisiana State University, Southern University, and campuses all across Baton Rouge, LA. Safeguard Self Storage salutes parents, too, who work hard to make it happen. You can count on us to do our part with affordable storage solutions that always fit you and your graduates.

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