Spring Cleaning: A Complete Guide for Your Storage Unit

You're finally done with spring cleaning. Your home looks beautiful, but you have a few things that need to move to a Baton Rouge, LA storage unit. When was the last time you straightened up that handy household storage spot? Are you sure it still has room to spare? Storage units need spring cleaning too, but the job doesn't have to turn into another seasonal project. Just follow these quick tips, and you'll be done in no time.

Open, Look, and Label

Take a peek inside the boxes in your unit. Make sure each one has a label large enough to note details about its contents. Use bright markers to color-code boxes by rooms and closets.

Round Up Clutter

Get tough with household storage that's crowding you out of the unit. If you haven't retrieved something in more than a year, it's a good candidate for a garage sale or one of the city's weekend flea markets.

Consolidate What You Keep

If you just can't give up that rock collection, round it up into one container. Let your old LSU textbooks keep each other company in the same boxes. Free up room in the storage unit by consolidating keepsakes.

Reorganize Your Layout

Store the books and rock collection in the back of the unit. Save space up front for things you need more often like fishing gear for afternoons at Blackwater. As you reorganize your floor plan, leave clear pathways between stacks.

Switch Out Seasonal Stuff

Make room for incoming winter belongings by liberating warm-weather stuff. Move out sportswear and summer bedspreads as you move in coats and heavy blankets. By turning two jobs into one, you’ll finish in half the time.

Sweep, Refresh, and You're Done

Climate-controlled storage units keep things in great shape, but a little dust can creep in. Bust it with a quick spring cleaning sweep. Keep inside air fresh by placing open containers of baking soda in corners and under shelves.

Be Sure to Give Us a Wave

When you finish spring cleaning in your storage unit, give us a wave on your way out. We're taking care of annual chores too at our Coursey Boulevard and Jefferson Highway locations. All of us here at Safeguard Self Storage in Baton Rouge, LA wish you a beautiful spring and an easy summer, and we hope our storage tips and storage units help unclutter your mind and home.

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