Make Way for Memorabilia: A Guide to Starting a Collection

You love vintage stamps. Why not turn that passion into a collection? You wonder if those boxes full of seashells are hiding any treasures. Why not connect with other collectors and find out? There are so many ways to enjoy collecting here in Miami Gardens, FL and plenty of storage units to help you keep it all organized. 

Focus on Your Favorites 

Once you decide on what to collect, get started with a few smart strategies. You could go after every piece of memorabilia from games in Hard Rock Stadium. You'll do better to focus your love of all things Dolphins on specific collectables like bobbleheads or trading cards. 

Whether you adore Barbie dolls or Harley-Davidsons, research your favorite things online. Take a look at auction sites, and get an idea of their cash value. Take a look around the house, and make sure you have room to get started. If you set your heart on collecting antique motorcycles, put self storage on your must-have list too – climate control is the perfect insulation. 

Start with Just One 

Start out by acquiring just one piece at a time. Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of slowly building your collection. Learn as you go by networking with other collectors. You'll begin to better understand the value of your favorite things and use that new skill to make smart buying decisions. 

Turn collecting into treasure hunting with trips to flea markets and thrift stores. Always keep an eye on auction sites for collectibles. Over time, your collection will grow. Think about leasing self storage now so that you can keep things organized as you add to your cache of special things. 

Expand, Curate, and Store 

As your collection expands, keep track of its value, and keep it in good condition too. Use a spreadsheet to inventory and update information about purchase locations, dates, and prices. Turn your storage unit into a clearing house for collectibles, and enjoy these benefits. 

  • Climate-controlled units for curating fragile treasures
  • On-site security features to protect valuables
  • Easy access for rotating new and old collectibles
  • A variety of unit sizes and flexible leasing options

Keep Your Keepsakes with Us 

When something makes you smile, make it your goal to turn that special something into a special collection. We're happy to help with convenient storage units here in Miami Gardens, FL and 13 other locations across the Miami metro area. You can always keep your best keepsakes with us here at Safeguard Self Storage.

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