How Self Storage Comes in Handy for Handymen

Whether you work around the house, help your neighbors, or run your own company, handyman jobs keep you busy. You take pride in your fix-it talents and the tools of your trade. Imagine how you can expand home or business projects with self storage here in Thornwood, NY

Storage Units Make Work Easier 

Anything that makes a project easier makes you a better handyman. Renting a storage unit close to the house or your business comes with benefits that increase job efficiency. 

  • You don't lose valuable time trying to find things in your crowded garage.
  • Keeping your handyman tools in storage keeps them organized.
  • You can set up job-specific shelves for different supplies and tools.
  • Long-term rental equipment can stay put in a storage unit.

Things Are Always Handy in Storage 

You know what a difference it makes when you start a new job with an organized toolbox. Self storage streamlines handyman projects so that you can get work done faster, and that gives you more time to relax. 

  • Pick up different toolboxes for different projects with just one stop.
  • Drive-up units make it easier to load and unload heavy equipment.
  • Switch out supplies between jobs with on-site carts and dollies.
  • Flexible unit sizes and leasing options let you expand home or business operations.
  • Affordable storage saves the expense of leasing commercial space for a handyman service.

Self Storage Protects Your Investment 

You make sure to inspect and clean your tools before putting them away. You know how to protect your investment, and storage units help you take good care of your equipment too. Climate-controlled facilities protect toolboxes and supplies from the elements. Even expensive power tools weather our New York climate better in storage. 

You can also enjoy layers of on-site security. Computer-controlled access and facility-wide digital video recording give you peace of mind 24/7. Individual door alarms alert management systems to unauthorized entries, and extra options include maximum-security locks for unit doors. 

We Help You Expand 

Think of a storage unit as the ultimate handyman's toolbox. You always know your valuable tools are nearby and easy to access. Let Safeguard help you make it happen at our Thornwood, NY location and multiple facilities across Westchester County. We're just around the corner and ready to help you expand your handyman reach.

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