Museum of the Moving Image Teaches You How to Preserve Media

Astoria, NY is home to the unique and fascinating Museum of the Moving Image. The elite museum, located in the building formerly occupied by Astoria Studios, draws visitors and residents of every age and background. After all, who doesn't want to learn more about moving pictures? Besides providing an insight into the history of cinema, video games and digital media technology throughout the century, the museum offers valuable information about the preservation and storage techniques used to keep delicate and irreplaceable media safe.

Plan Your Visit to the Museum 

Astoria's amazing gallery of media history offers far more than vintage reels, although regular screenings of both contemporary and vintage films are a mainstay. The museum features both temporary exhibitions and ongoing installments that explore every aspect of the production, exhibition and marketing of moving images. There's something for everyone. Whether you want to learn about nineteenth century optical toys or how the Internet has been taken over by cats, you'll find endless entertainment and educational opportunities within the walls of this Astoria, IL landmark.

Preserving Your Own Media in Self Storage

Large personal collections of VHS and DVD movies, home movies on film cartridges, super 8 reels and even old video games require extra storage space. You want to keep these media items and the machines that play them safe and viable for special occasions like anniversary parties or strolls down memory lane, so don't dump them in your attic or basement. If you own valuable motion picture film or delicate vintage items, a visit to the museum may reveal information that can help you keep them in pristine condition. Here are a few more tips for storing your valuable media safely. 

  • Control of humidity and temperature is critical. Films, videos and playback equipment of all types should remain dry and protected from extreme cold or heat.
  • Remove all tapes, cartridges and batteries from electronic devices before storage.
  • Cover machines with cotton sheets or canvas to prevent dust accumulation. Do not place plastic wrap directly on component surfaces.
  • When handling super 8 or movie film, try to avoid touching the emulsion side as this can transfer oil from your fingers onto the film.
  • Use acid-free or archival boxes and packing materials.
  • Rewind VHS tapes, and store them vertically.
  • Don't store videos or film near magnets.
  • Don't pack your videos, films, cameras or other devices with moth balls or insecticides.
  • If motion picture film or other media has already deteriorated, or you are unsure of its composition, seek the advice of a restoration professional before storing it.

Choosing a Self Storage Unit

A climate controlled self storage unit is a perfect place to store your media safely and prevent clutter in your home. Climate controlled units keep the temperature steady, so your items aren’t exposed to extreme changes. Check with your local Safeguard Self Storage facility to determine the size and type of unit you'll need. Get started on making your own miniature moving image museum that you can visit whenever you like.