How to Keep Your Homeschooler's Classroom Organized

The environment you work in can have a big impact on your job performance and productivity, and the same goes for homeschooling and your child’s ability to learn. A messy homeschool space in NYC can lead to a distracted educational experience. From Brooklyn, NY, to the other New York City boroughs, your kid’s homeschool classroom can be organized and distraction-free, no matter what size of space you have to work with. Follow these five tips to keep your homeschooler’s classroom organized!

1. Look to Pinterest for Homeschool Classroom Organization Ideas

If your homeschool classroom needs a complete makeover, look no further than Pinterest for inspiration. You’ll find a plethora of ideas for organizing and decorating your at-home classrooms so they’re clutter free while being a fun environment to learn in. Begin your design journey by building your own Pinterest board of ideas. Once you have a solid start, take notice of any overarching themes in your pins—maybe a certain color scheme, storage system, or desk type. Make a list of all those similarities and use that list as a jumping-off point for reorganizing and redecorating the space where your kids spend most of their learning days.

2. Move to Digital Homeschool Programs

The fastest way to clean the homeschool clutter is to move to digital homeschool programs in lieu of traditional textbooks and curriculum. From i-Ready to Kahoot!, a quick online search will pull up a plethora of results to research and compare. These digital curriculums are powerful learning tools, and some are even used by teachers in traditional classrooms. Most programs are easily accessible from a tablet or desktop computer, which means you can pass along those space-eating textbooks to another homeschooling family or donate them to your local library. Freeing up that bookshelf space can leave room for a storage system for tools, crafts, and other supplies.

3. Reuse Organizational Tools You Already Have

If you find too many learning tools and craft supplies are left scattered throughout your homeschooling room without a place to call home, look around your home or apartment for baskets, mason jars, and buckets. Baskets are a great way to corral flashcards, DVDs, and CDs. Mason jars are perfect for keeping colorful craft supplies and learning tools like beads, marbles, and dice, while buckets make the perfect place to store scissors, stencils, pencils, and other creative materials.

4. Keep the Clutter at Bay Daily

Use each day as a learning opportunity to show your homeschoolers the importance of keeping their learning spaces clean and free of clutter. If you’ve already spent time and worked hard to pare down what’s in the room, encourage your homeschoolers to help keep the room clean by putting everything back in its place before they leave the room for the day. Getting them into this habit not only instills the importance of organization in them for the rest of their lives, but it also saves you from having to clean up at the end of a long learning day.

5. Create a Storage System for Extra Homeschool Supplies

If you can’t go fully digital or need to stash textbooks until your youngest child reaches a different grade level, the easiest solution to creating a more organized space is to rent a storage unit near you in New York City. Being able to store those out-of-season supplies can keep your child’s learning atmosphere clean and free of distractions. Our guide to keeping your storage unit organized is the perfect starting point for creating a functional storage system for those extra homeschool books, décor, and supplies.

Follow These Five Tips for an Organized Homeschooling Space

To provide your homeschoolers the best learning environment, the space in which you homeschool should be organized and functional. By searching Pinterest for organizational inspiration, moving learning to digital programs, reusing organizational items you already have, cleaning your homeschool space at the end of each day, and creating a practical storage system, you can have your homeschoolers’ classroom space in tip-top shape in no time.

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