5 Things Chicagoans Want You to Know

Residents of Chicago keep their passion strong and their opinions public, with good reason. There’s a lot to be proud of and if you’re thinking of moving to The Windy City, we’ll explain what that nickname means and why you (and your stomach) will be very content there. Transitioning to Chicago lifestyle is exciting and whether it’s extra Chicago storage or a temporary space to hold your belongings, Safeguard wants to help get you there to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

1. The best pizza around …ask anyone. Chicago residents are proud of their cuisine, and they’ll show it. Asking a local will open the door to an extensive and passionate defense of why they bring home the gold in the pizza world. The most famous is their signature deep-dish pizza. It’s baked in a round pan, which out of towners would normally use for something like a cake. This allows for a high edge and deep surface to put all the pizza goods. Throw on a generous amount of cheese and some chunky tomato sauce and you’ve got yourself a Chicago-style pizza. Claimed to have possibly been the first to coin Chicago-style pizza, Pizzeria Uno is a top contender. For more prized pizza locations, check out this list that outlines the best of them.

2. The best hot dog around…and keep the ketchup to yourself. It starts with the poppy seed bun, and within rests only the finest all-beef hotdog. It’s all about the toppings, making the dog sometimes referred to as being “dragged through the garden.” You’ll be enjoying yellow mustard, chopped white onions, sweet green pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, and a dash of celery salt. If you even hint at needing ketchup, you will be finding your own ride home. In fact, many hot dog vendors don’t even have the “k” word to offer you. It’s a dog eat dog competition, but here’s a list of some of the best in show.

3. The best Italian Beef Sandwich around…and they know it. If you have not had the chance to savor one of these works of art, you’re missing out on thin slices of seasoned roast beef, soaked in meat juices on a long Italian-style roll. You can find giardiniera (pickled vegetables in either vinegar or oil), which is many times just referred to as “hot”, or sweet green Italian peppers, referred to as “sweet”. This crafted sandwich originated in Chicago, and they still claim to do it best. Here’s a list of the top Italian Beef joints that will satisfy your savory needs. 

4. They’re athletic, too! This one is not about food, we promise. Chicago sports fans are proud and devoted. They cheer on five major professional sports teams; baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer. They include the Chicago Bears football team, the Chicago Cubs baseball team, the Chicago White Sox baseball team, the Chicago Bulls basketball team, the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, and the Chicago Sky women’s basketball team. There’s a lot to be proud of, even if the Cubs still haven’t broken the curse of the goat. The Blackhawks seem to make up for it after winning the 2015 Stanley cup (for the sixth time in history). Whether you’re a Sox fan, Cubs fan, or maybe soccer is more your thing, there is a fiery Chicago passion that stands behind each team.

5. The Windy City. Yes, that’s the nickname, but it might have come from a different place that you presumed. Although you will catch gusts of wind now and again and the weather is a convenient explanation for the name, it actually derives from a political background. (If you’re looking for the actual windiest city, check out Brockton, Massachusetts, or the other six Massachusetts cities ranking in the top 10). Rather, the nickname actually refers to a history of boastful, long-winded leaders. The first known reference to “The Windy City” was in the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1876 when the two cities were in the midst of political tension.  While the term stuck, the intentions have changed and most people actually believe the nickname refers to the city’s blustery elements.

Not only does Chicago have the eats, but it has the passion, the history, and the people to make it a great place to live. If you’ve had Sinatra’s “Chicago” running through your head for a few months now, it’s time to make the move. Safeguard wants to help make the transition easy with self storage so you’ll be cutting into deep dish pizza before you know it.