Easy Self Storage in the Big Easy


New Orleans, Aka the Big Easy, is home to historic neighborhoods, world-class festivals, unique food and Safeguard’s Louisiana self storage units. The Big Easy is a veritable melting pot of cultures. While the hodgepodge of cultures makes New Orleans a unique and interesting place to visit, a hodgepodge in your self storage unit is not ideal. Here are some easy to follow tips for making the most of your New Orleans storage. 

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The number one key to a smooth and easy transition to a storage unit is planning. Gathering packing materials, grouping items by category and investing in storage shelves are some of the crucial steps in moving belongings. Labeling boxes or attaching itemized lists can do wonders for when you’re looking for items in the future.

Use Your Space Effectively

Shelving is a great way to utilize space in your storage unit and maintain organization. When filling your storage unit, grouping items by category will help if you ever need to find anything in the future. Also, fill your unit from back to front; place awkwardly shaped items in the front. Don’t forget to use your vertical space as well. Long items can be stored vertically to utilize extra space.

Protect Your Belongings

While Safeguard self storage has secure, climate controlled storage units, precautions should still be taken to protect your belongings. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper and place in secure areas, such as furniture drawers. If you can’t completely fill your boxes, stuff the open space with newspaper to prevent them from collapsing when stacked. Treat wood surfaces and use protective covers before storing.

We hope these easy to follow tips will help you have a successful storage experience. If you’re looking for Louisiana self storage units, use one of the many Safeguard self storage locations.

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