You Can Get Fighting Fit by Training Like a UFC Champion

Do it to get in shape, or do it for fun. Get into it because you're a fan, or jump in to change up your routine. You have more reasons to train as a mixed martial arts athlete than there are stars in the MMA world. With an official UFC gym right here in New Hyde Park, NY and nearby storage units for your gear, this exciting sport is yours to master.

A Foundation of Philosophy and Style

While MMA enjoys a global following today, it didn't really catch on here in the States until Bruce Lee kicked his way across movie screens in the '60s and '70s. Unlike most movie celebrities, Lee was the real thing and won over fans with both his philosophy and fighting style. His dedication and attitude laid the foundation for today's mixed martial arts success. Attendance at Ultimate Fighting Championship events grows every year as people enjoy the sport and the workout discipline that inspires it all.

One Attitude, Many Paths

Getting ripped doesn't have to be your goal because MMA stresses personal strength more than winning competitions. That healthy attitude keeps the sport accessible to anyone with determination, room for gear in self storage and a few spare hours each week. Training begins with classes that teach the basics from proper breathing techniques and dieting regimens to moves specific to your discipline. Judo, boxing, karate and jujitsu are just a few of the paths you can take when you train like a UFC pro.

Teaching Body and Mind

While it's thrilling to imagine knocking off an Ultimate Fighting Championship win, keep your eye on the real prize. MMA gives you the power to maintain maximum health by developing new levels of self-discipline. Workouts increase strength and energy, and gym matches build confidence. When you train to get fit like a UFC champion, you coach your body into maximum shape. When you finally reach an MMA level that satisfies your inner warrior, you've taught your mind to be prepared for any challenge.

MMA works for amateur athletes because the discipline stresses staying in shape instead of competing. Our Safeguard self storage facility in New Hyde Park, NY works because we're just a few blocks southwest of Long Island's official UFC Gym. Whether you work out for fun or train to turn pro, we're always here to cheer you on.

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