Turn the Clock Forward in Garfield, NJ

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Daylight savings time has arrived once again to usher in more sunlight during the day. On March 12, it's time again to spring ahead and to welcome in the coming spring and summer seasons. With more daylight, the theory was, that you could be more productive. When daylight savings was put into practice, this was a major deciding factor. While electricity and technology now allow us to be productive at all times of the day, we can still take advantage of daylight savings – especially with the help of self storage.

How did Daylight Savings Time get Started?

The practice of turning the clock forward and backward has been around since the early 1900s. Germany was the first country to adopt daylight savings time, with the United States following soon after. In fact, the U.S. repealed this practice in 1919 even though some cities and states continued to manipulate their clocks. It came back in full force during the Second World War and was pushed mainly by businesses to take advantage of the extra daylight hours.

3 Ways to Be Productive During Daylight Saving Time

  1. Take Up a New Hobby

 Springtime makes the perfect time to take up a new hobby; like art. Take a tour of the Ancient Sculpture Gallery in Garfield, NJ, and let it inspire you to sculpt and to create artworks of your own.

  1. Clean Out the House

 Many people use the extra hours to spring-clean their homes. You can move clutter from the garage and your home into self storage, to make room for a tool shop, more organization, or your new hobby. Storage units are great for storing unused items while spring-cleaning and planning a potential yard sale.

  1. Get Outdoors More

 Daylight saving time in March gives you extra hours for biking, walking, or hanging out in your own backyard. Use those few hours to play ball with your kids after work, handle those neglected lawn chores, or to finally build that deck. 

Don't Forget to Set Your Clocks Forward

Before you hit the sack on March 12, set your alarm clock forward by one hour. You don't want to be one of the many people who clock in late at work the next morning. If you're taking the time to spring-clean your home, store your stuff with Safeguard Self Storage. We have affordable storage units in Garfield, NJ for keeping your items stored away for as long as you need.

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