A Homeowner's Guide to Holiday Lighting

String of holiday lights held in hands

You're ready to string lights and turn on the glow around your South Side home, so it's time to sort through those boxes of strands in self storage. Your Chicago, IL neighbors are headed for the roof too. Everyone in Beverly brightens up at the thought of putting up lights for the holidays, so make these smart tips part of your decorating scheme this year.

Stay on the Safe Side

You turn your home into a wonderland of dazzling lights every holiday season. You also make sure to play it safe, so review your list of precautions, and then check it twice.

  • Give the ladder a solid safety check before you head up to the roof.
  • Inspect light strands, extension cords, and plugs for any signs of wear.
  • Clear plenty of safe working space by moving outdoor furnishings to your storage unit.
  • Take a look around for power lines that can pose a danger while you're on the ladder.

Streamline the Job

DIY efficiency is one of your hallmarks, and that talent extends to handling holiday lights. As you retrieve the old ones from self storage and add new sparkle to your collection, streamline the job by keeping everything in working order.

  • Test each strand for dead bulbs with a light tester.
  • Tape measure all the lengths you plan on spanning including window frames and porch rails.
  • Replace retired strings and garlands with energy-efficient LED lights.
  • When the strands come down, coil them in large plastic buckets, or around egg cartons for easy storage in your unit.

Create a Holiday Showcase

Traditional lighting around the eaves is just the beginning. Extend that brilliant illumination with outdoor light tricks that turn your Beverly homestead into a holiday showcase.

  • Welcome guests to the house with pretty pathway lights.
  • Make shrubs shimmer with sparkling net lights.
  • Dress up the post mount lantern with strands of twinkling stars.
  • Brighten up your front porch with big glass jars filled with colorful lights.

We Wish You the Best

Don't forget to turn off those beautiful holiday lights before you go to bed. We want you and your Beverly neighbors to stay safe and preserve energy efficiency, especially this time of year. When everything finally comes down, we're ready for you with 15 Safeguard Self Storage Chicagoland locations. Safeguard Self Storage wishes you the best during this special season, and all year long.

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