Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit

Convenient, affordable self storage keeps life organized at home, work, and school. It's the perfect solution for expanding tight spaces until it doesn't work. How do you maximize the room in your unit? How do you make everything fit? Try these packing tips for your Lombard, IL, storage unit from our storage pros.

10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro

Plan Ahead Online

The best storage facilities offer online calculators that let you size up different storage units. These handy digital tools make it easier to figure out exactly what you need.

Declutter Your Clutter

Be honest about what you really want to keep in storage. Don't just move clutter from your home base into your unit. Save that storage space for the important stuff.

Take Things Apart

If you can disassemble it, it will probably fit better in the unit. From bed frames to bikes, this is one of your best packing tips for large bulky items.

Invest in New Boxes

You won't find mold and bugs in new storage boxes. Fresh containers are strong enough to hold heavy loads and stack safely. Most self storage facilities sell a variety of sturdy boxes.

Fill Them Up

Maximize space in the unit by filling up boxes, sealing them with heavy tape, and labeling the contents. Tightly packing boxes gives them extra stacking strength.

Vacuum Bag Clothes

A climate-controlled storage unit protects clothing from mildew and bugs. Add another layer of safety while saving space too by using vacuum bags to compact clothing.

Stack Like a Pro

Maximize vertical space by building stacks of same-sized containers with heaviest boxes at the bottom. This tip also minimizes the risk of unit avalanches.

Bring in Shelving

Keep thinking vertically while you keep fragile things safe. Bring in wheeled shelving units or old bookshelves to extend secure floor-to-ceiling storage options.

Use Hidden Spaces

Some of the smartest packing tips are hiding in empty spaces. Store extra belongings in dresser drawers, under small tables and inside ovens and refrigerators.

Resist Plastic Bags

Plastic bags don't compact very well. They tear too easily and they trap moisture. They don't stack either, so keep them off your list of packing strategies.

Let Safeguard Help

Our teams know all about maximizing storage unit square footage. We're always happy to share ideas that make the most of your space. When you want a little help from self storage pros, you can depend on us here at Safeguard. Rent a unit today at our Lombard, IL, location or one of our other facilities!

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