Avoid Storage Shed Dread With These 26 Organization Ideas

When it comes to your storage shed or tool shed, the last thing you want to deal with is an unorganized space. From accessing your lawn care tools to storing seasonal belongings, you need a place that’s organized and streamlined to ensure lawn care, gardening, and home improvement projects are a breeze. Fortunately, with these 26 storage shed organization ideas, you can tackle your tasks without clutter getting in the way.

How to Organize a Storage Shed: 26 Tips That Really Work

1. Round-Up Hoses

Picture of Hoses

Wrap extra or unused garden hoses around the outer edges of galvanized buckets mounted to your shed’s walls. This will keep your hoses contained and prevent any tripping hazards.

2. Utilize Wheeled Storage Carts

Metal storage carts with caster wheels become portable storage wherever you need it. These are perfect for items in your shed that you need to access often. Plus, if you need multiple items from your storage cart at once, you can wheel the entire storage system anywhere.

3. Install Corner Shelves

Turn wasted space into smart shed storage with floor-to-ceiling corner shelves. These shelves can help you save precious space while staying out of your way. 

4. Go Over Doors

Stash seldom-used items on shallow floating shelves installed over shed door frames. Not only should the door frame provide extra support for heavier items, but it also gets your small, unused belongings out of the way for good.

5. Keep Shelves Flexible

Adjustable shelving lets you rearrange storage options with just a few quick moves. Consider installing a shelving unit that allows you to change the distance between each individual shelf for the ultimate convenience.

6. Repurpose Bookshelves

Give old bookshelves new life as repurposed shed organizers. These shelves could be used to store smaller lawn care items, pool accessories, or paint cans.

7. Hang Things Overhead

Explore how to organize a storage shed ceiling with overhead shelves suspended on pulley systems. This allows you to keep items like luggage, bicycles, kayaks, and more out of the way when you don’t need them.

8. Reassign Tackle Boxes

Fishing tackle boxes are perfect for sorting and organizing shed clutter. From nails and screws to washers and other hardware, tackle boxes help you keep small items or knick-knacks organized and easy to find.

9. Reclaim Mason Jars

Large mason jars can hold just about everything, from small hand tools to paintbrushes. Consider adding rows of mason jars to shed shelves for see-through storage convenience.

10. Keep Drawers Rolling

Keep shed tools portable inside multi-tiered, rolling tool chests or boxes. These sturdy storage units can also double as shelf space if you get one with a solid top.

11. Tote Small Stuff

Garden totes come in handy for holding tools close while you work or while they sit in your storage shed. Just make sure you get totes that are study enough to store gardening tools and other outdoor accessories.

12. Label and Stack

Stash bulky items in lidded bins stacked under shelving. Make sure to label each one clearly for quick and easy access to the belongings you need. 

13. Sort With Plastic Pails

Lightweight plastic pails make it easy to store and retrieve small tools. These pails typically come with moveable metal handles, which makes them easy to hang from industrial hooks, too. 

14. Park Tools With PVC

Park long-handled tools—such as rakes, shovels, and more—in wall-mounted, angle-sliced sections of PVC pipe. This makes it easy to grab the tools you need and go while preventing them from falling over or getting in the way constantly.

15. Get Wheelbarrows Up

A heavy-duty rail and hook system frees floor space by keeping wheelbarrows out of the way. This system could also hold bicycles and other large recreational belongings.

16. Hook Up Camping Equipment

Dedicate one shed wall to heavy utility hooks for camping tents, chairs, fishing poles, canopies, and more. With all your core camping equipment in one place, you won’t have to scramble to find things you need before your next adventure.

17. Hook onto a Pegboard

Versatile pegboards organize a shed wall with custom hook and shelf combinations. These pegboards give you the freedom to shift your shelves to your liking while accommodating different-sized items.

18. Store and Decorate with a Slat Wall

Like pegboards, slat walls upgrade shed interiors with horizontal storage slots that are practical and provide good looks.

19. Stick With Magnetic Strips

Use wall-mounted magnetic strips to hold things like pliers, trowels, screwdrivers, and more. Simply grab your tools right off the wall when you need them and hang them back up with ease. 

20. Store on Shed Doors

Hanging cubbies or shoe caddies make the most of your shed door's interior surface.

21. Divide With Muffin Tins

These inexpensive kitchen essentials double-down as shed organizers for small stuff. You can easily slip these tins into a drawer or on a floating shelf in your shed.

22. Conquer With Drawer Dividers

Like muffin tins, you can easily conquer cluttered drawers with dividers. These dividers help you optimize space so you can find things fast.

23. Round-Up With Spice Racks

Upgrade your glass jar storage with large spice racks that keep it all within easy reach.

24. Slip Things Into Photo Albums

Slip seed packets, gardening notes, and equipment documentation inside photo album sleeves or pockets. Then, you can organize your albums along shelves or tuck them away in storage cabinet drawers, bins, or cubbies.

25. Section by Season

Say goodbye to digging around in the shed by designating different sections to seasonal storage. Keep your most-used seasonal belongings readily available and in plain sight while storing lesser-used items in harder-to-reach places.

26. Stay Organized Year-Round with Self Storage

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